06-09-14 WWE RAW



-Triple H and Steph opened the show right from the top. Cole and JBL put over that this could be news about Bryan’s health. They gloat about this announcement before introducing Bryan’s doctor on the Titan Tron who’s delaying his return to the ring. Steph is awesome here in her delivery as they finally strip Bryan of the World Title. They announce that Money in the Bank is for the World Title. They then go over who’s in the match so far… Del Rio is in and Orton is automatically in so far. Hunter then shits on Daniel Bryan and how they were right the entire time. Hunter then turns his attention to the Shield and how Rollins adapted. We’re getting the rest of the Shield in a 6 man match against the Wyatt’s… if the Shield can’t get a partner it’s a handicap match… I’m going with Cena jumping into this…


Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

United States Champion Sheamus vs. Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett

-once again, these two beat the shit out of each other. Bad fall to the outside by both when Sheamus was trying to lead from a splash into the ropes. This match would get loud dueling chants for both guys! When Sheamus was on the outside and being counted out the crowd counted with the ref. This was a pretty good match with good pinfall attempts. Shockingly it would be Sheamus that would get the pin after hitting the brogue kick… they could have hot shot Barrett but instead went with Sheamus for some reason…

Winner: Sheamus


-Wyatt family promo on how the Shield has fallen apart…


Rusev w/Lana vs. Zack Ryder

-Lana shits on the presidents work out… ouch man… short work of Ryder.

Winner: Rusev


AxelBack vs. Goldust & R-Truth

-fast paced and to the point… Goldust got rolled up and pinned. Cody watched in the back disappointed.

Winner: Axelback


-Layla was getting done up in the back when Summer Rae shows up and pours all kinds of crap on her and beats her up… she looked like she was the special guest at a jizz party…


-3MB called out the Shield next…!? Shield comes out and the brawl breaks out. Slater goes to leave and Reigns flattens him on the stage with a spear… camera completely missed it. We’d have to wait for the replay to actually see it, way to go camera man! After the Shield cleaned house, Ambrose tried to calm himself before getting on the mic. Ambrose is cutting a hell of a promo on Rollins and what he’s planning on doing to him. Reigns could have gone one way and went another, it was meh promo because of it… he did bring it home by saying he and Hunter can have their own “Game of Thrones”. silly.


WWE Tag Team Champions Uso’s vs. Fandango  w/Layla & Damien Sandow (in a leotard…)

-Sandow was doing interpretive dance… seriously what the fuck is going on with Sandow…!? Sandow then got the tag and was doing ballet… this just looks awkward… he’s made short work of by the Uso’s even though the crowd was cheering him.

Winner: Uso’s


Bo Dallas vs. Xavier Woods

-Dallas wants Daniel Bryan to bolieve during his recovery. Although Bo did get some chants, the majority would go to CM Punk. He won with the bull (Bo) dog…

Winner: Dallas


Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Cesaro w/Paul Heyman vs. RVD

-Heyman is a good as they get on the mic! Short match but put over Cesaro cleanly. He got the win with the neutralizer.

Winner: Cesaro


-Michael Cole was in the ring to interview Seth Rollins about what he did last week. He’s got new theme music, its guitar heavy and generic. He got a lot of “you sold out” chants. Rollins takes credit for making the Shield, calls Ambrose a lunatic and Reigns nothing without him. He says he’s evolved and adapted. He calls the Shield “business partners” and not brothers. Rollins then says he’s said his peace and then welcomes the Shield to come out…. Which they do… but before they could get to the ring the lights go out with Rowan and Harper in the ring. They brawl and the Shield almost gets their hands on Rollins when Bray joins the attack… which then leads to Cena coming out to side with the Shield. I figured.


Diva’s Champion Paige vs. Alicia Fox w/Aksana

-Paige is cute. I would like to have tea with her and talk about silly things. After the match Fox loses her shit on Aksana for costing her the match. She got water poured on her as well as popcorn… this goes long and gets awkward as Fox is feeding Aksana forcefully but then hugs her…

Winner: Paige


Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter vs. Santino

-story of the match is the Colter slapped the shit out of Swagger until he got serious and beat Santino decisively. I think its too late for Swagger unless he shaves his head and goes border line militant racist with this shit.

Winner: Swagger


-Cody Rhodes has another partner for his brother Goldust, he’s excited about this one but its gotta wait until next week… I’m going with… Kofi…


-Stephanie and Hunter in the back, she’s not happy with Cena. Vicki comes with champagne but sneezes on it. Steph loses her shit and kicks her out. Vicki’s end is near…


The Shield & John Cena vs. The Wyatt Family

-this was a pretty hot main event. Crowd was into most of it and was heavily into the Reigns spear on Rowan for the pin.

Winner: Shield & Cena


-the matches were good for the most part. Curious on how long the Shield last after Rollins jumped ship. I do thing they need to change something up, maybe the uniform a little bit to differentiate themselves as Shield version 2. As for the winning of the Money in the Back? Stilll too early too tell with 3 people remaining in the match. Honestly it would not shock me if they put it back on Orton… even though that’s a terrible idea.

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