7-21-14 WWE RAW



Paige snaps, we get a new trio, Stephanie gets arrested and the main event to SummerSlam is officially SET!

-Triple H started the show talking about upset he is about last night and then made fun of people who use social media to vent and bitch. He then guaranteed Cena would lose at the next pay per view which brought out Randy Orton who wanted his singles match for the title… Hunter then played up that he hasn’t made up his mind on who Cena is actually taking on yet and how the roster has to impress him to get that spot. Its not long before we got fucking Kane out here as well to bitch about how he can beat Cena. Lastly, Roman Reigns came out of the crowd to add his two cents as to what people actually want to see. Kane then took a superman punch which lead to Hunter making Kane & Orton vs. Reigns after the break… this is going to be all for not folks, we all know who’s getting this shot…


Randy Orton & Kane vs. Roman Reigns

-Orton and Kane had the advantage for most of the match. Shit broke down between Kane and Orton which lead to Kane taking a superman punch and a spear for the pin. Orton teased coming back in the ring after the match but decided otherwise. Match was fine, good win for Reigns.

Winner: Reigns


Nikki Bella vs. Cameron, Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox and Eva Marie

-Must be the night of handicap matches… before the match Stephanie McMahon gave Nikki’s opponents a pep talk, yay… Brie Bella was at ringside for this match which didn’t sit well with Steph who came out and called Brie a quitter. Steph gets called a bitch which leads to Brie getting smacked and carted away by security. Steph was classic here. Nikki then gets mauled in less than a minute. Steph then stood over Nikki and told her its just a matter of time before she quits like her sister… I wish I could hate on this build but I kinda like it. haha

Winner: not Nikki Bella


Bo Dallas vs. Damien Sandow (as Labron James)

-Sandow plays up Lebron leaving Miami back to Cleveland. SOO, Dallas is a face tonight? Crowd chanted for their Miami Heat instead… Although Sandow lead the match it would be Bo who would get the bo-dog for the pin. I’m confused who was the heel and who was the face tonight…

Winner: Bo


-Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel was suppose to be next but Jericho was attacked by the Wyatt’s on the WWE App… we still got the Wyatt’s out to the ring and its Bray who will be our host tonight. He cuts to the footage of Jericho getting beat up and taking a sister Abigail into the lockers in the back. Bray the cuts a promo on Jericho, how victories don’t mean anything just winning the war. He then claims that he is forever to end their segment. We cut to Jericho getting checked out in the back who’s bleeding by the ear… R-Truth asks the stupid question of “what happened Chris?”…. sigh…


Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler

-Crowd was heavily pro-Ziggler. Ziggler was moving fast and Miz was having a hard time keeping up with his ass. That Rhymed… these guys did put on a good match with a lot of near falls. They kept the crowd HOT the whole time to the point they finally worked up a “this is awesome” chant. These guys were fighting out of each others moves until Ziggler finally hit the zig zag. Good shit! Since it was non-title, Miz had Justin Roberts announce that he was STILL the champion.

Winner: Ziggler


-Hunter was in the back with Seth Rollins. He tries to convince Rollins that he shouldn’t take on Cena just yet. Cesaro walks in and says he isn’t a Heyman guy anymore and wants to be Hunter’s guy. Hunter then tells Cesaro that if he can finish off Ambrose he’ll consider it… interesting…


Diva’s Champion AJ & Paige vs. Emma & Natalya

-AJ got CM Punk chants which she kind of just shrugs off. SHORT match with a lot of spots. Paige ended up in the sharpshooter but tagged in AJ who hit a shining wizard on Natalya before putting her in the black window for the tap out. After the match AJ & Paige celebrated until Paige finally turned on AJ. This lead to a ringside beatdown on the Diva’s Champion. About time they go full heel with Paige, hopefully this will finally put her over. Paige then skips off ala AJ.

Winner: AJ & Paige


Fandango vs. Zack Ryder w/Summer Rae & Layla

-Layla and Summer are just coming off as whores at this point… Ryder got the rough rider for the pin, Fandango got his foot on the ropes but Layla pushed it off… Zack Ryder got a win…on RAW!…

Winner: Ryder


-Renee Young interviewed Flo Rida backstage… Heath Slater interrupts, he’s here to return the favor from WrestleMania a couple of years ago… this didn’t go well for Slater this time either.


-Flo Rida came out and did the same songs he did at WrestleMania two years ago… #dated.


-After this performance which Steph was out for, cops show up… looks like someone might be in trouble for slapping a “fan”. Crowd was losing their shit on this as Steph gets arrested for battery assault on Brie! Steph gets cuffed as Brie watches on. Steph was on point here as she gets carted out of the arena. Hunter got involved in this as well to shit talk the cops.


-Hunter in the back getting ready to leave the area when Joey Mathews reminds him he still has to name Cena’s opponent… that changes Hunter’s tune about leaving the arena as he makes up excuses like Steph having to get booked and how the lawyers are on the way to the station now. Funny shit on Hunter’s part. The looks on Lawler, JBL and Cole after Hunter mentioned he was staying was just as funny.


AxelBack vs. Big E & Kofi Kingston

-fast, short and to the point… Ryback gets the pin on Kofi after a roll through from a Kofi splash off the top… After the match Xavier Woods comes out of nowhere to cut a promo in the ring in a white suit… looks like we’re getting a new heel stable here…

Winner: Axelback


Rusev w/Lana vs. Great Khali

-Lana didn’t get much out on the mic before Khali made his intro… probably a good idea after last night… WWE can play off that they weren’t referencing the plane crash, but they were. Rusev did the best he could with Khali… he did sell the ankle from last nights match with Swagger. He finally got Khali in the accolade for the win.

Winner: Rusev


-I’m over the Stardust and Goldust goofy promos… get these fools back in the ring already…


Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro

-solid ovation for Ambrose. Most of the match is spent by Cesaro working over the injured shoulder of Ambrose. Both were stiff in this one! After sending Cesaro into the ringpost three separate times, Ambrose took a chair to the shoulder of Cesaro for the DQ. Cesaro ran for the hills after the match.

Winner: Cesar by DQ


-Renee Young stopped Hunter as he came out of his locker room. She questions if Hunter should be at Steph’s side… he eye fucks her before walking off to make this announcement for SummerSlam.


-After the break, Hunter was in the ring for the final segment of the show. He gets right to it… or at least tries to when Randy Orton comes out… he’s stopped before getting into the ring by Roman Reigns. Both end up brawling into the stands. Paul Heyman then comes out to the stage and kisses up to Hunter before he said plan A isn’t working with Orton and plan B isn’t going to work as long as Ambrose is around. He wants Hunter to make the dangerous choice of plan C… this brings out Brock Lesnar who’s wearing his “Eat Sleep Break the Streak” shirt. Both head to the ring where Hunter shakes their hands… he walks off leaving Heyman to cut a promo on defeating The Undertaker and now going on to defeat John Cena at SummerSlam. Heyman then cut to footage of what Brock did at WrestleMania to the Undertaker. Paul then brought up how Vince road in the ambulance with Taker after their match and how this will happen to Cena. Paul Heyman was on point with this promo and if anyone just made that match feel like a SUPER main event, it was him.


-this show had a lot of interesting shit on it. It almost felt


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