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Who’s going to WrestleMania??!

Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. Axelback w/Larry “The Ax” Hennig

-This was a quick paced and fun match with several high spots from Cody and Goldust. Good to see The Ax at ringside although I thought he’d get a little involved.

Winner: Rhodes


Intercontinental Champion Big E vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter

-this match was brutal and fast paced. There was one botch but it wasn’t that bad/notable. Big E got his finisher and the pin. Bad News Barrett came out after the match on his podium to talk shit.

Winner: Big E


-they talk about Hogan being the host of WrestleMania and the major media coverage.


WWE Tag Team Champions New Age Outlaws vs. The Uso’s

-Slow paced to start but it does pick up with the Outlaws keeping the advantage. This match got the first CM Punk chant of the night. Uso’s make the hot tag which got a couple of high spots to the outside. Billy Gunn rolled up one of the Uso’s after he super kicked the Road Dogg for the pin. Decent match but not sure why they are holding off on the title switch. Barrett is back for more bad news, this time its for Daniel Bryan.

Winner: Outlaws


Darren Young vs. Titus Young

-this match got a “we want Lensar” chant shortly after starting. They spent most of the match trying to get over the power of Titus. This match is slow and killing the crowd. They don’t want to watch this shit right now, and honestly Puma and I don’t want to either. Titus got the win with a sit down power bomb. Whatever. Yet another Barrett segment right after the match where he sits on the dudes working his malfunctioning podium and shits on the returning Hogan.

Winner: Titus


The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family

-this is awesome chant BEFORE the match started… they do a stare down while the crowd does dueling chants of “lets go Wyatt’s”, “lets go Shield”. Shield took the ring first. Both teams took turns having the advantage while making quick tags. The dueling chants picked up even more. This match got in so many dope spots. This match is so dope that even Reigns is making Rowan look dope. The tables at ringside got cleared off by both teams. Double choke slam by Rowan and Harper off the table onto the other table!!! Reigns was singled out and although he fought his ass off, he finally took the 2nd sister Abigail attempt for the pin! That match was the shit!

Winner: Wyatt’s


-Renee stopped Christian in the back and asked him about being the ONLY dude to lose to Orton… he still claims he’s winning this match and for the other dudes in the match to keep underestimating him.


Diva’s Champions AJ w/Tamina vs. Cameron

-AJ tried to match Cameron look decent… Tamina accidentally gets a super kick on AJ at ringside which causes this match to break down when Cameron tried to pin AJ after that shit. Barrett came out AGAIN for more bad news, this time on how people will get in trouble by spending too much time on the WWE Network…

Winner: Cameron by DQ


-WWE lego style play set promo with Santino, Emma, Khali, Torito and the Matadors.


Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio

-Del Rio comes out in a track suit, neck brace and crutch for this match. Before the match Del Rio uses the crutch on Batista. He then strips down to his tights to continue this beating. Smartest thing they’ve done with Del Rio in this entire feud. The match finally starts and the crowd is completely shitting on Batista and chanting for Del Rio… they crowd is even chanting “BOO-tista”… they then broke into chants for  “Daniel Bryan”, “CM Punk” and “Y2J”. Man, this is not good for Batista… Batista finally got the Batista bomb for the pin… crowd didn’t like this at all.

Winner: Batista


Elimination Chamber Match

-Cesaro and Sheamus start this one out, both getting the advantage… next up was Bryan. He comes in like a house of fire leading to a series of kicks to both Sheamus and Cesaro. Bryan gets an India death lock on Sheamus while hitting Cesaro with a northern lights suplex!!! Fuck! Christian is in the chamber next going right for Bryan and his injured shoulder. Cesaro and Christian then had a stiff exchange before Cesaro turns his attention to Sheamus. The next person into the chamber is Cena who goes right after Christian before Bryan stops this shit and hits the hurricaneranna on Cena before hitting him with a series of kicks. All these guy then exchange moves and a couple of near falls. Cesaro, Cena and Bryan then exchange kicks and punches. These dudes are beating the shit out of each other before Orton finally enters the match. He goes after everyone before he then gets everyones attention… Orton then locks himself in his chamber pod to get away from everyone else… this gets a “pussy” chant. haha! Sheamus then brogue kicks the pod to get to Orton! Orton then takes the Cesaro swing for thirty rotations! Christian hits a frog splash off the top of the pod for the first elimination on Sheamus! Bryan then gets the flying knee on Christian for the elimination. Cena and Bryan then ground Cesaro and Orton to do a stare down and brawl. Cesaro comes in when Cena has Bryan up for the AA and hits a back suplex! Cesaro then taps to Cena’s STF after and AA on the steel. Cena then gets the AA on Orton when the Wyatt’s are in the chamber and attack Cena and Bryan. They then turn their attention to Cena who they beat on before Bray hits the sister Abigail on him. this got a “thank you Wyatt’s” chant. Orton then covered Cena for the pin… we’re down to Bryan and Orton! Kane is out and tells the Wyatt’s to hit the bricks. They crowd then chants “you sold out”… Kane the Accountant then comes into the chamber only to have hit the flying knee off the top to Kane. Orton then tries to take advantage when Orton gets caught in the tree of woe for Bryan to take advantage! Side suplex off the top by Bryan for a 2 count. Orton makes a come back and gets the draping DDT. He sets up for the RKO but Bryan gets the flying DDT. Kane pulls the ref which sets up the distraction for the Orton RKO!…1..2..KICKOUT!!! Kane then gets the shot in before another RKO for the pin…. Lame. At least it was a solid match.

Winner: Orton


-you’re REALLY going to try to do Orton vs. Batista after that reaction to Batista tonight??? so stupid. Michael Cole loses his shit on commentary about Bryan getting screwed since SummerSlam while they show crowd shots of sad fans.

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  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    What was Kane doing in the chamber?

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