05-26-14 WWE RAW



Are they really trying to heat up this card for Sunday a week from the actual event?? Usually that’s a silly question but not with this card….

-nice Memorial Day tribute was shown before the show. The WWE is always good at paying tribute to our armed forces.


-Stephanie McMahon and Triple H then started the show by coming down to the ring. Steph goes over her mess with Daniel Bryan and that she wants Bryan to surrender the titles tonight. Hunter goes over his feud with The Shield before calling out RAW GM Brad Maddox to “call HIM out” on letting the Shield be at ringside last week. Kane came out to the ring and beat up Maddox. I thought I had the sound muted but I didn’t… no one in the crowd cared about this part of the segment. Steph called off Kane’s lighting and music to then fire Maddox. Well, its not like they really needed Maddox in this role.


Cesaro w/Paul Heyman vs. RVD

-Barrett came out before the match, he’s got some bad news about Summer. Don’t shit on my summer man. Barrett did commentary during the match as well, mostly just puns on “bad news”. This was a pretty good match. RVD super kicked Bad News at ringside which got a good reaction. That would lead to a distraction into the german suplex for the pin. After the match Sheamus came out to brogue kick Cesaro. I like that they are kind of keeping both these secondary titles equal to each other… for the moment.

Winner: Cesaro


Summer Rae vs. Eva Marie w/Nikki Bella

-Eva Marie is just the worst… Fandango came out mid match to make out with Lalya… believe it or not this would lead to a roll up victory for Eva Marie… yup.

Winner: Eva Marie…


-Orton and Batista have a heated discussion with Goldust and Cody Rhodes. Hunter would make it a tag match for tonight ala Teddy Long.


Drew McIntyre w/3MB vs. El Torito w/Los Matadores

-I liked this match… why am I admitting this. After the match Torito gets beat up and gets his tail ripped off… Torito would run off holding his ass… That part? Nice dice, hated it. This castration lead to a bad stage segment where the Matadores had the tail on ice and were trying to get the trainer to reattach it… sigh…

Winner: Torito


-Bray and the family come out to the ring singing this song that I am pretty over at this point… Wyatt would cut a promo about a feud that I am pretty over. Wyatt’s then fuck with Lawler but it leads to JBL getting beat up by Rowan and Harper. Lawler would then be lead into the ring where he’s asked to sit in a chair. Jerry is getting blamed for putting over Cena as a goodie-goodie. Just when Lawler look to take a sister Abigail, Cena came out to help Lawler… Cena got beat up and was made watch as Bray also give Lawler a sister Abigail but the Uso get a solid reaction when they made the save. Cena would call Bray “evil” and said he would be the last man standing at Payback….


Zack Ryder vs. Rusev w/Lana

-Ryder came out with the American flag and got 2 words in before Lana interrupted him. Squash. Big E would make the save for Ryder. Good reaction for Big E who would then wave the American flag… while wearing Jamaican colors…

Winner: Rusev


Randy Orton & Batista vs. Cody Rhodes & Goldust

-good match, both Rhodes got a good match with Evolution. After Cody takes 2 RKO’s for the pin, Justin Roberts informs the crowd that the match is now an elimination match…

Winner: Orton & Batista


Handicap / No Holds Barred Match

Randy Orton & Batista vs. Goldust

-Goldust then took an old fashion style beating before taking the Batista bomb for the pin.

Winner: Orton & Batista


Sin Cara vs. Bo Dallas

-match was “meh”. Dallas is doing the same bit he did at the end of his NXT stint. He cut a promo after the match about “Bolieving”.

Winner: Dallas  


-Steph is out again, this time she calls out World Champion Daniel Bryan to deal with the World title situation. Bryan loses his shit about giving back the titles and says its not going to happen with a resounding “no”. Steph proclaims that if Bryan doesn’t give up the titles by the ppv on Sunday, she’ll fire Brie Bella.


Alicia Fox vs. Emma

-Fox is playing up this “thing” she’s doing now. She gets rolled up and pinned… Fox then goes batty at ringside and beats on anyone she can get her hands on…



Davy Crockett (Damien Sandow) vs. Adam Rose

-I don’t understand Sandow doing “king of the wild frontier” here… no explanation what-so-ever on this odd gimmick Sandow was doing tonight. Swagger and Colter interrupt this bullshit but Rose still gets his finisher for the pin. Swagger attacks after the match which leads to a brawl. Rose wins this one and stage dives into his cast of characters to finish this odd segment…

Winner: Rose


United States Champion Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

-short but hard hitting. After a brogue kick for the pin, Heyman causes the distraction for Cesaro to attack and hit the neutralizer. Are they really trying to heat up this card for Sunday a week from the actual event?? Usually that’s a silly question but not with this card….

Winner: Sheamus


-The Shield and Evolution cone out for the contract signing. This obviously lead to a brawl, this time it was Evolution winning the battle….

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