09-15-14 WWE RAW



Baby is getting the night off so big daddy can get his drink on!

-Paul Heyman starts the show, he does a good rendition of John Cena’s music. He gets interrupted by the real version… Cena heads to the ring to joke about where Brock Lesnar is and how he’s fighting him or Heyman. Heyman warns Cena about what is going to happen here for free… Heyman introduces Brock but laughs it off as Cena looks ready to fight. He then informs us all that Brock’s private plane has been delayed so he will be here late. Heyman tried to leave the ring but he gets stopped Cena who warns him that he’s going to kick his ass if Brock doesn’t show up by mid show… Cena then carts off Heyman in a headlock… #manlove #prisiontime…

-on the WWE App Cena is shown taking Heyman into Cena’s locker room and having the Great Khali guard the locker room…

Chris Jericho vs. Kane the Accountant

-its not long before Y2J is highflying in this match, coming off the top rope with a dive to Kane the Accountant. Match went back and forth till the break when Kane was in the rest hold. He takes the advantage keeping Jericho grounded for the most part. Jericho utilized the exposed turnbuckle against Kane before rolling him up for the win. Not a bad match.

Winner: Jericho

-a long $9.99 commercial aired with a catchy sound under it… focus on the content and people will come… the price isn’t the issue or the part people forget…

-Renee Young in the back with Roman Reigns. They show footage from 3 months ago when Rollins turned on The Shield. Reigns looked more comfortable here, kept it short and sweet. Good promo.

-Michael Cole plugs the Steve Austin podcast with Kevin Nash tomorrow… odd. He said it was on podcast.com… nope… podcastone.com…

Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter vs. Bo Dallas

-slow paced match. Tried not to check out here but it was hard with Jack Daniels in hand. Crowd finally woke up when Swagger rolled out of a pin attempt and into the ankle lock which Bo tapped out to. Looks like the experiment is B’OVER…

Winner: Swagger

Diva’s Champion Paige & Nikki Bella vs. Brie Bella & AJ

-Brie vs. Nikki is teased from the get go but Nikki makes the chicken shit tag before anything could happen… this match was all Brie and Paige… Paige hit the rampage for the win. Nikki hit her finisher on her sister after the match. Paige then skipped in the ring while AJ skipped on the outside…

Winners: Paige & Nikki

-Bray Wyatt promo in the back about stuff and things…? He did mention the Big Show…

-Heyman comes out of Cena locker trying to convince Khali that the doesn’t have cell reception in the locker room. Khali does a terrible job at cracking this phone as it falls apart as he drops it on the ground before he was able to step on it… sigh.

The Big Show vs. Bray Wyatt

-good back and forth match. I enjoyed this one, maybe because it was actually a fresh match. Both did work well together too. Big Show got the inverted DDT for the pin attempt before Harper and Rowan stop the pin for the DQ. They got double chokeslammed for their troubles as Bray watched from his rocking chair.

Winner: Big Show by DQ.

WWE Tag Team Champions Uso’s & United States Champion Sheamus vs. Cesaro & the Dust Brothers

-Cesaro got the 10 punches to the chest of one of the Uso’s ala Sheamus to start the first tease. This match would then pick up the pace and was actually a really good 6 man match with a lot of solid spots. Jay Uso finally got the splash off the top for the pin on Cesaro. Match of the night thus far.

Winners: Uso’s & Sheamus

-Renee Young with Randy Orton. The topic is his beat down of Chris Jericho last week.  Nothing of note…

-Cena shows up to his locker room, he drags out Paul Heyman to the ring for his beating or a fight with Brock. Cena recapped what was going to happen if Brock didn’t show up. Heyman says this is the Cena he was trying to pull out of him for weeks. He then calls Cena a bully if he hits him and pulls his punk card. Heyman then taunts Cena to hit him over and over while the crowd chanted YES for this to happen. Cena backs down… pussy. Heyman taunts Cena having balls while gets Heyman pushed down… annnnd here comes the pain!! WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar then comes down to the ring, comes over to Heyman and helps him up and goes to walk off as Heyman and Brock smile. This gets a loud Cena chant. Brock teased coming to the ring before finally coming into the ring and hitting German suplex on Cena with easy. He then kicked Cena out of the ring before Cena attacked Brock, sending him into the apron, the barricade, then mounting him. Security then came out to separate these two as Cena stood tall. Brock and Heyman would then walk off while security held Cena back…

Cameron vs. Naomi

-Total Diva’s footage is shown and how Cameron wanted to go to NXT…? This was a crowd killer… Naomi got the win via submission.

Winner: Naomi


The Miz & Damien Mizdow vs. Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler & R-Ziggler

-this is weird… it was humorous that the announcers played up not being able to tell the difference between Ziggler and R-Ziggler… real Ziggler got the hot tag, Miz accidentally hit his stunt double which set up the zig zag for the pin and the win.

Winners: Ziggler’s

-Seth Rollins in the back with that new guy who does commentary on Smackdown and NXT. He talks up Roman Reigns but saying he isn’t anything without him. Rollins does a gorilla impersonation… the fuck…?! He then goes off on how he made Reigns and how he’s taking it all away from him tonight.

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins

-fast paced brawl started off the main event before Reigns would over power Rollins. Rollins got taken to the outside and thrown over the announce table before the break. Rollins would eventually even things out at ringside with a dive from the ring. Rollins then took the superman punch but before Reigns could get the spear, Rollins jumped over and landed a super kick before getting a 2 count. Rollins fought out of a superplex and landed a superplex into the corner for his own 2 count. Curb stomp was missed but not the spear by Reigns for the pin! Why do the match at the ppv if you’re doing a clean victory…!? Solid main event but I still question the clean finish…

Winner: Reigns

-we’re getting ONE more segment as Mark Henry comes down as the ring is covered in the red, white and blue. Michael Cole is hosting this “call to arms”. Henry goes over what it means to him to fight for America. Its not long before Rusev and Lana interrupt this segment. Lana brings up old shit and calls Henry on losing in the 1992 Olympics. Henry does the pledge of allegiance before Rusev attacks, and we have a brawl. Rusev gets the best of Henry with a superkick. He then tries to put Henry in the accolade but he powers out and hits a triangle powerbomb on Rusev before throwing him to the outside to end the segment and the end of the show.

-odd ending the show with that segment. Overall an ODD go-home show for Night of Champions… at least we got a couple of decent matches tonight.

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