Money in the Bank Predictions!


MITB 2014 LARGE_Predictions

Money in the Bank Ladder Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
United States Champion Sheamus vs. Kane vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Cesaro vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt
Mascara De Fuego: John Cena… I really hate to say it but my gut is telling me this fucker winning this match. Yeah there are rumors that Brock Lesnar will main event SummerSlam against the Champion but I think even if he wasn’t they’d still put the titles on this guy. I would love to see Wyatt or Cesaro take it for a big swerve. Too early to put it on Reigns in my option, I think they need to do the slow burn with him. Anyone else just doesn’t make sense and would be a TERRIBLE swerve.
Great Puma: Cesaro. Cena vs. Brock is the big money match for Summerslam, but Cesaro is the choice that’s going to make fans the most happy here. I realize it’s a full mark pick but somebody has to do it. Let Cena get it back at Battleground before he takes on the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar. The key here is that Paul Heyman can carry the main event mic duties over the summer until Bryan or Brock get the World Title back.

Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match
Kofi Kingston vs. RVD vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs. Jack Swagger
Great Puma: Seth Rollins. I think seeing Dean Ambrose screw Seth Rollins at every cash in attempt is quite a storyline. Why turn Seth Rollins if he’s not going to make a major impact in the upper tier of the roster? I’m so stoked for this match that I plan to bring extra panties… I mean underwear for the pay per view.
Mascara De Fuego: Seth Rollins… if Wade Barrett is injured and can’t do the match… I was going with Barrett before the news came out that he could possibly be injured. Rollins would be my next choice on taking the briefcase. Ambrose would be a nice swerve but other than that, similar to the other MITB match, anyone else would be a let down honestly.

WWE Tag Team Champions Uso’s vs. Erik Rowan & Luke Harper
Great Puma: Wyatt Family. Perhaps the Usos and the Wyatts can trade the title back and forth over the course of 2014 until the WWE wants to give the ball to Stardust and Goldy. This is a match where both teams are going to look great no matter who comes out on top. I expect Luke Harper to do some extra exciting shit here to distinguish himself a little more from just being a member of the Wyatts.
Mascara De Fuego: Wyatt Family. The Uso’s have been HOT as tag team champions but I think its time to shake things up a little bit and do a title switch. They can win the titles back from the Wyatt’s (since that hasn’t been done in a while) but I think adding that element to this feud would be a good idea.
Diva’s Champion Paige vs. Naomi
Mascara De Fuego: Paige. I don’t think Naomi is the right person to put the title on right now unless they are planning to do a Naomi vs. Cameron feud. Seems like they’ve been trying to get this title on a “total diva” for a long while now.
Great Puma: Naomi. I want to be wrong but Total Divas seems to be a moderate influence on the booking of the Diva’s division. At least give these ladies 7 minutes to work with.
Rusev vs. Big E (rumored)
Great Puma: Rusev. Rusev is getting the slow burn right now and I just don’t think the WWE knows what to do with Big E.
Mascara De Fuego: Rusev. “Rusev crush!” Hopefully this will be a longer match than last time.
The Dust Brothers vs. AxelBack
Mascara De Fuego: Stardust & Goldust. Might be a decent match to start the show off with. I think AxelBack need something different to further sell them as a tag team.
Great Puma: The Dust Bros. A winner is you! I’m a mark for Starman Stardust so I have to go homer on this match. I actually want to see Ryback back in the singles scene, while Axel should really take a hiatus and reinvent his character.
Layla vs. Summer Rae – Fandango as special referee
Great Puma: Layla. I think I just like her a little more.
Mascara De Fuego: Summer Rae… that’s all I gotta say about this…

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