05-19-14 WWE RAW



-The show started with the Wyatt family in a dark ring while Bray leads the crowd in his adopted song. They are singing along and got their lighters out tonight. He then cut a promo on payback and past teachers. Crowd is loving every second of this and in unison chant “Cena sucks”. This then cut to Cena’s music, Rowan and Harper head up the ramp only to get tricked as Cena would show up out of nowhere and AA Bray… oh right, I forgot they were in the UK tonight! This is going to be a good crowd!


-Recap of last week’s shenanigans with Steph, Kane, Brie and Bryan is show…  tonight we find out what the deal with the World Title…


-After the break Paul Heyman and Cesaro are in the ring. Paul says he and his client are the stars and that this crowd is just a bunch of wannabees but they are still staying in business for themselves. Heyman then shit on the Queen before bragging about Brock beating Taker…


United States Champion Sheamus vs. Cesaro w/Paul Heyman

-these two seemed a little off their chemistry in the ring. After the break this one did pick up which got the crowd back to paying attention. Cesaro got a STIFF uppercut when Sheamus was coming off the top rope, looked STIFF! Heyman would cause the distraction which lead to the German suplex for the pin out of nowhere. Good shit! After the match Sheamus offers his hand but Cesaro put his hand out only to walk away. You got served Sheamus.

Winner: Cesaro


-the match between the Shield and Evolution at Payback is an elimination/no DQ match. I’m going with Reigns being the only man standing…


-tonight, we have the GERMAN announce table!!! What are the chances this guys getting hazed tonight! Haha


Beat the Clock Challenge for an Intercontinental Championship match

Ryback vs. Big E

-slow paced muscle match. Big E finally hit the big ending at 5:02 for the win.

Winner: Big E


Truth w/Cameron & Naomi vs. Fandango w/Layla

-the UK is still crazy for fandango’ing… Fandango and Layla make out in the ring until Summer Rae shows up kisses Fandango… these leads to the CAT FIGHT! Fandango separated Layla which the crowd hated. I guess no match is going to happen! Phew.

Winner: no contest


-Daniel Bryan’s music hits and as the crowd breaks into YES chants, we get… Steph who looks like dork mimicking Bryan’s entrance. She comes into the ring to show photos of Bryan’s surgery. She declares that she’s got “some bad news” (while showing Wade Barrett videos of him saying it.) She teases stripping the title off of Bryan and giving it to Kane, Barrett, Batista or Hunter… She then demands Bryan to show up next week and surrender the World Title… well they haven’t taken the title off of him just yet…


Heath Slater w/The Union Jacks (aka 3MB) vs. Rusev w/Lana

-3MB got to put on their Union Jack tights once again. Lana comes out to cut a promo where the Bulgarian flag is shown flying over the White House as well as Parliament. Rusev breaks his racist streak by beating on 3MB before the match. Rusev then killed Slater for the tap out victory.

Winner: Rusev


-The Shield cut a promo in the back about Evolution. Good stuff.


Beat the Clock Challenge for an Intercontinental Championship match

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam

-this match moved fast. RVD rolled up ADR with seconds to spare to take the lead in the Beat the Clock Challenge.

Winner: RVD


-Renee Young has John Cena in the back who’s asked about taking on Harper tonight. He’s got the Uso’s on this side tonight. Cena and the Uso’ then do this weird chant while pumping their chests… I don’t get it. Maybe a UK thing?


-Evolution chit chat in the back about stuff and things…


Seth Rollins vs. Batista

-No Shield and no Evolution at ringside… that is until Hunter and Orton come out to play guest ring announcer and time keeper. Rollins then called out the rest of the Shield as guest commentators to even things out. As for the match, Batista and Rollins work well together. I’ll be bold enough to say this is Batista’s best match since coming back. This breaks down at ringside after Hunter launched Rollins off the top. This would lead to the DQ on Batista. Reigns got the spear on Batista before trying a triple power bomb on him that got broken up. Shield stand strong.

Winner: Rollins


Diva’s Champion Paige vs. Alicia Fox

-Fox whoops that ass an pins Paige in basically a squash…!? Fox then takes Lawler’s crown and pronounces herself as the queen… she then poured a “soda” on herself…

Winner: Fox


-another Wyatt promo, this one in the back. Its Uso centric.


Beat the Clock Challenge for an Intercontinental Championship match

Mark Henry vs. Dolph Ziggler

-massive reaction for Ziggler here. Match starts with Henry keeping Ziggler grounded while continuously looking at the lock on the titan tron. Ziggler would make a come back and hit the zig zag with seconds to spare but couldn’t make the pin on time…

Winner: no contest


-Beat the Clock Challenge for an Intercontinental Championship match – RVD… he comes out to the stage only to get jumped by Bad News Barrett who gets the reaction of the night! He cuts a promo over the beaten RVD. Great reaction!


-Renee Young in the ring, announces Adam Rose who comes out with his exotic express… crowd is doing the song! Rose does silly jokes before the crowd breaks out in his song again… crowd is saving Rose here. Swagger and Colter come out to interrupt. Crowd sang Swaggers song but Colter put a stop to that quick. Swagger then hits Rose grounding him, he then goes for one of Rose’s entourage before he makes a comeback to save the day. I think this segment might have helped Rose A LOT… as long as they keep up a momentum with him.


John Cena w/The Uso’s vs. Luke Harper w/Wyatt Family

-Wyatt’s come out to a sea of smart phone screens, great visual. I like this crew of the Uso’s and Cena. Harper started with the advantage before Cena would make a comeback, he has no fans in this town. Harper did a hurricaneranna into a drop kick into a suicide dive to the outside, he was ON tonight! This was a pretty good match. Rowan caused the DQ when Cena tried for the AA. Bray would go on to hit sister Abigail on each of Team Cena. Cena would then beaten all the way up the ramp where he took another sister Abigail to a monster reaction. Harper would count to 10 while Bray would sing along with the crowd. DOPE!

Winner: Cena by DQ


-solid ass show that felt like it when right by. Why can they do shows in London all the time! 😉


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