08-18-14 WWE RAW



 The new logo era has begun! 

-its official we’re in the “ugly logo” era… its now in the signature. Maybe it was last night too, but it didn’t notice. A video package of last night’s happenings started the show.


-The show then started with Daniel Bryan’s music but its Stephanie McMahon wearing a “Steph! Steph! Steph!” shirt in the vein of the YES! Shirts. She got some in the crowd to chant STEPH! before recapping how people said that SummerSlam was better than WrestleMania, how we crowded a new champion and they are presenting him with a new championship tonight. Steph then shit on Cena, Jericho, Ambrose and of course Brie Bella. She proclaims the authority always wins before shilling that you can watch her match on the WWE Network for $9.99… This mysterious lover of Daniel Bryan is brought up AGAIN before Nikki Bella is brought out. She shares a hug with Steph before proclaiming her sister is the one who turned on her. It’s the blame game folks… Nikki then shits on Daniel Bryan and goes on a sad sap story about never actually having a sister… over acting at its best here, fuck. Brie came out to YES! Chants (no music) to confront her sister all sad faced. Brie forgives Nikki but that gets her bitch smacked… sad faced Brie walks off while “you sold out” chants get directed at Nikki. Terrible acting at its fucking best…


Erik Rowan & Luke Harper vs. Big Show & Mark Henry

-Show and Henry dominated the beginning of the match, Rowan and Harper would then ground Show and keep him cornered. Rowan got a big slam on Show which looked impressive. Henry got the hot tag but almost got pinned with a double team by the Wyatt’s. Not long after, Show hit the knock out shot on Rowan followed by a world strongest slam by Henry for the win. Match wasn’t too bad, crowd seemed into it.

Winners: Show & Henry


-Ric Flair and Dolph Ziggler in the back when Miz walked in to interrupt. Goofy banter ensued… Miz claimed to be an A-lister but got called an A-hole by Ziggler…


-Renee Young in the back with Seth Rollins who brags about his victory last night against Dean Ambrose. Rollins then takes a bucket of ice by Ambrose who then says “what? It was for charity” before throwing the bucket in Rollins face! FUCK! Haha! They brawl for a second before getting pulled apart.


-Hunter and Kane chit chatting when Rollins walks in all pissed off about what just happened. Hunter calms his ass down and makes a rematch for tonight with Ambrose in a match the WWE Universe can pick…


Natalya vs. Diva’s Champion Paige

-before the match Paige cuts a promo about her friend AJ who she loves. They got in a few good moves before AJ showed up to skip around the ring… of course Natalya then rolls up Paige for the win… getting pretty fucking tired of this uncreative finish. AJ should then got on the mic and showered Paige with compliments of her own, sounding like crazy AJ… Paige got out of dodge before AJ could get to her… this got CM PUNK chants…

Winner: Natalya


-the stipulations for the Ambrose vs. Rollins match are… no holds barred, falls count anywhere or a NO DQ match… you can vote on the WWE app… oh hey remember the app… seems like forever since they last pushed the App…


-Triple H and Stephanie started the second hour, she has shed her STEPH! shirt for a black dress. Hunter calls last night the greatest SummerSlam of all time. He then shills the main event last night saying it will go down in history… they then unveiled the new WWE World Title… it looks like the class ring WWE title but with the new logo… it at least say “World Heavyweight Champion” on it instead of just “Champion”… this shit got a lukewarm reaction… RIP Big Gold Belt… He then introduced the new champion, Brock Lesnar who came out with Paul Heyman. The new McMahons, Heyman and Brock then posed together with the new championship for the photographers and the crowd… this was kinda funny. This got a “Lesnar” chant. Steph and Hunter then left the new champion and his advocate in the ring to gloat about last night, they got “thank you Lesnar” chants. Most of the crowd is eating up Heyman’s promo. He announces that John Cena isn’t here tonight which the crowd cheered, funny. He then goes down a list of who’s who of champions before getting to Cena. Heyman then says he gets why people are Cena fans, even his children. Haha! His kind words didn’t last long before he claimed that all Cena stands for died. He then threatens the roster as he explains what was done to Cena. Another solid promo by Heyman.


Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz

-shortly after the match started Ziggler would sell tweaking his left knee, Miz would use that to his advantage. Ziggler would have occasional comebacks only to go back to favor the knee. Miz got the figure four on but Ziggler would finally get to the ropes for the break. Ziggler ended up on the outside and counted out. Miz snapped after the match beating on Ziggler which was all for not when he got caught with a zig zag to end the segment.

Winner: Miz by countout


-Renee Young with Jack Swagger in the back, his match was recapped from last night. Swagger said he failed yesterday but cuts a pro USA promo before heading to the ring on his own…


Jack Swagger vs. Cesaro

-Colter isn’t here as he’s was selling getting kicked by Rusev. Cesaro focused on Swaggers injured ribs. Swagger made a short comeback before taking a thumb to the eyes and a neutralizer for the win. Cesaro finally wins… After the match Bo Dallas comes out to pep talk Swagger after his loss by bringing up the 318 million Americans let down by his lost last night.

Winner: Cesaro


-Renee Young now with Chris Jericho, they go over his loss at SummerSlam but he’s positive even in defeat.


United States Champion Sheamus, Roman Reigns and RVD vs. Randy Orton & AxelBack

-fast paced match from the get go. Sheamus would be the one cornered by Team Orton and worked over. This crowd chanted “Ryback rules” has he was the hometown boy here in Vegas. He got tagged in and worked over Sheamus some more as the crowd chanted “feed me more”. Reigns got the hot tag, he was quite lively tonight… if he could only cut promos as lively as he looks at the moment. He got a serious of everyone hitting their finishers before RVD would hit the 5 star for the pin on Axel. Crowd was heavily into this one. Odd to give RVD the pin fall and not Reigns… Good match for the most part.

Winner: Reigns, Sheamus & RVD


-in the back Randy Orton runs into Ric Flair who wants to talk about Reigns. Orton isn’t having it and threatens the Nature Boy before walking off.


-Bray Wyatt cut a spooky promo in the dark of the arena. He calls himself the new faces of salvation.


WWE Tag Team Champions The Uso’s vs. Goldust & Stardust

-I was hoping these penny championships were going to get replaced with a new design because of the new logo… nope. JBL and Michael Cole were unbearable during this match, Lawler at least tried to reign them back in… a lot of face paint in this one… slow paced match, crowd didn’t know who to cheer for. Stardust would get the pin with a sunset flip.

Winner: Dust brothers


-Rusev and Lane came out to gloat about their victory… a lot of that going on tonight… Mark Henry then comes out to interrupt them, doing double duty tonight apparently. He brings up representing the US in the Olympics and shits on the Russian’s calling them jackasses. Henry cuts a good promo on Rusev that lead to a stare down and a brawl in the ring. Henry got the world strongest slam on Rusev which got massive USA chants, he then took a big splash to end the segment with Henry standing tall.


-Jerry Lawler was in the ring to announce what stipulation got chosen on the app… 41% for a Falls Count Anywhere match.


Falls Count Anywhere

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

-good to see these two main eventing the show tonight. Not long before this spills to the outside and onto the stage where Rollins takes a vertical suplex. Back in the ring, Ambrose grabs chairs and a kendo stick from under the ring. He then uses the chair to slam Rollins before coming off the 2nd rope with a chair shot. Rollins makes a come back using the chair that Ambrose set up in the corner against him. After the break, Rollins was using the kendo stick to keep Ambrose down. Solid exchange of moves while both try to avoid each others shots. Crowd is heavily into this one. Stiff collision in the middle of the ring took both guys down. This has been a solid back and forth match thus far. Ambrose got a side Russian leg sweep with the kendo stick before he filled the ring with chairs… a superplex onto the chairs was teased by Ambrose before Rollins hit a sit down power bomb into all the chairs!!!! Kane then showed up… great… Rollins told Kane he’s got it under control before going for a table… Rollins set up the table then brought Ambrose over and put his head on it for the curb stomp. Ambrose cut him off and hit the super plex through the table! Ambrose crawled for the pin only to have Kane interfere. Ambrose then dove onto Rollins and Kane at ringside! Lariat by Ambrose into dirty deeds…1..2…Kane pulled out Ambrose… sigh… Kane then break on Ambrose at ringside before he was side stepped into the steps. Rollins is sent into the crowd when Ambrose runs on the announce tables onto him. Finally a “this is awesome” chant. Ambrose and Rollins end up on the announce table but it was Kane who hit the chokeslam onto the table (that didn’t break)… Rollins then hit the curb stomp on the announce table… Kane uncovered cement blocks at ringside, he then held Ambrose down for Rollins to curb stomp Ambrose’s head through these cinder blocks! The ref then waved off the match as the medics checked on Ambrose. This was a great main event with an original ending. If you don’t think Dean Ambrose can be Stone Cold-esque you’re fucking high.

Winner: Rollins by stoppage… ?


-overall this was a pretty good RAW coming off of a HOT SummerSlam. The main event was great and keeps that feud going. Good night!

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