by chirantha @ deviantart

by chirantha @ deviantart

 New Champions were crowned in Los Angeles!

SummerSlam Pre-Show

-Renee Young is hosting the panel which consists of Booker T, Alex Riley and “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. The promotional item on the night is Kickstart by Mountain Dew, blah… The “let’s go Cena/Cena sucks have already started as have the “CM Punk” chants. We wouldn’t get many Punk chants tonight though. 


Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro

-slow paced match to start that went to the arena floor setting up for rolling thunder by RVD. During the match they cut to the Cena vs. Brock promo for the match, you could still hear the crowd in the background which was odd. Although Cesaro overpowered RVD, it would be RVD to hit a the 5 star for the pin. After the match Cesaro is harassing the ref by the panel desk… odd and didn’t go anywhere. Cesaro has definitely taken Ziggler’s place at the bottom… 

Winner: RVD


-Some dude named Jack Tucker won some contest for Totino’s… they keep calling him “mama’s boy”… what the fuck…




-The show started with Hulk Hogan shilling SummerSlam and then of course the WWE Network… its odd they keep talking about only the pay per views up to the Royal Rumble when mentioning the network lately… I’m hoping they aren’t pulling the ppv’s from the Network after the Rumble or I will be fucking PISSED!


Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler

-Miz came out looking like Mordecai… we have a Spanish AND German announce team tonight… Crowd was heavily into Ziggler who lead the match for the most part, getting a couple of near falls. Miz would then get the figure four which Ziggler spent a good amount of time in until he got the ropes. Miz got his own close pin falls which he sold as shocked. Miz then got sidestepped into the zig zag for the pin! Solid opener and this crowd definitely wanted to see Ziggler win. 

Winner: Ziggler wins the IC Title


Diva’s Champion AJ Lee vs. Paige

-this started off as a brawl, both hitting pretty hard. These guys didn’t get a lot of time but this was definitely the best of their matches thus far! AJ got the black widow but Paige worked out of it into a standing DDT for the pin! Good match!

Winner: Paige wins the Diva’s Title


Flag Match

Rusev w/Lana vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter

-before the match Lana dedicates the match to Putin, before Swagger came out US Marines came out to accompany him and Colter. Rusev took Swagger down at the beginning of the match only for Swagger to make a comeback. Both used power moves during the match and worked stiff adjacent. Rusev had trouble putting on the accolade, selling the injured left leg. Swagger fought out and got the ankle lock only to have Rusev fight out of that. Rusev then got a second wind and got the accolade, Swagger would pass out and the ref called it. Decent match. After the match Rusev kicked Colter down for good measure. The Russian national anthem was then played while this massive Russian flag came down. Both guys looked strong in this one, another good match for this show. 

Winner: Rusev


LumberJack Match

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

-there are about 20 superstars at ringside, none look too happy to be there… this one started fast with both throwing punches. Rollins was the first to get thrown to the outside. Ambrose would go out next only to fight the lumberjacks off, on the second time he was beaten on. Both would eventually end up on the outside where things broke down fast. These two would then fight into the stands. Kane came out while this was going on, he sent lumberjacks into the stands to get these guys back into the ring. Rollins was stopped by lumberjacks as he was trying to leave… they would carry his ass back to the ring where Ambrose came off the top rope toppling all of the guys at ringside. Back in the ring Ambrose landed a STIFF clothesline for a near fall which got the crowd to chant “this is awesome”. Ambrose then hit Rollins with the curb stomp, which was a great visual with Ambrose using Rollins finisher. He went for the pin only to have Kane stop the count. This broke out in a massive brawl in the ring until Ambrose was left alone. Rollins then came in with the briefcase shot for the pin. This was entertaining, good match but I still wanted/expected more which is why I think this feud continues. 

Winner: Rollins


Bray Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho

-another match that started off quick. It would eventually slow down with Wyatt keeping Jericho grounded. Jericho made the comeback and eventually got the Walls of Jericho, although Wyatt did make the ropes. Crowd is split with chants for each guy. Y2J got a nice hurricaneranna off the top rope for a 2 count. Jericho got the codebreaker, Wyatt was a little too far from the ropes so he has to kick out of the move. Wyatt then got the sister Abigail into the barricade and another one in the ring for pin.  After the match Wyatt sung. Better match that last months. LA loved Wyatt. 

Winner: Wyatt


Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella

-Steph comes out in some sort dominatrix outfit… the fuck… I guess Steph wasn’t kidding when she said she was going to make Brie her bitch. Steph kept Brie grounded right off the bat beating on Brie. Brie teased the YES lock before Steph headed to the outside. Steph then cut off Brie from diving to the outside. Steph got “you still got it”. Brie would finally get the advantage which lead to Hunter coming down to ringside… Nikki came out to distract him, that lead to Steph being put in the YES lock (a bad attempt). Hunter then pulled out the ref. Brie got a baseball slide on Hunter sending him down. Both Bella’s would then surround Steph in the ring before Nikki turned on her sister with a blow that knocked Brie on her ass! LA popped for the heel turn… Steph would then get the pedigree on Brie for the pin.

Winner: Steph


Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns

-I kind of forgot this match was happening tonight. Randy kept Reigns down for a majority of the match. Slow start to this match thus far… Reigns would make a comeback into a Samoan drop and a superman punch. Roman would go for a spear only to take a rolling power slam by Orton for a 2 count. Reigns would got for another superman punch only to catch an RKO for a CLOSE 2½ count! Orton sold stunned very hard. It wasn’t long after that Reigns hit the spear for the pin! Slow to start but a good match overall. 

Winner: Reigns


WWE World Champion John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman

-Cena started by attacking Brock but Brock fought back and hit an F5 for a 2 count in the first minute of this match! Brock then hit Cena with a couple of German suplexes to keep him grounded for most of the match. This again lead to a series of German suplexes. This was basically a mauling. Cena eventually made a comeback and hit an AA for a 2 count. Brock stands smiling at Cena and bouncing around, it was odd. Brock showboated a bit in this match and I guess rightfully so. Cena then charged Brock only to be taken down. More German suplexes, over and over again. What’s the count at this point!? Cena then got the STF on Brock out of nowhere but Brock powers out, hits a second F5 for the pin! Brock poses with both titles as the medics check on Cena in the ring. The final German suplex count was 16! This match was exactly what it should have been and everyone went home happy even if Brock is a heel.  

Winner: Brock wins the WWE Title


-This was a thumbs up SummerSlam! Too bad we’re losing this ppv to New York City next year.

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