09-22-14 WWE RAW



 No Brock Lesnar, no Paul Heyman, no Bray Wyatt… but at least we get Cena vs. Orton… again… :/

-Dean Ambrose started the show off to a solid reaction as he proclaims he’s not dead. Funny. He recaps being ganged up on by Seth Rollins and Kane when he took the curb stomp on the cider blocks last month. He then says he’s not going anywhere until he gets his hands on Rollins. Ambrose then takes a chair and sits in the ring waiting. Instead, he gets John Cena… Ambrose isn’t happy with Cena showing up and says for Cena not to give him a reason not to like him. Cena then yaps about Rollins did to HIM last night, costing him the mach with Brock. Cena claims he’s cashing in an ass whooping on Seth Rollins and how no one is going to stop him… it then looks like these two are going to fight over who’s getting their hands on Rollins before the Authority comes out to the stage. Hunter tries to make a Rollins-less match when Cena and Ambrose attack the Authority! Ambrose chases Rollins through the crowd with Cena in chase leaving the rest of the Authority standing around getting no love. In the back stage area, both Cena and Ambrose attack Rollins until he steals a car and leaves Cena and Ambrose standing around to end the segment…

-After RAW tonight, the WWE2K15 Roster reveal from SummerSlam weekend will be shown on the Network, that’s kinda cool. Glad I didn’t pay to go to this when I could now watch it on the Network for free.

-in the back Orton, Kane and Hunter banter about Rollins and matches are made… Kane takes on Ambrose and Cena takes on Orton for the MILLIONTH time… Orton isn’t happy about having to put out fires started by Rollins…

Intercontinental Champion The Miz w/Damien MIZdow vs. Dolph Ziggler

-Sandow is carrying a toy version of the IC Title to mimic all of Miz’s moves. Silly but humorous. No R-Ziggler tonight thankfully. Fast paced match from the start. Ziggler took a still bump to the outside when Miz hit him with a neckbreaker from the ring apron. Sandow was mimicking the Miz’s moves in the ring at ringside, haha! Miz got the figure four but Ziggler made it to the ropes. Ziggler then took the SCF but kicked out at the 2 count. Miz then kicked out of the fameasser. MIZdow tried to get involved which got him superkicked off the ring apron. Miz then rolled up Ziggler with a handful of tights only to have Ziggler return the favor and get the pin with a handful of tights to regain the IC Title! Last night might have been better but a good opening match for RAW!

Winner: Ziggler wins back the IC Title

-What the fuck is up with Michael Cole’s suit tonight? It looks like he’s been going through the closet of Michael Hayes..!?

Bo Dallas vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter  

-apparently we’re getting the best of 3 here as Swagger won last week on RAW, Bo on Smackdown and now this… more of a fast paced and aggressive match being wrestled tonight. Swagger make Bo tap out. Colter made fun of Dallas after the match, saying he BO-lieved he just tapped out.

Winner: Swagger

Summer Rae w/Layla vs. Natalya w/Rosa Mendez

-this match brought to you by drama on Total Diva’s… sigh. Summer cuts a heel promo before the match, I guess that experiment is over. Didn’t pay attention to the match, I had no interest. Natalya won with the sharpshooter…

Winner: Natalya

Dean Ambrose vs. Kane the Accountant

-Ambrose took it to Kane early on leading to a dive onto the outside. Kane then took Ambrose into the steel steps to take the advantage in the match. Ambrose fought back and hit dirty deeds, before he could cover him Seth Rollins came back out to attack Ambrose. He would make a comeback but would get stopped before he could dive onto Kane and Rollins. Ambrose then took a chokeslam from Kane before Rollins would try to come back into the ring. Ambrose took a chair and dared him to come back but he chose otherwise. Ok match.

Winner: Ambrose by DQ

-in the back Hunter scolds Rollins about him starting shit when Ambrose came out and attacked Ambrose and Kane. Officials stopped Ambrose like last night then locked him into a room. Steph says they’ve never thrown someone out who’s never come back. Haha touché.

Uso’s & United States Champion Sheamus vs. WWE Tag Team Champions The Dust Brother & Cesaro

-I feel this is the same match they did the last time they did this 6 man match… good match nonetheless. Uso’s get the win with a top rope splash on Goldust.

Winner: Uso’s & Sheamus

-Rollins confronts Orton and his gripes. He tries to squash this by offering to be out at ringside for Orton’s match with Kane. Orton seems pleased.

-commercial for WWE2K15 aired and as advanced as the game looked they used a 16 year old Kid Rock song to push the game… #timely

-Mark Henry came out, his titantron video still had the US flag… he apologizes for what happened last night. Rusev & Lana then came out to shit on the crowd and Henry but challenges Henry to another match. Henry accepts this challenge and we get the rematch…


Mark Henry vs. Rusev w/Lana

-we’re right in the middle of the match after the break and Rusev is beating down an “injured” Mark Henry. Henry made a comeback on the outside by sending Rusev into the steel steps until they get back into the ring where Rusev gets the accolade on Henry again. This time Henry passes out.

Winner: Rusev

Heath Slater & Titus O’Neil vs. Adam Rose & …The Bunny… w/the rosebuds

-yup, the fucking rabbit is wrestling… these are the times I am embarrassed by wrestling… the rabbit gets the hot tag… this shit ended with the party foul by Rose on Slater for the pin… I am also embarrassed for Slater & O’Neil.

Winner: Rose & the bunny…

-Nikki Bella came out to yip yap. She bitches about losing last night. This brought out Brie Bella… bad acting as its best… Nikki wants to be the ONLY “Bella”… Nikki got bitch smacked for shit talking Daniel Bryan and almost got put in a (bad version of the) YES lock before she escaped to ringside. New Diva’s Champion AJ then came out for her match with Nikki…

Diva’s Champion AJ vs. Nikki Bella

-Paige was on commentary. Nikki then threw AJ into Paige at ringside which lead to… Paige standing there and taking it… anyhow, Nikki tapped out to the black widow.

Winner: AJ

-Hunter checks on the security by the locked room that Dean Ambrose is in… so far not a peep…

John Cena vs. Randy Orton w/Seth Rollins & Kane

-before the match Michael Cole pointed out the black box at ringside similar to the one that was uncovered to be cinder blocks last month. SLOW paced match to start. Really tired of seeing this match up… Orton kept much of the advantage in this one with Cena making sporadic comebacks. Cena would go for the AA which brought in Kane and Rollins for the DQ. Cena would try to fight back these three but would come up short. He was then dragged over to this box at ringside which when uncovered was DEAN AMBROSE! He attacked all three members before taking Rollins into the ring. Cena would join this fight with the Authority as Rollins ran away through the crowd. Ambrose and Cena would stand in the ring looking on as Rollins stood in the stands.

Winner: Cena by DQ

-pretty average RAW for the most part. The IC Title match was probably the highlight of the night.

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