06-23-14 WWE RAW




-Episode 1,100 would begin with Stephanie coming out to the ring. The Staging area is dressed up with ladders. She started off by calling out Vicki Guerrero to the ring after the “vomit” incident from last week. Vicki came out very apologetic and blames Roman Reigns for what happened. Steph isn’t happy about Reigns getting in the battle royal which in turn lead to him getting into the Money in the Bank Championship match… Steph then shits on Vicki riding the last 9 years on Eddie’s coattails, how they couldn’t make her a “Diva” and how she sucked at being a General Manager. This got loud “Eddie” chants. Steph was then about to say “you’re fired” when Vicki stops her and says she’ll do anything to keep her job and says she’ll beg… Steph had her beg on her knees then gave her 2 options, she gets fired or she can stay GM of Smackdown IF she can win her match tonight… against STEPH! Vicki then turns full FACE saying that there is one name more respected that McMahon and that is Guerrero! Vicki takes the match and the crowd is chanting for her! If this is Vicki’s send off, at least she’ll go out like a face.


WWE Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso w/Jay Uso vs. Luke Harper w/Erik Rowan

-Rowan & Harper get their own music now… its an accordion version of “Whole World in His Hands”… creepy. fast paced and short. Harper got the win with the lariat clothesline… After the match Jay challenges Rowan to a match before launching himself out of the ring onto the Wyatt’s.

Winner: Harper


WWE Tag Team Champion Jay Uso w/Jimmy Uso vs. Erik Rowan w/Luke Harper

-another short match, this one ended with Jay getting the splash off the top to Rowan for the pin. This broke down after the match the Wyatt’s getting the best of the Uso’s. Rowan and Harper then posed with the titles, this got a mixed reaction from Washington DC. Bray then came onto the titan tron to speak praises on the Wyatt’s and how he’s gonna win the World Title.

Winner: Jay Uso


-Michael Cole announces that Daniel Bryan will be on the Kickoff show to address getting the World Title taken away. Cole looks like he borrowed a suit from the closet of Michael Hayes.


-Lana and Rusev cut a promo on the US in front of the state capital. We’re all pathetic apparently. Decent promo.


Alicia Fox vs. Naomi w/Cameron

-Diva’s Champion Paige was on commentary as was Cameron who shit’s on the champion. This leads to banter between the two, distracting from this match. Cameron is going full heel here even shit talking her partner. Paige and Naomi shake hands after the match while Cameron just give the stink face.

Winner: Naomi


-Sheamus wraps his wrists in the back while making small talk to Roman Reigns while bringing up old shit with the Shield. Reigns isn’t having any of this “Cena-esque” bullshit from Sheamus.


Titus O’Neil vs. Bo Dallas

-last week Titus jobs to Adam Rose TWICE in one night, tonight Dallas would give him a pep talk before beating Titus with the Bo Dog. A lot of quick matches tonight… Bo tells Titus he’s “9 and Bo” which lead to the mic getting knocked out of Bo’s hands… Bo plays it off saying he’s got butter fingers, that shit was funny.

Winner: Bo


-Triple H was up next to announce the names for the second Money in the Bank match for the briefcase. Seth Rollins was announced as the first person on Main Event last week. Hunter announces Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam and Bad News Barrett. Triple H then places his bet on Seth Rollin winning the briefcase. Rollins comes out with what might be a new shirt for him… I think this was silly to do seeing as no one has seen his new ring gear on RAW. Rollins shits on the crowd not getting over him “selling out” yet and that he was behind the success of the Shield. He goes on to proclaim he will be “Mr. Money in the Bank” but that brought out RVD who starts with “hi guys”… haha! Rollins shits on RVD saying its not 2005. Van Dam then brings up shit he’s done to Hunter before challenging Rollins right now!


Rob Van Dam vs. Seth Rollins

-RVD got the best of Rollins off the bat which lead to a series of moves on the outside. RVD lead the match for the most part which lead to the 5 star which he missed. This lead to the powebomb in the corner and the curb stomp (which RVD almost fucked up) for the pin attempt before Dean Ambrose came out to attack his former partner. Ambrose would have to be peeled off Rollins. Ambrose gets on the mic and wants to be added to the MITB match because he is showing up either way to beat on Rollins, take the briefcase and screw up the pay per view.

Winner: Rollins by DQ


-Hunter and Rollins were in the back after the break to chat about Ambrose, Rollins wants him in the match on Sunday so he can keep his eyes on him. Hunter is reluctant at first but then adds Ambrose to the match!


Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler

-Barrett calls the NFL team in DC, racist… ouch. Another fast paced match where it wasn’t long before Ziggler hit the zig zag, Barrett would roll out of the ring saving himself from a pin attempt. After the break this match when back and forth with the crowd getting heavily into it with a lot of NEAR falls. Barrett would finally get the bullhammer on a flying Ziggler for the pin. Good shit, so far the best tonight.

Winner: Barrett


-Vicki got interviewed by Renee Young in the back, Vicki says she’s going out with no regrets and is getting her dignity back tonight. Randy Orton walks up to tell Vicki she’s going to get everything she deserves. He shills winning the title on Sunday before walking off.


Vicki Guerrero vs. Stephanie McMahon

-Vicki came out to Eddie’s music, that was surreal to hear again. Steph comes out and tells Vicki that she’s in the wrong place for their match and points to a pool of mud… the first person to go in this slop will lose the match… Steph then calls for Layla, Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox to beat up Vicki. Vicki is then pulled towards this pool. Rosa is then thrown in by Vicki as is Layla. Fox is the last one to attempt to throw her in but takes the slop instead. Steph then kicks Vicki from behind and into this pool. Vicki is then fired while being taunted, Steph is awesome here. Vicki then snaps and throws Steph into the pool of slop!!!  Vicki celebrates as Eddie’s song plays and walks off. At least Vicki got some on the way out. Steph pulled in a ref that was trying to help her out. Haha! Steph wins the acting award to night! Haha

Winner: Stephanie McMahon


-Bryon Saxton in the back with Goldust, they talk about Stardust who walks up singing “When you wish upon a star”… Disney is gonna sue! Goldust then proclaims to be the “normal” one! Haha


Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter vs. Kofi Kingston

-fast and kinda botchy. Kofi taps to the ankle lock.

Winner: Swagger


-Renee Young ends up with Alberto Del Rio, it wasn’t her original plan… he gloats before Cesaro and Paul Heyman walk up to interrupt. They banter and Cesaro proclaims that although he does speak 5 languages, one of them isn’t loser… wah, wahhh.


Damien Sandow vs. Big E

-Sandow is dressed tonight as Abraham Lincoln… fuck. Big E gets preachy about the United States and how we shouldn’t have to put up with Lana and Rusev which of course lead to Rusev attacking Big E from behind.

Winner: Big E


-Renee Young had John Cena… he claims he’s going to win the title on Sunday… yeah, unfortunately that’s who I’m picking… sigh.


Alberto Del Rio, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton and Cesaro w/Paul Heyman vs. Roman Reigns, Sheamus & John Cena

-Early on, Cena is grounded and cornered. Reigns gets the hot tag to clean house. He is eventually grounded by Del Rio and Wyatt. Reigns finally fights off Wyatt for the hot tag to Sheamus. This then goes into a series of finishers before Sheamus kicks the brogue kick on Cesaro for the pin. After the match Kane comes out to take out everyone… Hunter comes out after Kane has cleaned house and declares Kane as the 8th participant in the Money in the Bank match for the Title…. This isn’t over as Roman Reigns SPEARS Kane while he gloated in the ring! Reigns stands strong as the show goes off the air!

Winner: Reigns, Sheamus & Cena



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