03-24-14 WWE RAW






-Stephanie started the show in Brooklyn to tell us that anyone who steps on their leadership shoes will get the same treatment that Daniel Bryan did last week. She got a lot of chants directed at her a loud CM Punk chant, strongest in a while. She goes on to say how Hunter would become champion again at WrestleMania. This then got the current champion, Randy Orton to come out and talk about how he is going to beat Batista and Hunter at Mania but hopes Steph can talk Hunter out of being in that match. BOOtista then came out to throw his own two cents, how HE’s the next WWE Champion. Batista was having mic issues to which Steph clowns him out of character. Ouch. This segment is getting awkward… Batista pokes fun of Steph getting drooled on by a lot of people when Steph then slaps the sun glasses straight off his face! Oh fuck! haha! Orton is laughing his ass off until Batista speared him. The segment ended with Batista posing with the titles. The fuck was going on at the end of this segment. Haha!


-Alberto Del Rio, Christian, Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus were involved in a fatal four way with the winner taking on Big E for the Intercontinental tomorrow night on Main Event. This would be the first time Del Rio would botch the flash kick off the ropes. Overall the entire match seemed stiff but a very good match nonetheless. The closing sequence into everyone hitting their finisher was dope. Christian would be the last, hitting the killswitch on Ziggler for the pin. After the match Big E tried to shake Christian’s hang but he wasn’t having it.


-Bray Wyatt does a spooky in the dark promo in the back. He’s on a good stride with these promos since this the Shield matches.


-FYI, I love the WWE Network. I’m not even going to lie.


-A sneak peak preview for the new Scooby Doo movie with WWE superstars is shown. I want to see this. Don’t judge. Someone in a Scooby Doo suit shows up in the mystery machine with Sin Cara… he would take on Damien Sandow… Sin Cara not Scooby. Sandow would get squashed in a couple of minutes after Sin Cara hit the swanton. Damn, they couldn’t have used anyone else for this other than Sandow?!


-The beat down from Smackdown on the Shield is highlighted. I hope they let these three get a decent run as faces, there is a lot of potential for all three of them trying something new.


-The Matadors took on the team of Axelback. This didn’t last long when the Shield shows up in the crowd. A Matador would roll up Axel for the pin. After the match the Shield surround the match before beating that Axelback ass! The crowd popped big time for the spear.


-Michael Cole would conduct an interview in the ring with Triple H. It was in the view of their wwe.com segments. These two went back and forth about the right and wrong of what transpired last week. Hunter talks about him still being a competitor and how the crowd is now soft and a bunch of pussies who tweet him their issues. Hunter calls this the beginning of the reality era when he kills off the YES Movement and then goes on to win the WWE Title because he can make it so… well, he is telling the truth…


-the Wyatt family promo from last week was shown again with the Eminem track under it. This song really adds to the video, so dope.


-Cody Rhodes who was accompanied by Goldust took on Fandango with Summer Rae. JBL on commentary called the “writing team” a bunch of stooges… #realityera Goldust and Summer have an exchange at ringside before Cody hit the flash kick for the distracted pin. Summer then shows that she is ok after the match which made NO sense.


-Hogan was up next who came out to a decent reaction from Brooklyn. He pushes WrestleMania and this movie Sabotage with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Manganiello who come out to shill each other back and forth. Arnold then says that he and Joe want to be part of the Andre Battle Royal. This then brought out the Miz who claimed he is actually a tough guy not like these two actors. Miz wants all of them to leave since they don’t belong here. Joe then gets in a shot at Miz, as does Arnold before getting thrown over the top rope by Hogan… Yes, Hogan did something physical.


-Titus O’Neil took on the Big Show. This match got loud CM Punk chants. Show won with the knockout punch.


-Stephanie and Hunter are in the back when the Shield walk in. They want to know what the deal with what Kane orchestrated on Friday was. Hunter tells them that this is between them to figure out. That lead to Steph making a match for them tonight against the Real American’s.


-Cena is shown in the bathroom looking all spooked out.


-Luke Harper took on John Cena in a rematch from Friday Night. Crowd was into Wyatt big for the family’s into. They clapped along to their theme music. The crowd was solely behind Harper as he had the advantage for most of the match. Cena would make comebacks but Harper would keep them short. The lights would go out as Cena was going to hit the AA… they would come back up and Cena would be tied in the ropes with the goat mask on as the Wyatt’s would stand over him. The crowd would chant “this is awesome” to end the segment. They might want to keep that bit at the end as a signature for the Wyatt’s.


-Naomi who was seconded by Cameron took on the Diva’s Champion AJ who had Tamina at her side. AJ would take a dropkick and then decide to walk off to get counted out. Vicki Guerrero would come out as AJ and Tamina tried to leave. Vicki wasn’t happy about AJ’s comments on Friday Night. She makes a Mania match for AJ against the Bella’s, Cameron, Naomi, Natalya, Eva Marie, Emma, Aksana, Alicia Fox, Summer, Rosa, Layla and Tamina… AJ isn’t happy about this match or the glares she’s getting from Tamina.


-Razor Ramon is going into the Hall of Fame! Its funny the entire video were just WWE clips and nothing about him being Scott Hall in the AWA or WCW.


-The Shield took on the Real American’s in a match that started in a ringside brawl. This crowd did love their “we the people chants” here in Brooklyn. Ambrose took the Cesaro swing for 20 seconds. Rollins takes the super hot tag which got holy shit chants. Its been a while since I’ve heard that one. Rollins would finally get the head stomp on Swagger for the pin. This was a solid match. After the match the Shield would clear off the announce table to hit the super bomb to Cesaro! Crowd ate this up big time! I’m telling you, there is MONEY in keeping this team together. Before the segment would end Kane and his corporate New Age Outlaws he announces that its 6 man tag match with the Shield against Kane and the Outlaws.


-Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman would do “the walk in the back” bit. Brock’s new shirt says “Eat, Sleep, Break the Streak”. Oh snap.


-Brock and Heyman would then head out to end the show. Paul goes over how Brock is going to beat the Undertaker at WrestleMania until Brock stops him from talking and just wants to get it on with the Undertaker right now. Instead with get druids and a coffin… The coffin is left at ringside alone as Brock and Heyman look on, this dragged… Brock would stomp on the coffin multiple times with no reaction. He ginally opened the coffin but no one was in it. The coffin was then closed as Brock scared the druids away. Paul and Brock then cut a promo on Taker not being there… all of a sudden the coffin opens and Taker sits up. A brief brawl breaks out before Brock is knocked onto the outside and on top of the coffin. Both would point to the WrestleMania 30 sign before we get the gongs… this segment dragged for strange reasons.


-I loved the Shield on this show as well as Bray’s promo but some of this stuff ran too long tonight.

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