03-31-14 WWE RAW





-The Undertaker started the show off by coming out to the ring to talk about his streak and what he’s going to do to Brock Lesnar to keep that streak alive. Solid chants for the dead man in this segment. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman then came out to contest what Taker said by proclaiming that its Taker who has to beat Brock, not the other way around. Paul got a lot of CM Punk chants during this. He called Brock beating Taker not a prediction but a spoiler. Brock would tease heading into the ring before Heyman caused a distraction which lead to Brock beating on the Undertaker and hitting the F5 before the segment ended. Brock finally got one on the Undertaker but are they trying to put over Brock too late here!?


-Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston took on Alberto Del Rio in the first match of the night. This was a fast paced and hard hitting match. Big E would fight out of the arm breaker and pick up Del Rio into a power bomb. Del Rio would finally get a kick to the head of Big E for the pin. I thought both worked well together, good match!


-The WWE App poll tonight is to choose which member of the Shield takes on Kane the Accountant tonight.


-Wyatt promo in the back is shown. Harper was whistling “he’s got the whole world in his hands”. Bray’s promos during this feud with Cena have been consistently solid.


-Summer Rae comes out with her own theme music which is different from Fandango’s. I don’t recall if this is her NXT theme. She took on Natalya which played off this shit from Total Diva’s where Summer smacked the shit out of Nattie. Vicki Guerrero was on commentary during this one. Natalya would pull some new shit in this match and exchange slaps with Summer before getting kicked in the head for the Summer win.


-Stephanie and Hunter came out while showing the crowd more PDA than they cared to see. They are holding a “farewell to the YES Movement” tonight. The call it a fad like “Fandango’ing” and how the crowd moves on from superstar to superstar. Stephanie then announces that Daniel Bryan isn’t here in Washington but in New Orleans resting. Hunter would bring up how people think he married into success but he tried to convince us otherwise. He would get loud “boring” chants. These two would then cut to a video that would show superstars like Booker, Scott Steiner, RVD, Jeff Hardy, Goldberg, Foley, Y2J and Angle who only mattered temporarily because there was Triple H… I have a feeling Hunter jerks off to this video…  Hunter then proclaimed he would leave WrestleMania beating Bryan and going onto the main event to become the World Champion. The home town boy Batista would then come out wearing a Georgetown jersey. He actually got a good reaction here in DC. They banter back and forth getting all personal before Randy Orton joins this mess. He kisses McMahon ass before asking Hunter to reconsider being in the triple threat. Hunter isn’t having this ass kissing and making Orton vs. Batista a no DQ match…


-The Uso’s and the Matadores took on AxelBack and the Real Americans in an 8 man match. This was a high paced match that the announcers put over as the first match of WrestleMania… its actually the pre-show match. There was a battling chant between “we the people” and “lets go Uso’s”. The big swing by Cesaro was teased but the Matadores stopped it… the crowd didn’t like that. The Matadores pulled a little “twin magic” and switched places for the roll up pin on Swagger. Entertaining match.


-Fandango with Summer Rae were up next, he would tag with Damien Sandow to take on the Rhodes brothers. Fandango looked aggressive in this match although the commentators tried to fun Hunter’s comments on him as more of a reflection on the fans than Fandango. Short match but high paced. Goldust would get the final cut on Sandow for the win. Good stuff.


-the Shield cut a promo in the back about Kane the Accountant and the Outlaws.


-Bray Wyatt with Harper and Rowan took on R-Truth with Xavier Woods at the of the 2nd hour. This was a showcase squash match for Wyatt. After the match Woods would get beat up as well. The Wyatt would then pose before another goat mask would show up behind them… it was Cena. he cleared the ring of all three members of the family.


-Diva’s Champion AJ took on Naomi with all the diva’s at ringside as lumberjacks. The diva’s are being biased as they didn’t give Naomi the same treatment when she was sent to ringside. Tamina would try to protect AJ at ringside only to take her own beating. This would lead to Naomi pinning AJ. Meh.


-Renee Young would interview John Cena in the back about WrestleMania and his match with Bray. Very heated.


-the WWE App poll would give 80% to Roman Reigns who would get Kane. Reigns would keep the advantage on Kane which lead to the Outlaws coming out. They didn’t get far when Ambrose and Rollins came out to put a stop to that shit. The Shield would then surround Kane and beat on him. They would go for the super bomb but the Outlaws would pull Kane out to safety. There is SO much potential here with a face version of the Shield.


-Rowdy Roddy Piper is back tonight with a WrestleMania Piper’s Pit. He starts off by putting over 30 years of WrestleMania before talking about the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. He was going to give his prediction when the Miz interrupted… followed by Sheamus, Titus and Ziggler. This leads to a brawl that brings out others in the battle royal. The last to the ring would be The Big Show who would clear the ring.


-The event between Randy Orton and Batista would start at the beginning of the third hour but not being Stephanie and Hunter would come out to watch the match. Orton and Batista would go one to beat on each other left and right. All of a sudden out of nowhere Daniel Bryan comes out of the crowd to beat on Hunter. Orton would stop this before throwing Bryan into the ring. Orton would then take a spear, Batista a flying knee and Hunter a flying head butt by Bryan! Bryan would then take the kendo stick to Hunter before everyone retreated leaving Daniel Bryan standing tall in the ring to lead a YES chant. I’ll give Hunter credit, he sold this beating hard.


-that’s it folks, next stop WrestleMania 30!




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