07-28-14 WWE RAW



-WWE World Champion John Cena started the show, still sporting both championships. Cena yaps about not being crazy about taking on Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam and how the Authority has it out for him. Crowd cheered heavily when he brought up people wanting to see Brock beat the hell out of him. He tries to rally his fans on what he wants to do against Brock. He was then interrupted by Paul Heyman who came out to let Cena know that he will be turned into a victim like the Undertaker who has disappeared after WrestleMania. Heyman was solid here as usual. Cena goes on about passion which stirs part of the crowd in his favor. He got real heated here… Cesaro was then out to interrupt, shakes Paul hands and hugs him. Heyman looks confused but smiles once Cesaro shit talks Cena and he can’t wrestle… this of course leads to a match…


WWE World Champion John Cena vs. Cesaro

-the match start off slow and awkward. The way the match was laid out would have been an awesome match if Cesaro was wrestling someone else. We did get the return of the big swing which Cesaro turned into a submission, it was like a standing sharpshooter. Match was less botching when Cena stuck to what he knows. Both used a lot of muscle in the match which did look impressive. Cesaro would eat an AA off the second rope for the pin. Ended up being a good opener after a so-so start to the match.

Winner: Cena


-Steph and Hunter in the back, she’s not having an easy time with doing “hard time”. Hunter reassures her this will work out. Orton interrupts and isn’t happy about him getting booted out of the SummerSlam main event. Hunter gets all grumpy telling Orton that he needs to finish off Roman Reigns before he ever gets another title shot. This sounded more like a lovers quarrel.


-Paige came out and cut a sarcastic promo apologizing what she did to her “friend” last week. Diva’s Champion AJ Lee then came out and got in her face about being a real woman. Paige accidentally calls AJ “crazy”… oops… and the brawl was on! Paige back off while the crowd chanted “CM Punk” very loudly.


-After the break Stephanie and Hunter made their way to the ring, Steph played up looking upset. Hunter says he was disgusted and disappointed after last week when the crowd laughed at Steph when she was arrested last week. Crowd went into YES chants… Steph just stood in silence holding in the tears, stellar acting on her part. She’s been so on point lately. Hunter goes on to say that Brie deserved what happened last week but ultimately it was a misunderstanding. How only one charge still stands and it was the assault charge. The McMahon’s have asked Brie Bella to be here tonight. Steph asks Brie to please come to the ring while the crowd was chanting “jail bird”… annnnd instead of getting Brie… they got CHRIS JERICHO! Oh crap… haha! Jericho then goes into the Cops TV show theme song. Y2J tells Steph that “orange is the new black”. Jericho then questions Hunter as to why he didn’t go with Steph to the police station last week before going into one of his classic lines about Steph. Hunter changed the subject onto Bray Wyatt which Jericho will get at SummerSlam before Seth Rollins used his briefcase on Jericho. We’re getting this match tonight which should be dope! Good segment overall. Crowd is heavily behind crapping on Steph.


Intercontinental Champion The Miz & AxelBack vs. WWE Tag Team Champions The Uso’s & Dolph Ziggler

-During this fast paced match Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E came out to watch the match at ringside. Good match although short. Ziggler got the win with the zig zag.

Winners: Ziggler & the Uso’s


R-Truth vs. Bo Dallas

-Bo was show boating when he got rolled up by Truth and got pinned… After the match Bo loses his shit, sore loser style.

Winner: Bo Truth


-Rusev and Lana are out for the next segment. Lana got mic time this week. She shits on the flag, Obama and George W. Bush before Swagger and Colter come out to retort. This lead to the brawl between Rusev & Swagger before Team Russian retreated. Crowd was heavily into the Real American’s.


Damien Sandow vs. Adam Rose

-Damien Sandow came out dressed as an astronaut this week… 3 second match.

Winner: Rose


Kane vs. Roman Reigns

-before Reigns could make it out of the crowd he was attacked by Randy Orton. This would turn into a two against one. Kane then got a chokeslam on Reign’s leaving Orton to finish him off. This lasted a bit with Orton continuing this beat down at ringside. This ended with TWO RKO’s onto the announce table… the 2nd one finally collapsed the table.

Winner: no contest


Fandango vs. Diego w/El Torito, Summer Rae & Layla

-Summer & Layla are dressed up as sexy matadors. Well its obvious how this ends… distraction by Summer, Layla & Torito for the roll up… oh boy…

Winner: Diego


-Steph in the back walks up to Nikki’s locker room looking for Brie who isn’t here yet. This little conversation doesn’t go well and I think Nikki told Steph to eat shit…


-Stardust & Goldust shit in the back… over these segments already.


Natalya & Naomi vs. Cameron & Alicia Fox

-this night is officially feeling loooong now…

Winners: Naomi & Natalya


Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins

-this was a solid back and forth match. Probably the best of the night. Jericho got a code breaker on Rollins who was doing a springboard back into the ring before the lights went out and the Wyatt’s attacked Y2J. Jericho took a sister Abigail to end the segment.

Winner: Jericho by DQ? No contest? Match thrown out?


-Steph was back out to end the show. She goes on what this jail time has done to her life. Brie Bella walks through the crowd and wanted Steph to get right to the point. Steph wants all the charges dropped because she doesn’t deserve any of this. Brie has demands before she drops these charges, like her job back… this got YES chants. Steph says ONE Bella is enough in the WWE… Brie eventually gets her job back and wants a match at SummerSlam match against… Steph. Steph tries to back out of a match but Brie wasn’t having it. They banter back and forth before Steph agrees to wrestle Brie at SummerSlam… Steph then slaps the shit out of Brie which knocks her off the apron. That lead to a pull apart brawl between the two! It was funny watching Jamie Noble, Fit Finlay and Joey Mathews pull these two apart. Was that a “this is awesome” chant to end the show? Brie Bella just main evented RAW! Haha!

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