04-07-14 WWE RAW



Heyman has a NEW guy, there’s a new Diva’s champion, RVD is back and the Shield take a stand! 

-Show started with the Daniel Bryan “monster” montage video. At the end of the video they show stills of Daniel Bryan winning the championship.


-WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan came out to a MASSIVE ovation while carrying both titles. He lets the crowd go as they keep chanting his name. This crowd was nuts and not stop the entire time, it was amazing! He even got a “you deserve it!” chant. He says the crowd deserves it after what they’ve done for him. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out to interrupt this celebration. The crowd chanted “asshole” at them, oh smack. Hunter is making Bryan defend the titles tonight against him, he screamed a lot… oh no, this could go really bad… OR really good… crossing my fingers.


-after the break Hunter and Steph get interrupted by Batista whose mad about all this mess since last night. Orton comes in and wants the same shit. Steph puts Orton and Batista in a tag title match with the Uso’s… ah crap. Hunter sounds like he’s trying to put the band back together.



The Wyatt family vs. John Cena, Big E & Sheamus

-The Wyatt family came out to the ring and as predicted this crowd is clapping alone with their theme song. This crowd was all about the Wyatts tonight. Big E got 3 knee drops to Rowan who he picked up for each of them which got a reaction. They start singing “they got the whole world in his hands”… awesome! Bray did the creepy crawl which got a “Bray’s gonna kill you”, oh shit! He gave Big E the sister Abigail for the pin. This was a good match but holy shit was this crowd super behind the family

Winners: Wyatt Family.


-Bo Dallas got a video promo, he was playing up the “Bo lieve”.


Fandango & Summer Rae vs. Santino & Emma

-Fandango’ing was back tonight. Short match where the Diva’s actually put on the match as the guys did the silly shit. Emma got the tap out on Summer.

Winner: Emma & Santino


-B rock Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out after a recap video for WrestleMania. Cole and JBL would recap what happened last night when Brock ended the streak. Brock would hold out his shirt that read “eat sleep break the streak” to the crowd. This crowd just booed and sounded sad. Paul would play up Brock’s feat from last night. This got a “bullshit” chant. Heyman was stellar in his promo. Heyman talk about how McMahon left WrestleMania with Taker in an ambulance. He would talk about the standing ovation Taker got after he lost because he was the loser. Paul would call the WWE locker room and the crowd “wannabees”. He would then name off a who’s who in the WWE and called them all wannabees including Hunter, Hogan Rock and the list went on. They got a lot of time to gloat about being Taker last night before walking out and that was it.


-Adam Rose video promo… looks like this dude and his new character are headed to the main roster already.


WWE Tag Team Championship

The Uso’s vs. Randy Orton & Batista

-Batista and Orton kept one of the Uso’s cornered and would make multiple tags until this spilled to the outside. Crowd didn’t care for this beat down of the tag champions and would chant for anybody else. This would lead to a count out. It didn’t stop Batista from hitting the Batista bomb on one of the Uso’s onto the steel stops. Batista and Orton would then gloat in the ring before this segment ended.

Winner: double count out.


the returning… RVD vs. Damien Sandow

-RVD would make his return next which the crowd in New Orleans loved. This was a squash showcase for RVD. He got the 5 star frog splash for the pin

Winner: RVD


Rey Mysterio vs. Wade Barrett

-This crowd was nuts for Barrett who gets jumped by Rey to start the match. This was yet another squash match for the crowd to cheer for their favorite which was NOT Rey…

Winner: Barrett


Alexander Rusev vs. Zack Ryder

-squash. Crowd wasn’t into this. Rusev wont with the camel clutch.

Winner: Rusev


-The Ultimate Warrior would come out… on live broadcast TV… he would not come out in usual fashion and walked out. He would pull a Warrior ring robe and put it on before shaking the ropes. Warrior would then pull out a mask of his face paint, puts it on and turns into the Ultimate Warrior! He rambles on like old school for a bit… made no sense.


-next we get a video package for…. US… the fans! J


-Diva’s Champion AJ came out with Tamina. AJ’s wearing her engagement ring… she called herself the best Diva in the world which got a CM Punk chant… OH SHIT! NXT Woman’s Champion Paige then came out to the ring! AJ then challenges Paige and slaps her. AJ is putting the title on the line… right now!


Diva’s Champion AJ w/Tamina vs. Paige

-AJ started the match beating down Paige while the crowd chanted for the newbie from NXT. Paige would fight out of the black widow and hit the page turner for the pin and the win!!!!!!

Winner: Paige is the new Diva’s champion!!!!!


-After the break Hulk Hogan would come out for the presentation of the Andre the Giant Trophy to Cesaro. Cesaro would get a chant before he was brought out… he came out with Colter…!? Colter takes the mic away from Cesaro to say he made Cesaro a real American and a Zeb Colter guy… Cesaro gets on the mic and says he’s not a Zeb Colter guy… he’s a PAUL HEYMAN GUY!!!!! Paul calls Cesaro the “king of swing”! Swagger would then jump Cesaro from behind and Swagger would destroy the trophy!!! Swagger got taken out but the message was sent.


Cesaro w/Paul Heyman vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter

-after the break we would get a match between these two while Heyman would hold onto the gold statue of Andre the Giant, the only piece left of the trophy. This match got a little time before Cesaro would attempt the big swing and Swagger would bounce for the bullshit countout.

Winner: Cesaro by countout.


-Michael Cole would cover the big media outlets that covered the loss by the Undertaker.


-in the back Steph is with Kane and the Shield, she don’t give a shit about their beef or Taker’s loss and want them to handle business tonight. Kane shit talks the Shield in front of Steph who loses her shit on him to relax and how Hunter gets what he wants all the time.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship  

Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H

-Before the match Randy Orton and Batista would come down the ring and surround Bryan before jumping him and taking him out with an RKO and Batista bomb… Kane would then come out and choke slam Bryan… 3MB would get a chant before Hunter made his entrance with Steph. Hunter would walk into the ring with a smirk on his face and would tell the ref to ring the bell… although reluctant he rang it. Before Hunter could pick up Bryan the Shield’s music hit and they came to the ring wearing the same masks as last night. Kane, Orton and Batista would stand on one side of the ring while the Shield looked on to “hounds of justice” chants. The Shield would then get on the apron while Hunter tried to tell all 6 of them this wasn’t going to happen. He tried to keep both teams from going out it before Reigns speared Hunter and the brawl was ON!!! Kane would take the superman punch before Hunter got surrounded by the Shield to MASSIVE YES chants! Bryan would then hit the flying knee on Hunter! Hunter would get dragged out while Bryan lead a YES chant and the Shield put their fists out, DOPE!

Winner: no match


-this was an awesome night with A LOT of cool shit! Must watch this once again!!!



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