-The show started with the entire roster on the stage wearing Ultimate Warrior shirts. A video retrospective is then shown with clips of his career and videos from Hogan and Hunter on what he meant to the business. During the video part of Warriors last promo is played over the footage of his hall of fame induction. Lawler then asks for silence so the ring bell could be rung 10 times in Warriors honor. The crowd is full of Warrior signs and people wearing the mask he wore last week. Hunter then started a Warrior chant.


-Tonight starts a tournament to name the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Title. I fucking love tournaments and can’t get enough of them.


Tournament Match

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam

-Decent match between these two although RVD did botch a move in the corner which did take the crowd out off the match for a moment. RVD would make up for this with a STIFF kick to the face of Del Rio later on in the match. Although the match did go back and forth, RVD hit the 5 star for the pin.

Winner:  RVD


-Daniel Bryan isn’t in attendance and is on his honeymoon.


-Hunter and Stephanie in the back when Batista and Randy Orton, they are playing nice.


-the first of many Warrior tribute videos is shown, when he beat the Honkey Tonk Man for the IC Title in seconds. Funny thing is, the reason for the short match was that Honkey didn’t want to get injured by Warrior since he wasn’t good in the ring.


-there was a looooooong Toys R Us commercial where you can win $1,000 there… wait, that sounds good! haha


-after the break we get Hunter, Steph, Batista & Orton in the back. Hunter is talking about the Shield and how them working together against them is a good idea. Orton & Batista aren’t having it and hit the bricks.


Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. AxelBack

-Match was fine I was just out of it for a sec, eating dinner match… Ryback gets the win for this team. I guess they are finally pushing these guys.

Winner: AxelBack


-BOlieve promo gets airtime after the break.


Diva’s Champion Paige vs. Alicia Fox

-fox grounded Paige shortly after the match started with a series of back breakers. Paige would make a come back and make Fox tape out. good showing for Paige and it seemed like the crowd was getting into her.

Winner: Paige


WWE Tag Team Champions The Uso’s vs. Batista & Randy Orton

-The Uso’s would do their face paint tonight in tribute to the Warrior. This was more of a match than last week, not a bad one. It wasn’t long before the Shield show up and take out Orton leaving Batista in the ring on his own with the Shield. This lead to Batista taking a superman punch from Reigns. Orton and Batista would retreat after that.

Winner: no contest?


-another Warrior moment is shown, this time it was WrestleMania 6 when he beat Hulk Hogan for the WWF Title while he was the Intercontinental Champion. I still have the Pro Wrestling Illustrated with him on the cover with both belts.


-Orton and Batista are walking around the back when Hunter shows up with Steph… he just says “told you” and walked off.


Tournament match

Cesaro w/Paul Heyman vs. Mark Henry

-Heyman come out before the match to brag about Brock beating Taker’s streak. He repeats this over and over. He then cut to photos of Taker at Mania losing to Brock. Paul then intro’d Cesaro… still no music… Although Heyman cut a heel promo Cesaro would still get chants here. The was a battle of the strong men type of match. Henry would take the neutralizer for the pin although you could tell the crowd wants to see the swing.

Winner: Cesaro


-I love this fan appreciation “thank you” video, it’s the shit.


-Hunter and Steph send Brad Maddox off to tell the Shield they have a main event match tonight but Brad isn’t told who these opponents would be.


Alexander Rusev w/Lana vs. Xavier Woods

-Lana gets loud “what” chants during her introduction of Rusev. I saw this match at SummerSlam Axxess last year. That’s when Rusev was still breaking boards over his knee with peoples names on it. Woods would tap out to the accolade. Truth would come in after the match to stop the move, this cost Truth a beat down.

Winner: Rusev.


-The next Warrior moment was the steel cage match between WWF Champion Ultimate Warrior defending against Ravishing Rick Rude at SummerSlam.


Tournament Match

Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter vs. Sheamus

-slow paced match the built into Swagger working over the leg of Sheamus… before he walked into a brogue kick…

Winner: Swagger


-Adam Rose promo video got air time next. It’s the same one as last week.


Damien Sandow vs. The Big Show

-Sandow was cut off mid promo about how he deserves more than anyone in the WWE… the Big Show came out to listen to his promo by Sandow that is just pandering. He did get a light “you deserve it” chant. Big Show would finally knockout Sandow to shut him up.

Winner: no match…


-We cut to the Wyatt’s who say “we’re next” instead of “we’re here”.


-Bray cut a promo in the ring which had the same lighting they get in the back. He rants about how Cena is a liar and how he’s never lied to us. Good shit. This brings out John Cena who says “the last thing anyone wants to see is another push on him”… haha! Cena’s got more jokes on the Wyatt’s… oh boy, this got bad. He then showed photos of sister Abigail Wyatt… its Bray’s face photoshopped with women’s clothes… followed by his mother which was a photo shopped with Harpers photo. Yeah, there was one for Rowan on a baby’s body… Cena then gets serious and says the last time he got serious Bray got beat… Cena then challenges Bray inside a steel cage at Extreme Rules. Bray then leads the crowd in singing “he’s got the whole world”… good stuff Bray, meh from Cena.


Fandango & Layla vs. Santino & Emma

-Fandango broke up with Summer Rae over Twitter… this was a short match to put over this new relationship. Layla got the win.

Winner: Layla & Fandango


-Stephanie was giving Kane a brow beating in the back… she called him a shell of what he use to be. Kane gets all huffy as he stands up… he would then look down at his mask that was behind glass. The crowd cheered as the mask came out of the case. He then says he’s going to send Daniel Bryan to the depths of hell… please, please, please show me Kane WITH the mask on in a suit… haha!


-A recap of Warriors last promo was shown. Seeing it again, it reads like if he was doing his own eulogy. Crazy.


Tournament Match

Dolph Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett

-this would be the first match tonight which the crowd broke into CM Punk chants but it wouldn’t last for long as a couple of CLOSE pin falls woke them up. Barrett would get the bull hammer for the win. After the match Barrett cuts a promo on being the next IC Champion.

Winner: Barrett


-A video package for “masked” Kane gets shown, hyping up him coming back next week…


The Shield vs… Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger & Fandango, 3MB, Titus O’Neil, Axelback, Alexander Rusev & Wade Barrett

-this looked nuts with this many guys on one side of the ring against the Shield. Its not long before this 11 man team takes the advantage in the match away from the Shield. Its not long before this breaks into a brawl that leads to the Shield holding the ring before this team attacked again. This was another beat down of the Shield… all of a sudden the Evolution music plays and Hunter, Batista and Orton come out and head to the ring to finish off what these other guys just did. Everyone backed off and let Evolution take over on this beating. Reigns would fight back before he took an RKO and a Batista bomb. The same would happen to Rollins and Ambrose would take a combo Batista bomb into the RKO. Reigns would crawl to Hunter before he would take a pedigree… Hunter would yell to “believe in evolution”…

Winners: no contest.


-I have to say this night moved FAST! I thought they did a good job of honoring the Warrior without taking too much away from the product. 2-0 RAW since WrestleMania.









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