06-16-04 WWE RAW



-Stephanie and Hunter started the show in the ring with the “entire roster” all out on the stage. They shit on Daniel Bryan’s B+ recovery and claims they are looking at the next World Champion on the stage before announcing a Battle Royal for a chance to end up in the MITB match… except Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and John Cena. Well Cena gets a chance but its in a stretcher match with Kane tonight. Kane is brought in after the fact to stare at the ambulance.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins

-Ambrose is still sporting his Shield outfit. This started off fairly technical, which was nice. This got a lot of “Ziggler” and “you sold out” chants, Ziggler is in his home town so the crowd is extra loud for him. Dolph got a couple of near falls on Rollins that really got reactions. Rollins would eventually get the curb stomp but Dean Ambrose would break up the pin, sending Rollins running. This was a good match!

Winner: Rollins by DQ


Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose

-Hunter would come onto the titantron to make this match was Ambrose yelled for Rollins. Ambrose wrestled in his street clothes. This was a slower paced match that the previous one. This would pick up when Rollins came back out leading to Ambrose to dive onto he and Barrett on the outside. This would lead to a count out as Ambrose would brawl with Rollins in the stands. Ambrose would come back into the ring to hit Dirty Deeds on Barrett for a solid reaction. Ambrose had new music…

Winner: Barrett by DQ


-Reigns tried to butter up to Vicki in the back trying to get his add back into the Battle Royal tonight. While Vicki had gone for sweetener for Hunter and Steph’s coffees, Reigns did something to them… Vicki would then sneeze on these cups…


-Bray Wyatt cut a promo about winning the WWE World Title and Harper and Rowan winning the tag titles. Good stuff and it would be interesting if they when this route with the Wyatt Family. Sheamus interrupted this to lead to their match.


Sheamus vs. Bray Wyatt w/the Wyatt Family

-I wasn’t into this match, Sheamus and Bray just didn’t seem to work for me. Just when Sheamus was about to get outmanned, the Uso’s would run out to even the odds. Harper and Rowan would stop the brogue kick for another DQ match… a ladder would get involved leading to the Uso’s running up the ladder and out the ring onto the Wyatt’s…

Winner: Sheamus by DQ


-Vicki finally gets these coffees to Hunter and Steph when Hunter accidentally spills his on Vicki. After the break Renee interviews Steph who’s still holding this fucking coffee… Steph all of a sudden isn’t feeling well and walks off. Paul Heyman walks up to take Steph’s air time. He shills the MITB match.


Heath Slater vs. Rusev w/Lana

-JBL mentions that Slater is a one man band… Lana banted before the match as did Slater.. that lasted longer than this match.

Winner: Rusev


-Steph is in the bathroom feeling sick… Vicki gets thrown up on… the fuck… Hunter leaves Vicki in charge as he’s getting Steph out of here… Vicki loses her shit. After the break, Reigns walks up to Vicki and pep talks her into putting him in the battle royal… he gets his way…


-Renee had to interview Kevin Hart… they are the same height… this got a forward job until the Exotic Express comes up. Rose looks like Willy Wonka…


Fandango & Layla vs. Summer Rae

-Kevin Hart is on commentary… terrible. Short, Rose gets the pin. The crowd sings along. After the match Hart and Rose stage dive out of the ring…

Winner: Rose & Summer


Money in the Bank Qualifying Battle Royal

-Reigns came out to the Shield music but the “Shield” call sign is cut out. He was the only person to get an intro into the Battle Royal.. Sandow dressed as Lebron James got ganged up and tossed out first. This was a typical battle royal, we’ve sure had a lot of battle royals this year… the final four were Reigns, Bo Dallas, , Rusev and Big E… last two were Rusev and Reigns which the crowd was hot for! One superman punch to Rusev on the apron lead to the win. Great reaction for this win…

Winner: Reigns


-Renee with Cena in the back… he’s got jokes…


Cameron w/Naomi vs. Diva’s Champion Paige

-I like Paige but I’m getting tired and its getting late.

Winner: Paige


-Byron Saxton has Goldust in the back and is questioned about his new partner… he’s excited…


Axelback vs. Goldust &…. Stardust (aka Cody Rhodes and his new gimmick)

-Cody finally gets an alter ego. I do dig that he’s got a different move set for this character. Stardust super squashes Axelback!

Winner: the Dust Brothers


Money in the Bank Qualifying match

Stretch Match

Kane vs. John Cena

-I didn’t want to watch this match so it got a forward job, Cena won.

Winner: Cena


-Money in the Bank has gotten interesting.


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