05-12-14 WWE RAW



-RAW started with a recap of Shield vs. Evolution shenanigans from last week. The show would then start with the Shield in the ring who called out Evolution. A limo then pulled up in the back with Evolution in it… Shield would then run to the back to intercept these dudes. The brawl then breaks out before officials peel the Shield off Batista, Hunter and Orton who were laid out.


RVD vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter

-before the match Colter tried to heel on the crowd with his deportation list and how he added Adam Rose. Before the match Rose’s crew came out to the stage to dance around… this crew seemed bigger than last week which was smart to do. Swagger took a swing at Rose only to have Rose “stage dive” onto his “Rose buds”. RVD then got one kick in, the 5 star frog splash and won…. GQ Money from XPW who’s working for developmental now was part of this crew.

Winner: RVD


Diva’s Champion Paige vs. Alicia Fox

-before the match Fox heels on Paige saying she’s speaking for the Diva’s locker room. A cheap shot then started the match… Fox would then dominate Paige while the crowd finally chanted for the champion. Fox actually looked the best she had, probably ever. Paige would finally get the page turner for the win. After the match Fox would lose her shit at ringside throwing stuff around. JBL got hat-jacked…

Winner: Paige


-WWE World Champion Daniel Bryan came out next to address this silly bullshit with Kane from last week. He got a mixed reaction here which was odd…?! He acknowledges this saying he knows how it feels to be Cena… Bryan then announces that he has to get neck surgery on Thursday… wait what?!… He then says he doesn’t know when he’s going to be back but he will come back… well shit… that sure leads to A LOT of questions….


John Cena & WWE Tag Team Champions Uso’s vs. The Wyatt Family

-before Cena came out they panned to the crowd where a fan was holding up his tablet with the WWE Network on it. Haha! The Wyatt’s entrance would not include the name of the town tonight… this was a fast paced rematch (from Friday night.) Crowd was into this match and the hot tag to Cena. Nice exchanges in this one before Cena got the AA on Rowan. Good shit for the Uso’s getting the Cena rub here. Solid stuff.

Winner: Cena & the Uso’s


-Evolution then came out… apparently Orton and Batista had the wherewithal to change into their gear before coming out. Hunter then announces they will take on the Shield at Payback… before they get jumped AGAIN by the Shield! Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose cleared the ring of Evolution before Batista challenges Reigns for a match tonight.


Nikki Bella vs. Natalya

-the rest of the “total diva’s” are all at ringside… ok most of them. This match is happening because Natalya painted a (bad) photo of Nikki and John Cena… what the flying fuck, really??…  Nikki got the roll up pin… sigh. I’m 41 years old watching this bullshit…

Winner: Nikki


United States Champion Sheamus vs. Curtis Axel

-Axelback is now wearing matching red beanies… quick victory for Sheamus with the cloverleaf. This lead to another match…

Winner: Sheamus


United States Champion Sheamus vs. Ryback

-this one was a more competitive match than the previous one. Ryback would end up taking a brogue kick for the pin.

Winner: Sheamus


-a proper commercial for the programming on the WWE Network is FINALLY shown!


-Stephanie came out to talk about Daniel Bryan and how he’s been claiming he’s “overcome” things since SummerSlam of last year. She then shits on him not being an A+ player. She then asks Bryan to come out to the ring… instead she gets Kane who’s dragging Bryan out… Kane walks off leaving Bryan laying there… trainers and refs then come out to cart Bryan off… Brie as well as Steph come over to watch Bryan gets stretched off… after the break, Bryan gets put in an ambulance as Brie pushes Steph aside. Steph give us a pissed looked…


Fandango w/Layla vs. Dolph Ziggler

-back and forth match that saw Fandango kick out of the Fameasser but took the zig zag for the pin. Layla played concerned after the match since it was her distraction that cost Fandango the match. He’s smitten with her so it doesn’t matter… Fandango then professes his love for Layla… they make out… oh boy…

Winner: Ziggler


-Hacksaw Jim Duggan came out to a decent reaction… he got interrupted by Lana… that bitch is tight where it counts… she shits on stuff and things which gets USA chants lead by Duggan. Rusev then broke the 2×4 (like he was doing on NXT anyhow) then was about to beat on Duggan before Big B came out for the save… well, it wasn’t a save because Big E got beat up like a bitch.


Damien Sandow vs. Cody Rhodes w/Goldust

-back and forth match and Cody FINALLY gets a win with a rake in the eyes and the disaster kick. #heelish

Winner: Coody


-BOlieve commercial 3 for the night…


Roman Reigns w/The Shield vs. Batista w/Evolution

-back and forth power match from the get go lead by “boo-tista” chants. The rest of the teams got involved causing the ref to throw the match out. As the Shield took the advantage the locker room cleared out to help Evolution… Shield would make a comeback and take out the roster. Evolution would watch on, they weren’t happy. Shield would stand strong to end the show.

Winner: no contest.




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