02-17-14 WWE RAW



Go home show that didn’t  mention the network all that much and no mentions of any special guests for next week…

-John Cena came out to start the show, it’s a decent pro-Cena crowd tonight. Cena covered the Elimination Chamber and going onto WrestleMania. He went on to talk about Orton’s losses recently, this brought out Zeb Colter and Cesaro. They go over beating Orton and becoming the face of America. Wuw, I didn’t realize Cesaro was taller than Cena… They jaw jack before Sheamus comes out to add to this segment. Christian comes out next and threatens Sheamus over what happened on Friday. Randy Orton is out next to retort all of their claims. Lastly Daniel Bryan is out with a new t-shirt which looks like they old “Andre the Giant” Obey shirt. Well, I guess if anyone can rip off Obey, it’s the WWE! He states his claim before this crowd goes ape shit in a YES chant. Kane then put a stop to this with his shirt and tie… Kane gets a “you sold out” chant, funny that took so long to take off seeing he’s been an accountant for a while. He makes match for tonight.


Christian vs. Daniel Bryan

-Christian jumped Bryan before the match started and beat on him at ringside. Heelish act by Christian. After the break the match officially started with Kane staying at ringside. This match got some decent time for sure which I thought was a good build to the finish which was a roll up by Bryan when Christian was going for the killswitch. Kane then says Bryan has another match tonight against him…

Winner: Bryan


Kane the Accountant vs. Daniel Bryan

-Kane goes right for the shoulder of Bryan right off the bat. This version of Kane is killing me and makes me want to scrap the tattoo off my body… Kane got a boring chant during his beat down of Bryan. Its funny how Michael Cole, Lawler or JBL really don’t bring up these 2 being a tag team… the ref called the match when Kane wouldn’t break the hold at 10. Kane would continue to beat on the injured shoulder of Bryan after the match.

Winner: Bryan by DQ


-Renee Young had the Shield in the back to go over this match with Mark Henry tonight. Ambrose and Reigns bicker over the worlds strongest man. Rollins pulls all this back together so they turned their attention to the Wyatt’s.


Santino w/Emma vs. Fandango w/Summer Rae

-Emma finally gets a video package on here time in NXT but Michael Cole reads this explaination like a dating profile. It was awkward… During this shit Emma gave Summer an airplane spin at ringside… This built up to a kiss that never was as Fandango drop kicked Santino, hit a driver on him and pinned him… oh boy, come on people its still really on the show…

Winner: Fandango


-Renee stops Mark Henry in the back to talk about his match with Reigns tonight. Good promo by Henry talking about inducting Reigns into the hall of pain.


Roman Reigns w/The Shield vs. Mark Henry

-Both took turns on over powering the other in this one. Reigns did a little more show boating in this one before he hit the superman punch and the spear. After the match a jealous Ambrose beat on Henry. Reigns questioned these actions when the Wyatt’s cut into a promo on how far the Shield want to take this… Reigns calls them out to the ring which they do… They do the slow stare down when Reigns steps to the middle of the ring followed by the Wyatt’s then the rest of the Shield. Once again the Wyatt’s back off before anything happened. Good shit!

Winner: Reigns


-the first push of the night for the network…


-the kick off match for Sunday is Cody & Goldust vs. AxelBack. After this announcement Goldust and Cody are playing with action figure sets and talking about weird shit Goldust would do with his pet hamster!?… Barrett comes in, has bad news and kicks the figures… what the fuck am I watching here…!?


Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter vs. Kofi Kingston

-Kofi needs a drastic change, I don’t know what that is but he needs something different. Match was fine, which Swagger one with the ankle lock. Big E comes out to ringside but Swagger backs off.

Winner: Swagger


Intercontinental Champion Big E vs. Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal

-Colter cuts promos during the match which was distracting but the crowd ate it up. Big E no long has the Langston… most of the match 3MB beat on Big E. Big E looked like he might have injured Mahal by slamming Drew him… he finally got the big ending on Drew for the pin. Big E mumbled after the match about Sunday…

Winner: Big E


-Alexandar Rusev and Lana promo video.


-Great Black History moment video on Ron Simmons.


-Renee in the back with Cena who cuts a promo on Cesaro before heading out to the ring for their match


John Cena vs. Cesaro w/Zeb Colter & Jack Swagger

-when did Cena go back to the jean shorts?? Has it been a while and I am just noticing? Michael Cole claims that Cesaro and Cena have the same style, I beg to differ just a bit… Cesaro got a lot of power spots in on Cena but Cena got in a few as well. Cesaro’s transition into the big spin tease was cool and got a good reaction. Lawler’s got weed jokes about Denver tonight… this match got a “this is awesome” chant after a big forearm by Cesaro. Cena power powered OUT of the big spin and into a hurricane DDT, that shit looked awesome. Cesaro got another big forearm to Cena when he was heading to the top rope, that shit sent him down to the arena floor. This match might even be better than his match with Randy Orton from Friday night. Cena finally took the big swing which got a 2½ count. Cena finally got the AA for the pin. This match was the shit.

Winner: Cena


-Hunter shit talks Orton in the back about his current losses. Orton ass kisses Hunter and shit talks Batista before he ends up behind him… wah wahhh. Del Rio shows up after Orton leaves and threatens Batista over this neck brace Del Rio is in…


-Renee in the back with Titus O’Neil who is terrible on his own… he is trying so hard… too hard actually… ick.


Los Matadores & Sin Cara vs. The Wyatt Family


Winner: Wyatt’s


WWE Tag Team Champion Billy Gunn w/Road Road vs. Jay Uso w/Jimmy

-both partners were on commentary which never adds anything good. Jay gets a roll up for the win. Which leads to Road Dogg taking a super kick at ringside before a dive onto the Outlaws on the outside.

Winner: Uso


-Byron Saxton with Sheamus in the back, stuff and things about Sunday and his match with Orton tonight… I’m so over this night after the Cena/Cesaro match…


WWE World Champion Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

-slow start which is greeted by a “CM Punk” chant… most notable in this match was Orton back suplexing Sheamus through the announce table. this was a fairly decent match which ended when the Shield stopped Sheamus from hitting the brogue kick on Orton. This then brought out Cena, Bryan, Cesaro, Christian and the Wyatt’s. The Shield and the Wyatt’s have a brief stare down before they start brawling and its this big brawl that ends with go home show.

Winner: Sheamus by DQ?





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