10-06-14 WWE RAW



 two words: The Rock! 

-Seth Rollins started the show heading to the ring all grumpy faced. He rolled to footage of how RAW ended last week with Cena and Ambrose getting curbed stomped onto the Money in the Bank briefcase. While Rollins is cutting his promo, Mercury and Noble come down to ring side. They try to get Rollins to leave with them but he’s not having it and gloats how he loves being a marked man. Cena then runs down and Rollins heads into the crowd to avoid him. That shit didn’t go well for him when Ambrose showed up next to Rollins. Rollins takes off again only to end up at ringside where Ambrose jumps onto him and Cena. Rollins then head for the back leaving Cena and Ambrose standing when all of a sudden Stephanie and Hunter were out. They point out neither being on the same page except for both of them wanting Seth Rollins. The authority asked if the crowd wanted to see Cena and Ambrose get their hands on Rollins which leads to Hunter making a handicap match tonight with Cena & Ambrose taking on Rollins, Kane and Orton… quick 10 minute opener laying out the main event tonight.

-Big Show got in “trouble” for pulling down the Russian flag last week and gets send to “sensitivity training”… uh ok…

WWE Tag Team Champions Dust Brothers & Cesaro vs. Uso’s & Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler

-right as the bell rung Goldust attacked followed by his partners to ring the bell of one of the Uso’s with the ring steps. Brooklyn quickly chanted for Ziggler when the match finally got underway. Its not long before this match breaks down again into a brawl, before the break. Jay Uso was then cornered while Gold, Star and Cesaro made frequent tags. Hot tag to Ziggler who cleaned house. Ziggler did a tilt a whirl into the sleeper on Cesaro which looked cool. Uso’s did a double dive to the outside on the tag champs before Stardust took a triple super kick and splash off the top for the pin and the win. Good opener.

Winners: Uso’s & Ziggler

-Cena was on The Kathy Lee and Hoda what’s-her-names show this morning promoting their joint venture against breast cancer. These two chicks ended up coming out with Adam Rose and the rosebuds after the break. They were wearing robes that looked like they were trying to pull off some Flair looking bit… these two got booed. These two are drinking wine in the middle of the ring!? They are entertaining themselves… only. This bullshit leads to both of them breaking bottles of wine on each others asses before doing Rose’s stage dive from the ring apron… I’m glad my wife and daughter were asleep for this fucking mess…

-last week’s video package for Luke Harper is shown again.

Bo Dallas vs. Mark Henry

-match started off similar to last week’s match with Henry beating Dallas down. This extended to a beat down at ringside where Dallas almost took the worlds strongest slam onto the announce table before he slipped from behind and ran back into the ring for the count out victory… he beats Henry again… sigh.

Winner: Bo by countout

-Dean Ambrose was out next to cut a promo on Cena being “up in his space” and how he doesn’t like it. Footage of Friday’s Smackdown where Cena left Ambrose high and dry in their tag team match. He then calls Cena out to hash shit out. Cena comes out while Brooklyn sings “John Cena, sucks” to the theme of his song. Cena tries to make the point that he and Ambrose are clear to which Ambrose agrees they don’t give a crap about each other. Cena retorts with the line Ambrose gave him about not giving him a reason not to like him. Ambrose then says he’s out of here and headed to Coney Island. Haha annnd that was it, Ambrose takes off and the segment is over. During the break they follow Ambrose onto the train. Haha Hunter confronts Cena in the back while making fun of what just happened to him. He then lets John know that he’s going to make things easy for him and have Rollins start the handicap match.

Brie Bella vs. Summer Rae w/Layla

-Brie had one arm tied behind her back… Nikki watched on from the stage. Summer took a stiff knee in the face for the pinfall… Brie should not be doing the YES chant…

Winner: Brie

-in the back Kane walks into Miz and MIZdow who have a fruit basket for the Authority as an apology… MIZdow is mimicking everything Miz says. Still funny. Kane wasn’t having this shit.

Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter vs. Tyson Kidd w/Natalya

-dissension between Kidd and his wife continue. Kidd hid behind Natalya to get the advantage on Swagger, she wasn’t happy by this. Short, fast paced match. Kidd kept trying to get help from Natalya but she wasn’t buying in. Swagger got the ankle lock for the win.

Winner: Swagger

-Edge & Christian from the WWE studio. They are hosting a special on the Smackdown 15th anniversary tonight on the WWE Network.

-Roman Reigns was LIVE… via satellite… talking about his condition. He’s recovering. Very SHORT segment… all that build up for nothing… useless segment.

-fuck this creepy old spice commercial with its robot man.

El Torito w/Los Matadores vs. Hornswoggle w/Heath Slater & Titus O’Neil

-the only good thing about this was the “this is stupid” chant that broke out. JBL did make a Game of Thrones reference too…

Winner: Torito

-apparently Big Show IS here tonight… I thought they said he wasn’t… Anyhow it’s the top of the 2nd hour and I’m bored… Rusev & Lana come out, shill Putin’s birthday, mention that Big Show is suspended, etc. OH SHIT IT’S THE ROCK SON!!! Hight light of the night for Brooklyn who’s gotten a shitty show thus far. This got a “holy shit” and “this is awesome” chants. Rock then cut on Rusev tights, his trip to New York and the 5 boroughs, gave props to Jeter before going into his “FINALLY” line. Lana told the Rock to shut up which Rock referred to her as a Russian street walker. Rusev threatens the Rock which gets him shut down. Rock the attacks Rusev sending him over the top rope. Rock just sent this Brooklyn home happy, you can end the show right here, seriously. Rock was stellar and very needed on this lackluster show!

Paige & Alicia Fox vs. Diva’s Champion AJ & Emma

-AJ kept yelling at Emma to stop show boating… this cause AJ to pull a CM Punk and take her ball and go home, leaving Emma alone… ouch. Paige got the rampage for the pin.

Winners: Fox & Paige

-Erik Rowan is now getting his own vignettes…

-its Bruno Sammartino’s 79th birthday.

The Miz w/Damien MIZdow vs. United States Champion Sheamus

-Sandow doing Miz’s moves on the outside is still funny to me. Apparently Brooklyn though so too as they chanted “Damien MIZdow” and “we want Sandow” for most of the match. End came when MIZdow took a brogue kick on the ring apron setting up Miz for the roll up and pin.

Winner: Miz

-Jerry Lawler shouts out the breast cancer survivors at in the arena tonight. He then introduces Joan Lunden who’s fighting breast cancer. She goes over the amazing work Susan G. Komen does. Glad Brooklyn was respectful here and there weren’t stupid chants or boo’s even when Cena came out to walk Lunden off.

Randy Orton, Seth Rollins & Kane vs. John Cena

-Rollins started the match as promised by Hunter but quickly tagged out to Kane. Right off the bat Cena was triple teamed. The ref finally called it when it just got too much. Cena then took a chokeslam but befor he could take an RKO Dean Ambrose comes back with a hot dog cart! Haha this got a “we want hot dogs” chant. Orton and Kane then took mustard and ketcup in the face before getting run over by the cart. Ambrose them beat up on Rollins before Orton and Kane came back into the ring. Cena and Ambrose clear the ring before Rollins took all kinds of condiments and tongs to the nuts! Haha This brought out Steph and Hunter to announce that Cena will take on Ambrose at Hell in a Cell ppv and the winner gets Rollins in a Hell in a Cell match! Cena then took a double arm DDT by Ambrose while the crowd lost their shit and chanted YES!

Winner: Cena by DQ

-loooooong night. It was only the last hour that was any good!

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