05-04-14 WWE Extreme Rules




El Torito /Los Matadores vs. Hornswoggle w/3MB

-This match was actually more entertaining that I was giving it credit. Although the match started with mini chairs and ladder this match escalated quickly with 3MB and Los Matadors getting involved.

Winner: Torito


Elimination Triple Threat Match

RVD vs. Cesaro w/Paul Heyman vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter

-this was a really solid match, these three worke better than I thoughted they would have. Swagger was the first to get eliminated by taking a 5 star frog splash. Match really picked up steam after that. Cesaro and RVD worked really well together, he ended up getting the pin with the neutralizer on the trash can for the win.

Winner: Cesaro


-Daniel Bryan was getting his arm checked out when Stephanie comes in playing concerned about what Kane has done to him and suggests he surrenders the WWE Title tonight. He ain’t having it.


Handicap match

Alexander Rusev w/Lana vs. R-Truth & Xavier Woods

-Alexander looked the most impressive he’s looked in his non-NXT WWE career, he completely was booked to dismantle these two and he did a good job getting that over. Good showing for him.

Winner: Rusev


-Renee Young was in the back with Evolution. They did a decent job.


Intercontinental Championship match

Big E vs. Bad News Barrett

-Crowd was heavily behind Barrett but Big E definitely was coming into this match trying to get people to remember him. Barrett got the Tito Santano style elbow for the victory. Good match.

Winner: Barrett


Evolution vs. The Shield

-Evolution had the advantage early  but once Reigns got the hot tag thing heated and evened out. This one spilled out into the arena leading to a dive from Rollins from the stands onto the concord! This left Reigns and Batista in the ring which lead to the superman punch into the spear for the pin! Great match!

Winner: Shield


Steel Cage Match

Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena

-Early on Wyatt kept Cena grounded which got “lets go Wyatt” chants. Wyatt kept most of the advantage although Cenaq did make come backs. Cena tried to leave the cage only to get spotted by Rowan and Harper. They also kept Cena from climbing the cage to escape. Things got over booked when Harper got brought into the cage by Cena and he would go on to save Bray from near falls. At the end Cena would go to leave the cage only to have a creepy dubbed little boy standing on the steps which creeped out Cena… he took the sister Abigail for the pin. The Wyatt family would then walk of this little boy leaving Cena in the ring dumbfounded. Match was a little too over booked but good nonetheless.

Winner: Bray


Diva’s Champion Paige vs. Tamina

-Tamina whooped that ass for the entire match until Paige got the submission for the win. Decent match.

Winner: Paige


-Wyatt family cut a promo in the back with creepy kid…


WWE World Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

-Crowd was awesome for Bryan. Kane started the match keeping Bryan grounded. Bryan would make a comeback at ringside using the steel steps and the announce tables to his advantage. This would head to the back which killed the crowd who I’m assuming would have to watch this on the titan tron. Bryan would use a forklift to bring Kane back to ringside. Bryan would then use the forklift to do the flying headbutt for a close 2 count. Bryan would go to do the dive on the outside only to get caught and put through a table with a choke slam. Kane then set up a table at ringside and lit on fire but it would be Kane who would take the flaming table shot before taking the flying knee for the pin and the win! Good match but not match of the night.

Winner: Bryan


-overall, Extreme Rules has been a solid complimentary pay per view to WrestleMania in the last several years and this show was no different. Good shit!




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