06-30-14 WWE RAW



Ok, it’s time for the aftermath for Money in the Bank and I am DRUNK! This wont be boring…


-In case you’re too cheap to get the network, John Cena has won the title for the 15th time… this fucking guy… anyhow Triple H and Stephanie and out to the ring, to talk about last night and Steph shit’s on Daniel Bryan’s recovery. This got a shit ton of “CM Punk” chants. Hunter put over John Cena before bringing him out, he’s wearing the two titles like a necklace… I hate this shit, but I get it… Cena says that he’ll give Daniel Bryan a rematch even though the McMahon don’t want to. Steph then declares Cena will be on the cover of the WWE 15 video game… great… Cena is skeptical of the nice offerings by Steph and Hunter… he says he’s not buying it… Hunter then does a bad hip hop impersonation on Cena, him dropping “R’s” and dissing West Newberry. Not going to lie, that shit was awkwardly funny. Hunter then pulls his dick out about Cena respecting then and how since Cena always has to do the shit the hard way, he’s making a fatal four way match at Battlegound against Orton, Kane and Roman Reigns. Matches are made for tonight and Cena walks off… well he doesn’t get far before the new Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins to gloat and make Cena look nervous. Rollins poses with his bosses to end the segment… eh, I guess this was a good segment. I wasn’t blown away but then again, I’m not sure what the fuck I expected.


-Seth Rollins beat Rob Van Dam with the curb stomp. This match got heavy “we want Ambrose” chants. This was a pretty good match, good shit from both guys. I’d watch another match by these two. Rollins got interviewed by Renee Young, he’s holding the briefcase like a boom box on his shoulder. Dean cut his own promo on the titan tron, he says he’s gonna fuck up any time Rollins tries to cash in… DOPE! Solid ass idea and promo by Ambrose.


-Rusev and Lana shit on the USA and call out anyone from the back… this brought out Swagger and Colter which got a surprising response before the crowd chanted USA. Zeb and Swagger were instantly super good guys here. Loudest “we the people” chant ever! This even got “lets go Swagger chants”, fuck!” All of a sudden Swagger is a SUPER face!


The Wyatt family beat the United States Champion Sheamus & the WWE Tag Team Champions Usos when Harper hit a lariat clothesline a pin on one of the Uso’s. This match was solid! Crowd was losing their shit here, this was pretty good stuff.


-Nikki Bella was interviewed by the taller, much more lame new version of Josh Mathews… Steph fucked Nikki by putting her in a tag team match against Naomi and Cameron with her sister as her partner… oh wait… some on just got served.


-Bo Dallas cut a promo on the stage asking for 60 seconds of quiet for Bad News Barrett and Daniel Bryan because they are injured… and he did go quiet… for an more than a minute. Haha! He then spun the video from last night with he and Daniel Bryan as a positive for him… Nikki interrupted this with her ring entrance, rude.


-Cameron and Naomi made quick work of Nikki Bella in this two and one match. After this, Cameron and Naomi get up in each others faces.


-Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler announce Bad News Barrett is injured and stripped of the Intercontinental Championship. A new one will get crowned at the Battleground ppv in a Battle Royal.


-Paul Heyman then came out to gloat how excited he is for this match for the Intercontinental Title and how Cesaro would win that match. Kofi would go on to beat Cesaro… on the fucking WWE app… yup the finish happened on the fucking app… Cesaro teased the swing just to stop right before, crowd hated that shit. After the match Cesaro lost his shit and beat Kofi silly all over the arena. This went out for a while but got Cesaro over heavily. It would finally take Paul Heyman to get Cesaro to stop.


-they cut to a stupid promo by Adam Rose, his rosebuds and Santino on tea… it was a commercial for fucking tea… fuck that was stupid.


-Vince McMahon’s music hits!!!… but its Damien Sandow dressed up as Vince… he does a bad impersonation while shilling Hogan, Austin and himself… Steph showed up on the titan tron… she isn’t happen about this bit and books him in a match with… Khali… sigh… one chop to the head later and this match was over… poor Sandow…


-the Miz is back… Justin Roberts made it sound it sound like this was a big deal… everyone was expecting ANYONE else… he’s going on and on when we get PYRO and IT’S CHRIS JERICHO!!!! Massive ovation for Y2J that goes on and on! Miz wasn’t happy about being interrupted when out of nowhere Jericho hit a code breaker! Crowd is eating this up! He was about to say RAW is JERICHO when the lights go out and he’s surrounded by all three Wyatt’s! Its not long before they are beating him down and standing over his body. This was awesome! Its funny, the Miz was such an afterthought…


-Dolph Ziggler beat Fandango with the zig zag after Summer Rae came out and made out with Ziggler for the distraction… awkward. Crowd loves them some Ziggler.


-The Dust Brothers beat Axelback again, they were more aggressive but Stardust’s got way too many new moves to keep track of… creepy Cody.


-WWE Diva’s Champion Paige was out next to talk gloat about the last three months as champion… all of a sudden Mrs. CM Punk returns! This got solid “CM Punk” chants. AJ then plays goodie-goodie and Paige lets the Punk chants get to her and distract her… ooops. These two poll the crowd on if a match between them should happen right now and they get their way! Paige beat on AJ for a big before getting slapped and rolled up…?! AJ won the Diva’s title back… #placeholder. This was a little odd as the crowd didn’t know who to cheer for.


WWE World Champion John Cena & Roman Reigns beat Kane & Randy Orton by disqualification when Kane used the steel steps on Cena. He would then take a tombstone piledriver which lead to a trainer, a ref and Hunter to check on Cena… ALL OF A SUDDEN SEITH ROLLINS IS OUT WITH THE BRIEFCASE! Before Rollins could cash in DEAN AMBROSE came out to attack and chase Rollins out of the arena through the crowd! Reigns then came back out to save the day with a spear to Kane. Reigns had a stare down with Hunter that got “YES!” and “this is awesome” chants! It would be Hunter to step down from this. Good shit.


-holy crap this was a great night!



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