WrestleMania 30


A very emotional 30th anniversary show! 



Network Notes: I have to say that I’ve watched a lot of the WWE Network lately and the stream has been stellar. I do notice the connection being a lot better on the Apple TV than on the XBOX 360. It’s 3PM Pacific Time and so far the stream is still solid. I like the exclusive segments the Network has shown so far like WrestleMania Today, Legends or WrestleMania and the sit down interviews with Randy Orton and Batista. Josh Mathews has been a great host the entire weekend with all the panels he’s hosted with several superstars and Hall of Famers. He’s my Network MVP thus far. UPDATE: At 3:15PM Pacific Time the sound quality got a bit warped. I did restart the feed but it didn’t change. I also tested it on my laptop and experienced the same thing. At this point the issue is on their end. The sound would end up getting better before the tag team match.


Four Way Elimination Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles

The Uso’s vs. The Real American’s w/Zeb Colter vs. AxelBack vs. Los Matadores w/El Torito

-Axelback’s music is mashed up together with Axel’s music coming up in the background of Ryback’s. Everyone come out with their new “WrestleMania gear”. High paced match off the bat. The Matardores and Torito would send Axel to the outside onto everyone else with a version of the electric chair. Swagger would tap out one of the Matadores for the elimination. Cesaro would get a great reaction when he eliminated AxelBack by giving Cesaro the upper cut and the neutralizer. The Uso’s and the RA’s would exchange chants in the middle of the ring before the Uso’s would set up the double dives to the outside. This match REALLY picked up when it was just these two teams. It would get several “this is awesome chants”. Cesaro would take a DOUBLE splash from the top for the pin and the win! Uso’s retain! Really good opener! After the match Swagger yells at Cesaro which got a huge “Cesaro” chant. Swagger would then try to put the ankle lock on Cesaro before Colter stopped him. Swagger would then offer his hand in peace, the crowd chanted no before Cesaro would do a big swing to Swagger with a massive crowd reaction! Awesome!

Winners: Uso’s


-The show opened with a mardi gras style band before recalling the history of WrestleMania and the previous 29incarnations.


-I’ll be glad when I don’t have to listen to this Kid Rock song anymore.


-Hulk Hogan then comes out to a solid reaction to start off WrestleMania. He almost says “WWF”. That should have been part of a drinking game tonight. Hogan is botchy tonight with his promo and calls this the “Silver” dome not the SUPER dome. He did correct himself… Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music then erupts before he heads to the ring. Austin comes out and said its “good to be back at the Silver dome”, poking fun at Hogan. He then asks if he should open a can of whoop ass on Hogan before leading the crowd in a MASSIVE “what” chant naming off all the Mania’s Hogan has been in. He said he respects Hogan and what he’s done in the business. Hogan leads a “hell yeah”. All of a sudden we get The Rock!!!! He come out to the ring and before he can say anything we get a “this is awesome” chant. He does a “finally” for New Orleans and before at WrestleMania…. And the SUPER dome. This got a “super dome” chant. Rock then sings the accolades of Hogan and Austin before saying people are going to make Rock babies tonight! All three then share beers in the middle of the ring. Maybe I am super excited but this was fucking awesome!


-that ring is a mess! Haha!


-this video package for Daniel Bryan is great. It recounts his raise in the WWE even showing footage of him in the HBK wrestling school.


-Stephanie McMahon would be in the ring after the video to introduce Triple H.


Winner goes to the main event

Triple H w/Stephanie McMahon vs. Daniel Bryan

-Triple H got a very grandiose introduction with three blond virgins. Match started off slow paced after Bryan kicked Triple H’s hand when he was trying to offer it to him. Bryan would get a couple of highspots before Hunter would focus on his injured arm with a series of moves and holds. Hunter would keep most of the advantage even after Bryan would have short come back bursts. Bryan would even kick out of the pedigree. Bryan finally makes a comeback which leads into the flying knee for the PIN! Solid match! After the match Mr. & Mrs. Sore Loser would beat on Bryan and take a chair to his injured arm on the ring post.

Winner: Daniel Bryan


The Shield vs. The New Age Outlaws & Kane

-This was a little TOO fast paced… this was a SUPER squash! The Shield hit the super power bomb on BOTH Outlaws for the pin! This was show case for the Shield!

Winners: The Shield


-Danny Davis, Sgt. Slaugher, Hacksaw, Richie Steamboat and the Million Dollar Man do a bit in the back for Slam City. It ends with a Ron Simmons “damn”.


Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

-One only got entrances for Show and Sheamus as everyone else was already in the ring. Yoshi would be the first thrown out. No Rusev in the match…!? Fandango did get “fandanging” after he threw over Big E. Kofi would defy the odds in a battle royal again and not get eliminated… The then took the big swing from Cesaro. The final four were Big Show, Alberto Del Rio, Cesaro and Sheamus. The final two were Big Show and Cesaro. Cesaro would pick up Big Show and THROW him over the top rope!!!!! People got what they wanted!!! DOPE! Much better than I expected!

Winner: Cesaro


-apparently we now have FRENCH announcers at ringside… pay your dues Frenchmen!


John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt w/Wyatt Family

-Before the match we get the video package with the Eminem song and a voodoo lady dancing around before we cut to the band that does Bray’s music, dope! Methodical start to this match with Cena finally snapping on Bray. Cena then plays conflicted as Bray would yell “you’re a monster” at him. A slower paced match for the most part with Bray getting into Cena’s head. Bray would kick out of the AA and keep the advantage for the most part. Cena would get another AA to finish off Bray. Good match for the most part. Crowd was definitely behind Bray.

Winner: Cena


The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman

-There were caskets for every person who lost to the Undertaker… and one for Brock Lesnar… Taker then set Brock’s on fire… match would start off slower paced with Taker taking the advantage first. Brock would then take over grounding Taker before being on him on the outside. Brock would then fight out of two attempts of the Hells Gates by picking up Taker and slamming him down. Taker would go for old school only for Brock to turn that into the 2nd F5 of the match for a 2 count. Taker would then play the beaten up role as Brock would continue to beat on him. Brock would then hit a 3RD F5 and…..PINNED the Undertaker!!!! Holy fucking shit!!!! The entire crowd is shocked, silenced and dumbfounded…. Holy fuck! Undertaker would then sit up while he got a massive chant to his name… wow. The crowd then breaks out in a “thank you Taker” chant. Taker then slowly walked to the back to a standing ovation.

Winner: Brock Lesnar!


-holy fuck….


Diva’s Invitational Championship Match

-this match was ok not as big a mess as I thought it would have been. AJ would get the black widow for the tap out to retain the title to Vicki’s disgust.

Winner: AJ


-Mean Gene was in the back with Hulk Hogan when Rowdy Piper and Paul Orndorff walk in… Mr. Wonderful looks more like Zeb Colter… Mr. T then walked in to even things out followed by Pat Patterson in his ref outfit. The hatchet is apparently buried between these four… 30 years later…


Triple Threat for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. Daniel Bryan

-Randy Orton got the band to do his theme song live treatment. Match start off fast with all three taking the advantage. Orton and Batista would then pair up while Bryan would play injured until he landed a double dropkick from the top into the chest kicks to Batista and Orton. Bryan gets the cross face on Orton when Steph and Hunter show up at ringside to pull the ref out of the ring. Scott Armstrong then comes in as the replacement ref… fuck… Bryan then dived to the outside onto Hunter, Steph and Armstrong. Hunter came with a sledge hammer but Bryan ended up using it on him. Bryan would get a 2½ on Batista until Orton would stop the count. Batista and Orton would then double team on Bryan at ringside together. OMG!!! They would clear off two tables, Batista would go for the Batista bomb and in mid air Orton would hit an RKO through the table!!!!! Orton took a monitor to the back STIFF!!!!! EMT’s would then come out to cart Bryan out… Batista then continues to beat on Orton at ringside while the crowd watches in silence. Orton would fight back and hit the horizontal DDT to Batista on the ring apron. Daniel Bryan would fight off the stretcher and take the ringside steps by Orton. Bryan would then get the YES lock on Orton in the middle of the ring before Batista would break it up… Batista would end up in his own YES lock before Orton broke this up. Bryan would then take a spear meant for Orton before Batista took an RKO for a 2 ½ count! This match would continue to play with peoples emotions before Bryan would finally get the YES lock on Batista for the win!!!!!! Bryan would then celebrate with both titles while this crowd would lose their shit with YES chants!!! He would get the confetti honors as well as his sister and niece in the ring.

Winner: Daniel Bryan!










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