ECW November to Remember 98




I haven’t seen this show in years so I thought it would be fun to go back and take a few notes as I reminisce on this show that would take place from New Orleans, the same place as WrestleMania 30.

-Danny Doring & Road Kill vs. the bWo was a fun opening match but Terry Funk was very distracting with his loitering at ringside. Road Kill did get “you fuck sheep” chants before he walked the ropes which was dope. Styles made Undertaker jokes. The bWo got the win with the blue light special which was a cool move. Funk came back out and beat on Meanie and Nova after the match… it took Paul E., security guards and refs to finally get his ass out of ringside. I forgot how much I liked these two tag teams back then.


-Tracy Smothers and the FBI vs. Tommy Rogers (who was in the Fantastic’s) with Chris Chetti was more of a 3 against 1 match with the FBI triple teaming Rogers. He would finally overcome the odds when Rogers hit the kamikaze which was the Kill Switch. Styles would claim that Rogers invented the move. Chetti would make the save after the match. Mabel from WWE fame would come out to join the FBI. I forgot about these types of “surprises” in ECW. This segment didn’t end as Spike Dudley would come out to take out Mabel and Ulf Herman.


-Mikey Whipwreck and Tammy Lynn Sytch would special guest referee the Jerry Lynn vs. Lance Storm with Dawn Marie match. Dawn was going as “Tammy Lynn Bitch” during this time. Tammy would put on her shoes in the ring before the match which took longer than it should have. Having Mikey and Tammy as two refs in the ring was awkward with too many people in the ring. Mikey finally gave into Tammy and did duties at ringside. This match was pretty good even with Tammy’s thong being distracting to the crowd when she would count pin attempts. Even though the match was pretty good it was very overbooked. Whipwreck would cost Lynn the match and would get a fast 3 count on him for the Storm win…


-the Dudley Boys came out for their match. For those of you who don’t know, Bubba Dudley always had mic presence. They would take on Balls Mahoney and Masato Tanaka with Axel Rotten. This match was nuts, do many chair shots to the head. It was brutal… RVD and Sabu would cost the Dudley the tag titles after this massive brawl.


-Tommy Dreamer and his mystery partner Jake The Snake Roberts, took on Justin Credible and Jack Victory who came out with a slew of people including Nicole Bass who is still scary as fuck. This was another brawl of a match with the One Man Gang and Rob Price getting involved… New Jack and Kronus would come in with a shit ton of objects to use against most of these guys. Dreamer and Roberts would finally win this hot mess when they both got the pin on Credible. There was a lot of these messy brawls back then but it didn’t seem like the crowd had any issues with these. Oh wait, its not over Terry Funk came out and beat on Dreamer… Christ.


-Shane Douglas, Chris Candido and Bam Bam Bigelow took on Sabu, RVD and Taz in the main event. The Dudley’s would attack Sabu and RVD before Taz would come out to the biggest pop of the night to land suplexes on the Triple Threat. Bill Alfonzo and his fucking whistle at ringside couldn’t be any more annoying. The match was decent but Sabu definitely added to the botchiness in this one… Taz got the Tazmission on Douglas but Sabu would hit the Arabian face buster on both Douglas and Taz to pin Douglas. This would end with Sabu and Tax getting into each other’s faces.


-Overall, it was nostalgic to go back and watch this show but there was a lot of stuff on this show I could have done without. Its definitely interesting to go back and watch these shows knowing where these guys would (or would not) end up.


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