02-27-14 NXT ArRIVAL




Our first LIVE event on the WWE Network! Did they pull it off…?

-Show starts off with a big into to NXT by Triple H who asks if we’re ready before cutting to a new intro video for NXT.


Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro

-dueling chant for both as they start off cautious before we got into chain wrestling. Its not long before this spills to the outside with Zayn gets the dive to the outside. This crowd was hyped for this match even in the early goings. Cesaro would take the advantage and work on his legs while Ole chants from the crowd. Zayn then went for the dive between the corner ropes only to take an upper cut from Cesaro, that shit looked dope! Cesaro went on to continue to work over the recently recovered leg of Zayn with leg whips and a half boston crab. Zayn is just getting over powered and grounded at every spot. Zayn then got an exploder suplex in the corner for a 2½ count. Zayn would get another close pin with a sit down power bomb. They would then exchange submission holds before Cesaro would go for the swing. Zayn would fight out of the first attempt but would get caught in the 2nd. They then went into a handful of near falls which got a “this is awesome” chant. they had an exchange on the top rope before Zayn got the hurricaneranna off the top then the boot to the face in the corner for a close 2 count! Cesaro would then land a series of upper cuts to Zayn that he was close to get up from. He would then exchange punches in the middle of the ring before we got a german suplex by Zayn. Zayn would then get the code red for another 2½! The flying upper cut by Cesaro only got a ONE count, Cesaro is flustered! Cesaro would then do a spinning upper cut into the neutralizer for the pin. Holy fuck that was a dope match! Cesaro went to leave before he came back to the ring to stand over Zayn. He then picked up Zayn and hugged it out. Awesome moment that ended with Cesaro walking off and the crowd chanting “Sami” and going into the Ole chant.

Winner: Cesaro


-promo video for Mojo Rawley before we go to the Mayor of this part of Florida.


CJ Parker vs. Mojo Rawley

-I hate Parker’s character. It would help his character if he went more for an ultra environmentalist honestly. Rawley’s gimmick is to “stay hype” where he looks like he’s either on cocaine or a lot of red bull. It looks like Parker has a tattoo on his ass… this is awkward as its sticking out of his tights… Parker would keep Mojo grounded until he made his comeback and hit the Yokozuna splash for the pin. Mojo is quite green still.

Winner: Rawley


-Emma is shown getting “ready” for her title match against Paige before going into video package on her… you know, something she could have gotten and benefitted from on RAW…


-video package on the NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension. I’m glad they are doing these to introduce people who wouldn’t know who these guys are if you’re new to this product. The come out to the ring to new ring music and a modified version of their intro.


NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension vs. Too Cool

-Did Scotty 2 Hottie have a shaved head when he was on RAW…? cause he does now… off the bat the Ascension kept the Grandmaster grounded. Viktor isn’t wearing his eye contacts, #uselessinformation. Scotty got the hot tag which lead to the worm until Viktor denied him finishing the movie. The Ascension would then hit the fall of man for the pin on Scotty

Winner: Ascension


-video package on the NXT Women’s Champion Paige aired next. so hot!


-Ric Flair and his daughter Charlotte are in the crowd tonight.


NXT Women’s Champion Paige vs. Emma

-before the match Stephanie McMahon came out to “you still got it” chants. Haha! Steph says she never lost it. haha! She pumps up that its actually NXT ArRIVAL that is the first live event on the network not WrestleMania 30. She hypes the diva’s before cutting to Emma and Paige’s intros. Steph did the Emma dance with Emma… awkward. Haha! Paige gives me boners… this match started with a brawl/cat fight. This NXT crowd then went into dueling chants. Back and forth from the early going of the match with Emma teasing the Emma Lock. Emma then takes the advantage in this one for most of the match even fighting out of a super plex that she turned into a power bomb for a 2½ count. Paige makes a short comeback hitting her page turner finisher which Emma kicked out. Paige played up being frustrated by this. Paige then gets this dope submission move which William Regal calls a scorpion cross lock on Emma for the victory. Both shake hands and hug it out after this one.

Winner: Paige


-Aaron Neville gets a video package which played up his high flying moves.


-Dusty Rhodes and Pat Patterson are sitting at ringside tonight.


Xavier Woods vs. ???

-so this is when my feed cut to the graphic and asked if I wanted to play the show so I missed what happened from this point on…!? Thanks WWE Network….



Ladder Match

NXT Champion Bo Dallas vs. Adrian Neville

-this match I caught mid match since my feed cut and went to the NXT graphic and didn’t pick up where I left off… fuck. Kind of thrown off seeing as I’m catching this one mid match but these guys are going stiff on this one. Neville gets his finisher off the top rope onto Dallas who was laying over a ladder, crazy spot. Neville would then set up a ladder and although Dallas tried to get up the ladder, Neville got the title down for the win! Well, I hope to catch this one in its entirety on a replay… :\ Cena was in the crowd applauding for Neville.

Winner: Neville


-one fuck up on the stream but other than that it was always a clear stream. Matches were good and the video promos on the NXT guys helped get over who they were. Good shit tonight!




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