03-10-14 WWE RAW




Occupy RAW

-Hogan was out to start the show, he’s out to shill his return, the WWE Network and how he marked out for the Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage and Andre the Giant. He then says he has an idea for Mania and it’s a 30-man battle royal for the Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy. It was a nice trophy which resembled the life sized Andre statue that exists at the head quarter.  This didn’t seem too massive of an announcement… Anyhow, Cena came out to a mixed bag of jeers to put over Hogan and over again and this idea for this battle royal. Cena says he’s going to be in this battle royal… but then the lights go out and the Wyatt’s are here for a promo on Hogan and Cena calling them liars. Cena sings Margaritaville… yup that happened. Cena then tells Hogan he changed his mind… that’s not very nice… and challenged Bray for Mania. Hogan and Cena would then have a stand off with Rowan and Harper before we go to break.


John Cena w/Hulk Hogan vs. Erik Rowan w/the Wyatt’s

-this match started during the break. This was meh, Cena wins with a roll up. Wyatt’s looked like they were going to attack Hogan and Cena but backed off instead… they played Hogan’s music and he and Cena posed which woke up this crowd after that match.

Winner:  Cena


-Jerry Lawler is wearing a long sleeved shirt that had a tuxedo spray painted on it. fucking strange.


-Steph and Hunter come out to talk about the shenanigans from last week involving Daniel Bryan and apologize about what happened. They call Bryan’s fans “niche”… they want an apology as well… or else. The Outlaws then came out with hugs and kisses for the new McMahons before heading for commentary.


-I don’t give a shit about this Christly or whatever show on USA. looks like its missing a gene.


-Ryback wants into the Mania battle royal…


WWE Tag Team Champions the Uso’s vs. AxelBack

-Road Dogg has tons of excuses on commentary about why they lost the titles. The Uso’s have fully incorporated the flying tag into their move set. This was a short squash by the champions. Top rope splash with a crotch chop for the Outlaws on ringside.

Winners: Uso’s


-Kane was in the back scolding the Shield over their shit lately. He puts Reigns and Rollins against the Rhodes boys. Rollins calls Kane out on his shit and his ass getting beat up lately. Kane gets threatened before the walk off.


Jack Swagger w/Colter & Cesaro vs. Intercontinental Champion Big E

-Big E is in this new battle royal… Big E rolled up Swagger for the pin. Cesaro laughs at him which leads to both of them getting in each others faces. Colter loses his shit and yelled at both of them to shake hands. Swagger got his hand crushed by Cesaro… like a bitch.

Winner: Big E


-we get to vote on a stip for Christian vs. Sheamus tonight… yay…


-The Undertaker came out at the top of the second hour… he didn’t get a second to talk when Paul Heyman comes out to the stage and puts over Taker’s streak and how no one has even come close to building a WrestleMania streak like his. Because of the Heyman suggests Taker shouldn’t take this match on with Brock if he wants to keep that record. This promo was nice, good stuff my Heyman. Undertaker gets on the mic and sounds like Bray Wyatt, not making sense. Not good, just stick to your catchphrases Taker.


Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. The Shield w/Dean Ambrose

-crowd was out of this one until they started chanting for CM Punk. This one started slow but picked up steam mid match. Cody got a good hot tag which lead into a muscle buster by Cody. Rollins got a solid victory over Cody who had a solid exchange. Good stuff!

Winner: Shield


Bella’s vs. Diva’s Champion AJ & Tamina

-Natalya is on commentary and quoted Owen Hart saying “enough is enough and its time for a change”. RIP. Nikki pinned AJ after her finisher… Natalya aint cool with Nikki posing with the Diva’s title. That’s all you need to remember.

Winner: Bella’s


-LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell are in the crowd plugging their CSI show. They got a lot of time here… oh boy.


-Daniel Bryan is out to talk about the McMahon’s apology earlier tonight. This was a pretty good promo on Daniel’s part before he announces he’s going to Occupy RAW tonight until he gets Hunter to agree to this match at WrestleMania. Bryan all of a sudden fills the ring with people wearing YES shirts… man they really are taking a chance at getting “real” people from the crowd coming into the ring… after the break this ring and ringside is PACKED with fans stacked. Fucking crazy visual here with all these fans! Hunter and Steph then come the stage to NO chants. Hunter threatens this crowd but Bryan says he and this crowd are headed outside to put on their own show. Two Security guys are out but they are outnumbered and try to walk off… this is a crazy visual as Bryan tells the McMahon’s they aren’t going nowhere. Hunter calls for the next match…



Sandow comes out but is apprehensive. Bryan tells Sandow join the movement and he goes to walk off. He then argues with the Hunter and Steph over him going to the ring. Steph loses her shit but this crowd isn’t going anywhere. Hunter says he tried to protect Bryan cause he likes him. Hunter finally caves in and takes the match at Mania… Bryan stops Hunter before leaving and says he also wants to fight for the WWE Championship! Bryan then tells him if he beats him he’s getting into the Mania event… Hunter loses his shit but security stops him. Hunter loses his shit and both matches might be potentially on! This could be the greatest moment in Bryan’s history!


-Lawler’s in the ring (with his horrible shirt) to see what won in the poll… it’s a Memphis Street Fight…


Memphis Street Fight

Sheamus vs. Christian

-these guys beat the shit out of each other, they were definitely trying to show people that they are not afterthoughts! Fucking Sheamus hit the brogue kick THREW a drum to Christian for the win! Awesome visual.

Winner: Sheamus


-Michael Cole and JBL show us morons how to sign up for the WWE Network for a week trial.


-Brad Maddox is telling Batista and Orton to settle their shit to eliminate Daniel Bryan for Steph and Hunter who’ve left the show. Batista just walks off.


-Lana and Alexander Rusev come out for the same deal they’ve been doing the last week or so.


-Wyatt family promo in the dark back… good stuff.


The Big Show & Daniel Bryan vs. WWE World Champion Randy Orton & Batista

-most of the match is spent by Orton and Batista keeping Bryan grounded until he makes the luke-warm tag… not long before Show gets the same treatment Bryan got. Bryan then got his hot tag which was a lot louder than the first. Orton and Bryan had a cool closing exchange before Bryan hits the flying knee on Orton for the pin!

Winner: Show & Bryan


-This was a good show!






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One Response to “03-10-14 WWE RAW”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    Good going Bryan. It’s about time. Don’t forget thought that Steph , Hunter and Cain always interfere.

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