08-25-14 WWE RAW



 Last week, this night was NOT… 

-Michael Cole started off the show in the ring, he was holding a Hall of Famer’s Forum with Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. They basically set up an announce table in the ring where these legends were stilling and were asked about John Cena invoking his rematch clause. HBK’s opinion is that Cena’s chances aren’t good… Hogan is pro-Cena… Flair is pro-Cena but not in this rematch… its was funny to watch Hogan and Michaels, tension to say the least… Cena interrupted this chat about him and his chances in the rematch, he kisses the asses of these three before he gets all angry eyes about SummerSlam and fighting Brock again. He calms he’s going to Night of Champions to beat Brock Lesnar’s ass… didn’t seem too convincing here…


Rusev w/Lana vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter

-Swagger is still Colter-less. The crowd was heavily behind Swagger here. Match was back and forth for the most part. Rusev spent some time in the ankle lock before he ended up in the ropes to break the hold. Rusev then worked over the injured ribs of Swagger, it went long… ref finally stopped the match. After the match Rusev celebrated like he won the title… After the break Swagger was getting looked over in the locker room when Bo Dallas walked in digs on the beaten Swagger before telling him to bo-lieve…

Winner: Rusev by stoppage.


#1 Contenders Match for the US Title

RVD vs. Cesaro

-Sheamus was on commentary. Short back and forth match, not as good as their other matches. Cesaro wins with the Neutralizer. After the match Cesaro takes the US Title and throws it in the face of Sheamus… ouch.

Winner: Cesaro


Diva’s Champion Paige vs. Natalya

-both came out hitting HARD tonight. Paige took a stiff german suplex before ending in the sharpshooter briefly. Paige tried for her submission only to have Natalya reverse it for a moment. Paige would get the page turner for the pin. After the match AJ came out to set up the distraction and the lariat clothesline from Natalya… sore loser… AJ then helped Paige up before calling her “her little English muffin” haha. AJ then hugs Paige with a big old smile as Paige looks on uncomfortable. AJ then extends her hand, and kisses Paige’s hand before skipping off… this shit is playing with my emotions… and by that I mean the emotions in my pants…. :\

Winner: Paige


-Kane the Accountant and Seth Rollins was out next in a black suit to lead a eulogy for Dean Ambrose. The ring apron was black, with black flowers and a photo of Ambrose. Rollins cut a promo on what happened last week blaming the fans for the stipulation and how we were never seeing Dean Ambrose again. How he created the Shield and he destroyed it… this brought out Rollins who brawled with Kane at ringside before Kane takes the steel steps. Rollins and Reigns then brawled in the ring until Rollins got thrown into the podium. Rollins almost took a spear before Kane the Accountant pulled him out of the ring leaving Reigns standing in the ring all mad n some junk.


WWE Tag Team Champions Uso’s vs. the Dust brothers

-The Dust brothers cut another goofy promo about their tag team title match tonight… match started off slow paced going back and forth but picked up mid match. Uso’s dive to the outside leading to the countout when one of the Uso’s injured his leg at ringside. Goldust gets on the mic all pissed about this countout before jumping the Uso’s. the brothers dust then work over this injured leg on the ringpost. Gold & Star go heel.

Winner: dust brothers by countout


-in the back Rollins and Kane are all grumpy faced about Roman Reigns. Kane makes handicap match for tonight…


-pre-tape video of Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman going over doing exactly what he said he was going to do to John Cena. This is how they will keep Brock in the mix, with pre-tapes. I’m all good with this. This package was great. They included footage of Cena as a kid before going to video of Brock beating on him.


Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz-dow

-Miz comes out before the match in his street clothes and brings out his “stunt double”, Damien Miz-dow… Miz did commentary during his stunt doubles match. Sandow did Miz’s moves like the figure four. This didn’t last long as Ziggler would hit the zig zag for the pin. Miz clapped for Ziggler after the match and smiled off Sandow’s loss.

Winner: Ziggler


-Jerry Lawler was in the ring next to host this meeting between Nikki and Brie… they bicker about sharing the entrance music to start this bullshit… Brie brings up the two of them holding hands in the womb… Brie apologizes for anything Nikki feels hurt about and says this is beyond the WWE or Total Diva’s… Nikki shits on this… this is pretty lame and awful… The only funny part was Nikki telling Lawler “to stay out of it old man”… Nikki then says some cold shit about wishing Brie died in the womb… Nikki then beat the shit out of Brie while Lawler tried to pull her off… he got smacked for that… oh boy, there is going to be NO end of this mess for a while…


Handicap Match

Roman Reigns vs. Kane & Seth Rollins

-Kane and Rollins would double team Reigns but he held his own against both during the match. Reigns got the spear on Kane and went for the pin only to have Rollins break the count with the briefcase for the DQ. After the match Kane and Rollins beat on Reigns at ringside before uncovering cinder blocks at ringside. They would set up Reigns but he fought out and took both guys out before they could put him through the blocks. Reigns then took one of the blocks and threw it at the ring post almost hitting Rollins. This thing blew up. Kane then took a superman punch to end the segment.

Winner: Reigns by DQ


Los Matadores w/El Torito vs. Titus O’Neil & Heath Slater

-shouldn’t this match be on WWE Superstars or WWE Main Event?!

Winner: Matadores


Bo Dallas vs. Kofi Kingston

-short match with the bo-dog for the pin… I liked when Kofi was a heel… for 3 minutes. Bo shit talked Swagger who came out and hit a belly to belly suplex to Bo.

Winner: Bo Dallas


John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt w/Wyatt family

-Cena would basically copy what happened to him at SummerSlam at the hands of Brock Lesnar. He would hit multiple german suplexes on Wyatt while telling him to stay down. Bray would try to fight back before the rest of the Wyatt’s attacked for the DQ. Big Show and Mark Henry then made the save

Winner: Cena by DQ


John Cena, Big Show & Mark Henry vs. the Wyatt family

-typical 6 man match. Rowan did get an impressive slam on Henry. Show was cornered by the Wyatt’s before the hot tag to Cena. Moments later Harper would tap out to the STF… after the match Rowan took an AA as did Bray and then Harper… consider this the burial of the Wyatt family…  :\

Winner: Cena, Show & Henry


-huge difference from last week’s RAW and this week’s version… this was not the show last week was, not even close… long drawn out night…



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