07-07-14 WWE RAW



-Roman Reigns started the show by coming to the ring from the crowd. Michael Cole tells us Steph and Hunter are on vacation this week… he cuts a promo about his match with Battleground. Reigns seemed distracted by the “Cena sucks” but he turns it by saying that “when he’s in the ring, Cena does suck”. This brings out Kane to the stage to eye fuck Reigns, he gets called a bitch which brings him to ringside for a brawl. This went back and forth until refs and officials came out to separate both… this didn’t last long as Fit Finlay would take a MASSIVE spear from Reigns before superman punching Kane to finish the segment. This was Reigns crowd so far tonight, promo was short and to the point which was smart to do since this is his weakness thus far. Good thing he turned a distraction by the crowd to a positive for him.


Luke Harper & Erik Rowan vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Uso’s

-Wyatt’s have new music… again… wasn’t long before this match was getting dueling chants. Canada is hot tonight. Short match but fast paced and the crowd was into it HARD. After the match, the other Uso argued with the ref that the illegal man got pinned.

Winners: Wyatt’s


-Randy Orton and Kane chit chat about what happened at the beginning of the show. Orton kissing ass as he wants Kane’s help. Seth Rollins walks in and says he’ll think twice before cashing in on either one of them IF they win the title at the ppv.


One Arm Tied Behind their Back Match

Nikki Bella vs. Alicia Fox

-Fox makes it difficult for the ref to get this rope on her when she then decides to attack Nikki who already has her arm tied behind her back… Fox then had one of her freak outs… well, that was a waste of fucking time.

Winner: no contest…


Rusev w/Lana vs. RVD

-crowd was into RVD… during a rest hold they went into a massive Ole’ chant. RVD put up a fight but still tapped out to the accolade.

Winner: Rusev


Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton

-good back and forth match from the start, seemed like it got more time than the match on Smackdown. Crowd loved them some Ambrose. Super botched spot when Ambrose was on top and Orton forgot to cut him off… he finally did after the fact… stupid. Ambrose took an inverted DDT at ringside which almost got him counted out. Ambrose finally took an RKO and got pinned… uh…  what. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to find a way to keep Ambrose strong without pinning either guy…!?

Winner: Orton


-Renee Young conducted an interview in the back with John Cena… he’s got his “ghetto” voice on tonight… he’s stopped mid sentence by Roman Reigns who wishes him luck tonight… Cena doesn’t need it but Reigns reminds this fool he’ll need it at the ppv.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler

-Fandango was on commentary and announced he’s in the battle royal at the ppv for the IC title. Early on, Del Rio would get the flash kick at ringside while Ziggler was caught in the ring apron. Both guys were putting on a solid showing tonight. Mid match, Fandango got on the announce table and danced which caused the distraction and the pin for Del Rio… Fandango kept dancing after the match… it was really fucking awkward.

Winner: Del Rio


-The Dust Brothers cut a promo in the back… creepy and weird.


-After the break Fandango is still in the back dancing when Layla questions him on his shenanigans from a segment ago… she blames this on him being jealous of Summer kissing Ziggler… soap opera drama.


-Jerry Lawler shouts out being back in Montreal. Last time he was here, he had his heart attack. He then brings out Bret “the Hitman” Hart! She shouts out Montreal and how if he could wrestle ONE more match, it would be right here… Bret is then interrupted by Damien Sandow who’s dressed at The Hitman. Sandow plays being Bret… says the screwjob was not real… how Shawn Michaels was his idol… and shits on Canada. Sandow gets clocked which ends this segment… oh Sandow… Sheamus then came out to exchange a hug with Bret before his match.


United Stated Champion Sheamus vs. Damien “The Hitman” Sandow

-Sandow did Bret’s move set which was humorous but he ended taking a brogue kick to finish him off.

Winner: Sheamus


-Renee has Miz in the back… he wants to read a letter from a fan… this fan wants Miz to put Jericho in his place…


Chris Jericho vs. The Miz

-Short match with Jericho getting the submission victory. After the match, Bray Wyatt sat in his rocking chair cutting a promo about Jericho “saving us”. Jericho would go to attack Bray when the Wyatt’s came to get his back. This segment ended oddly.

Winner: Jericho


Cameron & Naomi vs. Paige & Diva’s Champion AJ

-Paige and AJ start the match all buddy-buddy with Paige introducing AJ. It’s Cameron and Naomi that would play up their issues with Cameron refusing the tag from Naomi. Cameron finally tags herself into only to take the page turner for the pin. The funk sisters argue after the match and a brawl breaks out between the two.

Winner: Paige & AJ


Cesaro w/Paul Heyman vs. Kofi Kingston

-Cesaro cuts on Heyman to shit on Montreal in French. Cesaro muscled the whole time during this short match until Kofi pinned Cesaro…again… what the fuck!? Cesaro tried to beat Kofi’s ass again when Big E made the save… odd booking.

Winner: Kofi


-Cena in the locker room when Seth Rollins walks in. Cena gets up ready for a fight but Rollins calms his ass down as he’s telling their match tonight is just to find out who’s the best… but he still might cash in tonight… Cena gets defensive.


-they are really pushing the shit out of this FREE weekend with the WWE Network.


Bo Dallas vs. El Torito w/Diego

-bad comedy match… that is until Bo snaps and hits the running BO dog from the 2nd rope. Haha! Bo then goes for a victory lap around ringside and totally runs over Torito! THAT shit was funny.

Winner: Bo


WWE World Champion John Cena vs. Seth Rollins

-match was decent, Cena and Rollins have good chemistry. Cena was trying to put Rollins away with the STF when Kane and Orton attacked him. This brought out Reigns who got a superman punch on both Kane and Orton. Rollins would come back in to hit Reigns with the briefcase… Rollins then looks like he’s going to cash in! the Ref runs out but OUT OF NOWHERE Ambrose comes out from the crowd to beat down Rollins up the ramp! Orton would came back into the ring just to take an STP. Kane tried to get a chokeslam in but Reigns got a spear in on Kane. Reigns would raise Cena’s hand as Roman smirked the whole time. Cena then raised Roman’s hand before they stared at each other and looked at the crowd. Cena got the hint that it was Reigns that the crowd was cheering for.

Winner: Cena by DQ.


-overall a good night of wrestling, not as solid as last week but definitely not a let down. I do love Ambrose screwing over Rollins trying to cash in, I dig that gimmick!

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