04-21-14 WWE RAW



-WWE World Champion Daniel Bryan came out to start the show, Brie Bella was in the ring waiting for him. They leads a massive “YES” chant. Bryan is obviously emotional because of the passing his father. Before anything was said Stephanie McMahon would come out to sarcastically congratulate the newlyweds. She lets Bryan know he’s got a match against Kane at Extreme Rules. She then cues to Kane music even though she asks that Kane not come out right now. Bryan and Brie would get out of the ring only to have a masked Kane show up out of nowhere. He beat on Bryan at ringside while Steph in the most insincere way ask him to stop. Kane would then tombstone Bryan on the outside and then on the steel steps! That one looked convincing. This would continue as Kane tried to act as bat-shit-crazy as humanly possible to get the point across that we was “back in the mask” again… Bryan would then take ANOTHER tombstone on the announce table (which didn’t break)… I guess these are the things you have to go to when most of your heels are either cold or in matches against Cena and the Shield. Bryan would still be at ringside when we came back from the break. Brie was here playing concerned.


-Steph would stand with the title belts in the ring trying to have the crowd give Bryan an ovation. Steph’s sarcastic bit in this segment was good.


Semi-final Tournament Match

Bad News Barrett vs. Sheamus

-Cole and JBL would sell this match as a hard hitting “European” match. This match started slow but definitely built solid match that Barrett won with a bull hammer from the outside to Sheamus who was hanging off the ropes. Good opener!

Winner: Barrett


-Bo Dallas got another “BOlieve” promo video. I have a feeling we’re going to see this one a lot…


-Hugh Jackman is back next week on RAW. We got footage from his last visit in 2011 when he accompanied Zack Ryder.


-the WWE app poll tonight was set up to fuck John Cena… the choices are 1, 2 or 3 members of the Wyatt’s for a match tonight. That would lead to a promo by Wyatt on the stage. Harper and Rowan would stand over lights from the crowd to make them look spoooooky. Bray would proclaim “standing against” John Cena and he wants everyone to join him by leading them to sing.


Los Matadors & El Torito vs. 3MB & Hornswoggle

-shouldn’t they have built El Torito vs. Hornswoggle up until next WrestleMania? I’m kidding. Slater was back in the band after missing last Friday’s Smackdown with another tour. These two little guys starting it all and with a series of slaps to each other. I have to say they were definitely out to put on a real match and not just a comedic one. This match was basically put over the little bull. He even got the pin on McIntyre after a triple team…

Winner: El Torito (and Los Matadors)


-Evolution showed up in the back in a limo. Aren’t we fancy again? All three would come out to the ring with the same old entrance video… you know the one with Ric Flair would hasn’t been mentioned one bit since these guys got back together. Someone must still be in trouble! Hunter sounds sick or has a sore throat. All three put themselves over and what they had done in a the group. An Evolution promo video is then shown. Flair is in the footage but they don’t mention him by name… so odd. The Shield’s music would then interrupt these three which got a lot of girls screaming or so it sounded… Evolution would back off and leave the ring to the Shield where all three would cut their own promos. The Shield would walk up the ramp until the heels came out to the stage to back up Evolution. This leads to a stand off that leads right into the next video with no altercations.


-Adam Rose got another promo video, this one is trying to condition us to his chant… he say’s “its party time” and everyone else goes “all the time”…


-We are going to be getting a top 10 list of shows on the WWE Network to show you what was the most watched. This week we’re getting the best of the Hall of Fame ceremonies. That’s cool. Cole would proclaim “its like Netflix, but better”… do you really want to piss Netflix off??


WWE Tag Team Champions The Uso’s vs. Goldust & Cody Rhodes

-Axelback would be on commentary for this match. Cody is the only one in this match with no face paint, just thought I’d point that shit out. the Rhodes boys would play heelish in this one. This was a good match but a short match AND the Uso’s would get a CLEAN victory on the Rhode’s boys… after the match Cody and Goldust would tease dissention. Uso’s would take an Axelback ass whooping.

Winners: Uso’s


Layla w/Fangano vs. Emma w/Santino

-Yet another variation of this match. this match was made to unveil Emma’s “pink cobra”… Christ… after the match Santino and Emma couldn’t keep their cobra’s off each other. What the fuck.

Winner: Emma


-Renee Young had John Cena in the back to chat about this match tonight between 1, 2 or 3 members of the Wyatt’s. He could continue to pander while the dueling chants occurred.


Semi-final Tournament Match

Cesaro w/Paul Heyman vs. RVD   

-Cesaro finally gets music and its generic as fuck with a siren sound over it, fuck. Heyman’s promo would not only get cut off by a commercial but he was STILL bragging about Brock Lesnar after the break and his client beating the Undertaker at WrestleMania. RVD’s music would finally interrupt this gloating. This match was stiff, even for an RVD match. RVD was going to take the swing when fucking Swagger and Colter would cause a distraction and cost Cesaro the match with a count out… really?? There would have been no better push for Cesaro then a tournament into the IC Title… Swagger and Cesaro would brawl before Zeb Colter almost took the big swing… instead it was Swagger who took it.

Winner: RVD via countout.


-Renee had Rob Van Dam backstage to talk about him moving on in the tournament. Heyman and Cesaro interrupted to contest this tainted victory. RVD warns Cesaro to beware of Paul Heyman and his business practices.


WWE Diva’s Champion Paige vs. Aksana

-Paige tried her hardest to get a match out of Aksana. Paige would tap her out.

Winner: Paige


Alexander Rusev w/Lana vs. Sin Cara

-second week in a row where Lana has her own theme music. She played up more her heel persona. Long drawn out squash.

Winner:  Rusev


WWE App poll match

Cena vs… Luke Harper, Erik Rowan AND Bray Wyatt

-53% voted for all three. For the first time in a long time Cena plays up looking annoyed with the crowd. Before the match Cena would take a beating from the Wyatt’s. This would continue during the match to the point where Bray would lead Cena around the ring like he was dancing with him. this beating would be a long drawn out one. Cena would make a come back and hit the AA on Bray for a close pin fall that would broken up by Rowan and Harper. This for some reason caused a DQ…  Cena would continue to take a beating before taking the sister Abigail. Bray began singing while holding Cena’s head, good visual.

Winner: Cena by DQ


-this show dragged a lot in parts for me but seemed like an overall good night. odd choice not sending Cesaro on in the IC Title tournament… that title has been a bad omen for people who hold it lately though.







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