05-05-14 WWE RAW



20 Man Battle Royal for the United States Championship

-This match was made during the day and the deck was stacked against Ambrose heavily. Its felt like there was been way too many battle royals lately between the Rumble and the Andre the Giant battle royal… we did get a cool visual when Mark Henry and Big Show leveled everyone in the ring leaving them to change punches… this then lead to both Henry and Show getting ganged up on for their eliminations. The last three were Ambrose, Swagger and Sheamus. Ambrose got rid of Swagger but then took a brogue kick… Sheamus would then throw Ambrose over the top for the win and the title to an ovation of boo’s…

Winner: Sheamus


-After the match Triple H came out to the stage to call the Shield lucky last night. He then made the main event, the Shield vs. the Wyatt’s…


-Renee had Sheamus in the back to talk about his title victory. He gloated.


-Bryan and Brie in their locker room when Steph shows up to warn them about Kane…


RVD vs. Cesaro w/Paul Heyman

-slower placed match with Cesaro keeping RVD grounded for the most part. Cesaro adding the rolling gut wrench suplex to his move set is dope. The ref would call this match when RVD would get stuck in the tree of woe and Cesaro wouldn’t listen to the refs count. RVD took a beating on his already injured eye which he sold after the match.

Winner: RVD by DQ


-after the break the Wyatt’s are in a darkly lit ring where Bray cuts a promo about becoming “somebody” last night. He would go on to say he does what he does for the children and how Cena now stands alone.


Ryback w/Curtis Axel vs. Cody Rhodes w/Goldust

-these guys are pulling double duty tonight as they were in the battle royal earlier. Ryback kept Cody grounded for most of the match. He would make a comeback until Goldust would be thrown into the turn buckle by Axel, that sent Cody into the Shell Shock for the pin.

Winner: Ryback


-Bryan and Brie get Halloween spookies pulled on them in their locker room. Steph shows up and wants to help…


-Los Matadores and El Torito get a Cinco De Mayo celebration in the ring… Torito is throwing candy out to the crowd like it was Halloween… 3½MB show up to call a truce. Torito offers candy, Hornswoggle spits it out and a brawl breaks out… Christ this was a goofy segment…


Kofi Kingston vs. Alexander Rusev w/Lana

-Putin gets another shout out by Lana, this got a lot of heat. She brings up Edward Snowden… odd. Rusev looks to have lost his first name like Big E lost Langston… Kofi gets squash although he did get SOME offense… what’s the deal with Rusev beating up only on African Americans??

Winner: Rusev


-More spooky crap for Bryan and Brie as they go to leave the arena but the Steph stops them telling him he has to wrestle tonight… waste of a segment…?


WWE World Champion Daniel Bryan w/Brie Bella vs. Alberto Del Rio

-even with the crappy backstage shenanigans, Bryan was by far the most cheered person on this show. This was a pretty good match, its too bad Del Rio has no steam behind him right now. The end sequence saw Del Rio go for the arm breaker only to have Bryan tilt a whirl into the YES lock for the tap out. After the match Kane’s pyro and music went off sending Bryan and Brie running to the back and into their car… This lead to Kane being in the back of the car who brawled with Bryan on the car. Bryan floored the car which left Kane laying in the road. He did the spooky sit up before the Danielson’s got the fuck out of there… sigh…

Winner: Bryan


Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett vs. Big E

-this was a stiff hard hitting match. Barrett would rake the eye of Big E before hitting the bull hammer for the pin. Decent match.


-The WWE then clowns Mr. T’s mother speech at the Hall of Fame by doing a remix of it… odd.


Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter vs. Adam Rose

-before the match Colter shits on Cinco De Mayo and people using it as an excuse to get drunk. He also has a deportation list that consists of Cesaro, Emma, Sheamus, Heyman, Santino & Paige… Colter then got interrupted by Adam Rose’s party crew. His entrance doesn’t have the same magic it had the first time in NXT but the crowd did catch onto his song. Swagger goes to attack which gets him thrown over the top rope which brought the Rose buds into the ring to celebrate… COLD debut… this was an EASY sell and they fucked it up…

Winner: no match…


The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family

-match started off with a lot of tags by both teams. The stand outs were Seth Rollins and Luke Harper. Reigns would get the hot tag before Rollins and Ambrose did the double dive to the outside. Bray would then take the superman punch and set up for the triple power bomb only to have Evolution come out. This lead to another dive to the outside by Ambrose and Rollins. Hunter took a superman punch before Bray would come back in to his sister Abigail for the win. After the match Orton, Batista and Hunter would beat on the Shield. Reigns would then take an RKO, the pedigree and a triple power bomb…

Winner: Wyatt’s


-and that would end the show… overall, this night was all about the Shield even if they got beat down at the end.



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