03-20-14 WWE NXT Notes


– I don’t like the Mojo Rawley character. I don’t think this guy will make the main roster.

– Bulldog Dempsy has a Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer kind of quality.

– If I don’t like Mojo’s character, I like the CJ Parker even less… I think they should turn this dude into an ultra enviromentalist where he just is over the top with fighting for his causes.

– Tyler Breeze is one of my favorite characters on NXT. Its a new take on an old character. I love how the places he is from in his intros are brief residences.

– Corey Graves could be a good replacement to fill the void of “tattooed” anti-hero for someone else who’s left the WWE.

– Sami Zayn might be the biggest star in NXT.

– I hope Aiden English makes it to the main character. Its a comedy character but its good. Singing his own intros is original.

– Good job on the artist formerly known as Leo Kruger with the Adam Rose character. Shows how versatile he can be. ┬áHis introduction is very original and I hope if he does make it to the main roster that they keep that.

– I thought Bailey and Sasha Banks put on a decent match. You’re definitely getting better diva’s matches on NXT than on the main roster.

-Good match between Sheamus and English. I like when send a superstar to NXT for work with newer guys. they should keep this up.

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