06-01-14 WWE PAYBACK



-from the get go, during the preshow we got loud CM Punk chants…


Mask vs. Hair

El Torito w/Los Matadores vs. Hornswoggle w/3MB

-from the intro to Torito, Michael Cole and JBL would continually brought up that his tail is growing back… this was more of the typically comedic style of a ‘midget match’. The crowd in Chicago was more interested in entertaining themselves. Crowd did get into it after Hornswoggle missed the moonsault from the second rope. This would then go into a series of dives to everyone at ringside. Torito would win via his own moonsault and Hornswoggle would get his hair cut. The WWE needs more mini’s, these matches are too damn entertaining, old school!

Winner: Torito


United States Champion Sheamus vs. Cesaro w/Paul Heyman

-Once again Paul Heyman masterfully turns the crowd from chanting “CM Punk” when he tells the crowd that Punk is at the United Center tonight watching the Blackhawks get beat by the LA Kings. Match started fast right off the bat and was hard hitting. Crowd was none too favorable to Sheamus although the crowd did get into the repeated fists into Cesaro’s chest. Cesaro goes for the suplex into the ring to Sheamus when Sheamus’ foot slipped. Cesaro STILL muscled Sheamus into the ring, solid save! Cesaro would get the swing on Sheamus, 21 seconds… but that lead to Sheamus rolling up Cesaro for the win out of nowhere! Solid opener which I thought was going to Cesaro.

Winner: Sheamus


Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. Axelback

-this was add at the last minute, thus it was treated as such by the crowd in Chicago. Goldust sold leading into the hot tag into Cody which they did get into. This ended up being a decent (but short) match which Ryback finally putting Cody down with the shellshock. After the match Cody asked for a mic and told Goldust that he needed a better partner than him. Cody then left Goldust sad faced.

Winner: Axelback


Rusev w/Lana vs. Big E

-Rusev is doing the same flag bit he was doing on NXT on Thursday. Big E came out with the US flag and patriotic tights… oh boy… I don’t think anyone was expecting Big E to SPEAR Rusev to the area flood, that shit looked stiff! This was all for not when Big E would tap to the camel clutch. Sounded like the crowd was bummed by that…

Winner: Rusev


Kofi Kingston vs. Bo Dallas

-Bo Dallas shit on Chicago before the match… this match would barely start when Kane would come out and Kane would go after Kofi while Bo hit the bricks. Kofi took a chokeslam and a tombstone before Kane set off his pyro for his exit. Bo then came back into the ring to give Kofi a pep talk and to Bolieve. Haha This got a “we bolieve” chant. Michael Cole blames Kofi’s tweets from earlier today about how Steph was dealing with this Bryan situation for this beat down.

Winner: no match


RVD vs. Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett

-this match actually got dueling chants for RVD and Barrett. Good back and forth match but I was a bit out of it when I found out Alice from the Brady Bunch dies. RIP. Getting old is the pits. Anyhow, Barrett got the bull hammer for the pin.

Winner: Barrett


-Stephanie McMahon came out for Daniel Bryan’s decision… is he giving up the titles or is Brie getting fired. Daniel Bryan comes out with Brie to the biggest reaction of the night. Chicago chants for CM Punk which leads to Steph asking Bryan to quit just like CM Punk! Ouch… Bryan goes to hand over the titles when Brie stops him and gets in Steph’s face and quits. Steph then takes a HUGE slap in the face which the crowd loses their shit over! Haha! Steph then leaves with her tail tucked between her legs as this couple chants YES!


Last Man Standing match

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt w/Wyatt Family

-crazy visual as the Wyatt’s come out to the ring with everyone holding up their cell phone. The Wyatt’s looked to attack Cena when the Uso’s came out to even the odds. The early goings of this match saw Wyatt take the advantage which lead to a couple of counts by the ref and ended before they reached 10. A chair would get introduced for a couple of close 10 counts before Cena brought in a table… it would be Cena who would take a suplex threw the table for another close 10 count. Needless to say this was a stiff match even though it was an over booked match with the involvement of Harper, Rowan and the Uso’s. We did get some crazy spots where tables where used. Cena and Wyatt would end up in production where Wyatt would take an AA into a production box and Cena would cover that box with another for the 10 count. Good but overbooked match.

Winner: Cena


Diva’s Champion Paige vs. Alicia Fox

-crowd was dead for this. Match was ok, Paige made Fox tap out. Crowd chanted “you tapped out” to Fox who tried not to lose it.

Winner: Paige


No Holds Barred Elimination Match

The Shield vs. Evolution

-slow, methodical start to this match with every member of each team getting frequent tags. This one spilled out to ringside and into the arena. 20 minutes before the top of the hour and we still didn’t have any eliminations. Reigns took a triple power bomb onto the Spanish announce table… yet no one is trying to pin him for the elimination…!? Ambrose and Rollins would save the pin attempt that never came… Rollins and Ambrose would then get beat up on the ramp way leaving Reigns in the middle of the ring. Evolution would then surround him then beating on him. Reigns would get put on the steel steps in the ring and take kendo stick shots to the back from all three members of Evolution… The Shield is getting murdered here… Rollins out of nowhere dove from staging that was part of the titan tron! Batista speared Rollins and then went for the Batista bomb only a Reigns spear out of nowhere!! Ambrose gets the dirty deeds on Orton on a chain for a pin. Its 3 against 1! Ambrose almost took the pedigree but Reigns makes another save with the superman punch! Orton passed the sledgehammer to Hunter, he used it on Ambrose but that was it. Out of nowhere (again) Rollins who hit his flying knee which lead to a spear by Reigns for the pin and the win! The Shield would do the fist pose over Triple H!

Winner: The Shield


-overall I thought that was a good pay per view, not mind blowing but for a show that was booked with rematches it was good!


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