09-08-14 WWE RAW




-It’s season premier night, me and my 11 day old are ready for it!

Steel Cage Match

Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt w/Wyatt Family

-So started with an intro for tonight but no new theme song, (at least not yet) and we’re off to the opening bout. Back and forth started the match with Wyatt attempting to escape first although quickly stopped by Jericho. Cage looks a bit different, the links on the cage look like wide horizontal diamonds. Maybe it makes it easier to climb. Dueling chants for both guys during this one. Y2J would attempt several times to climb over the cage only to be stopped each time. Nice hurricaneranna from the top by Jericho. Y2J got close to going over the cage once again only to be stopped by the Wyatt’s on the arena floor. He would then climb to the top and come off with a splash from the top of the cage which got “this is awesome” chants. Jericho favored his knee after that one but still climbed half way out the cage before being stopped by Wyatt. Both hung outside the steel door brawling before Wyatt slipped out to the arena floor for the win. After the match Wyatt used the steel door on Y2J’s injured leg, threw him into the steel steps and made his way back into the cage with Jericho where he would hit sister Abigail. Good match I thought but I was still underwhelmed by this feud unfortunately. Baby’s Rating: she flailed her arms a lot.

Winner: Wyatt


-Kane the Accountant, Seth Rollins and Hunter were in the back, all impressed with the cage match. Randy Orton then walks in to damper everyone’s mode and gloat about being in the main event.


-After the break the Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler was in the ring to talk about people in Hollywood getting their phone hacked and getting photos leaked… Ziggler claims to Miz had the same done to him and he’s sharing the photos… these were shots of Miz getting facials, shaving his chest… he was going to reveal another when Miz and Mizdow came out all pissed about his invasion of privacy and how those photos were taken for medical reasons…!? Ziggler then shows off Mizdow spray tanning a nude (and pixilated) Miz’s ass… sigh… Mizdow would attack and get taken down… Baby’s Rating: she rolled her eyes, a lot… even she knew how stupid that was…


Rosa Mendez & Natalya vs. AJ Lee & Diva’s Champion Paige

-both teams have their issues but its AJ chopping Paige for the tag that resulted in the black widow on Rosa for the tap out. After the match AJ kisses Paige’s title… that action is returned by Paige… Baby’s Rating: she was fussy and sneezed…

Winner: Paige & AJ


-Jericho gets his knee checked in the back when he’s jumped by Randy Orton… that doesn’t make his knee feel any better.


-Paul Heyman was up next to cut a promo for his client Brock Lesnar before he was interrupted by John Cena. They banter back and forth about Brock and the match at Night of Champions. Heyman then goes over the differences between Cena who lives and dies by his fans and Brock who doesn’t give a fuck. Heyman then pushes Cena’s buttons with these people who hate him so much, he tries to show him how to tell these people to shut up and busts a rhyme on the crowd for Cena! Haha! Heyman is trying his heart out at getting Cena to join the darkside as that is the ONLY way he can beat Brock Lesnar. Paul then tells Cena that he believes in him. Cena looks like he’s going to tell the fans to shut up and hangs on the ropes when he pussies out. This starts a dueling chant, a loud one. Cena finally says shut up… but to Paul Heyman… he goes on about how he’s not falling for Heyman’s tricks. He then goes on about “being John Cena, repeat”… he goes on about wanting to be the guy that meets a kid on his last wish or making a kid do his homework so he can come to RAW to see him or a Purple Heart vet who gave Cena his Purple Heart. This part of Cena’s promo was good. Cena then tells Heyman to bring his beast next week for a fight or if he doesn’t show up he’s going to fight Heyman… Baby’s Rating: she pee’d and cried through this thus having to pause this a lot. She’s ok now that mom is back with boob.


United States Champion Sheamus vs. Seth Rollins

-Sheamus overpowered Rollins to start the match. Why do I feel this match will end with some sort of non-finish. Rollins is sent over the top rope… annnd queue Cesaro’s music… he comes down to watch the match at ringside. Although Cesaro kept taunting Sheamus it didn’t work… that is until Cesaro came up the steps with the US Title… that set up for the curb stomp (which Sheamus sold badly) for the pin. Cesaro came into the ring after the match for more taunting and the neutralizer. Baby’s Rating: lights out, its boob time…

Winner: Rollins


-Rusev and Lana came out to shit on the Star Spangled Banner being written in Baltimore. She then signs her version of the song… she then plays the Russian national anthem while Rusev waves the flag…


-NXT Takeover commercial which put over the debut of KENTA… guess they are keeping the name, thank god!


NXT Champion Adrian Neville & Sami Zayne vs. Tyson Kid & Tyler Breeze

-first time ever for this version of NXT talent to be on RAW! Ole chants start early and start up again when Zayne ends up in rest holds. Neville takes the hot tag and is showcasing his ass off which wakes up this crowd. Zayne launches over the top to Kidd which got a good reaction. Neville hit the red arrow for the pin and the win. This was more of a showcase match, would have been nice if they would have at least built this up last week as something happening this week. Hopefully it would have given the crowd time to check them out on the Network. All for not. Baby’s Rating: she missed out as she’s knocked out.

Winner: Neville & Zayne


-Stephanie McMahon was out next to introduce Jerry Springer for the next segment. Springer came out with one of his security guys, apparently his name is Jason. Brie finally has new theme music. Springer brings up what happened last week and how Brie apologized on Twitter for pushing her sister… Nikki shows up goes right into it. This is followed by footage of Total Diva’s where these two aren’t getting along. This is some catty ass TV right here… Nikki then blames Brie for their dad splitting… oh god… footage of their mom and dad is shown and how they are having a hard time with them not getting along… oh Christ, their brother JJ Garcia is here live to get involved with this mess… he points out as Nikki as the problem here. This then breaks down and the brawl starts with Jerry in the middle… JJ then takes a slap from Nikki which was meant for Brie. Steph shows up and gets dragged down into this mess. Bella’s keep brawling until the refs are out to split this mess up. Jerry might have gotten hurt in this mess as they bring out a stretcher for his ass. JBL and Michael Cole sell that its his ankle. Haha stupid. Baby’s Rating: she woke up enough to throw her arms in the air and this bowlshit.


Goldust & Stardust vs. Los Matadores

-short squash match. After the match the Uso’s attacked with a crutch sending the dust brothers running.  Baby’s Rating: still asleep

Winner: dust brothers


-Michael Cole pays respects to Joan Rivers who had made appearances early on for the WWF. A video package was done for her that had appearances of Hogan on the Tonight Show and the Bella’s on another talk show she did much later on.


Titus O’Neil w/Heath Slater vs. Adam Rose w/the rosebuds

-fast paced, must be short on time. Slater tries to attack the bunny but took a bunny superkick instead. Rose hit the party foul for the pin. The rabbit then goes to the top rope and hits a splash on Titus… If this rabbit starts to wrestle, I’m out…  Baby’s Rating: she hates bunnies still.

Winner: Rose


-Renee Young in the back with Roman Reigns to talk about Orton’s BS tonight. It’s a short interview…


-WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar gets a video package on what he’s done to Cena at this point. This leads to the announce team to announce that Lesnar will be at RAW next week.


Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns

-started off with a brawl and went to the outside for a brief moment. Goes back and forth in the early goings leading to Orton to take a breather at ringside. After the break, Orton kept Reigns grounded in and out of the ring. Reigns makes a comeback which leads to the outside again. Superplex by Orton for 2 count. Orton has dominated most of this match thus far. Solid rolling powerslam by Orton. Any time Reign’s tries to make a comeback, he’s cut off. Orton went for the RKO but got pushed off and hit with a superman punch… Orton then called for Rollins, Kane and a bunch of guys in black…!? Kane and Rollins beat on Reigns while these guys bring down the cage… Reigns ends up throwing Rollins and Kane out of the ring so its just Reigns and Orton in the steel cage with a steel chair! Reigns then beats on Orton before giving him a spear. He then takes the chair before Kane tries to enter the cage via the door. He was stopped but then Rollins dives off the top of the cage onto Reigns. Reigns is then chokeslammed then beaten by Orton and the steel chair. Reigns then takes a curb stomp onto the chair… would have been a perfect time for Dean Ambrose to make a return to a mega pop… but it was not, it was just a mauling… Baby’s Rating: too violent for her to watch so she watched bum fights on youtube.

Winner: Reigns by DQ


-better night than last week and moved a little faster. Highlights were few.



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