02-10-14 WWE RAW



I love LA!

-Show started with Justin Roberts introducing Betty White who came out to the stage with big show, it was awesome she got a chant. haha! She says she wants to kick some ass which brings out the new McMahons. And just like that, White was done… Hunter and Steph come to the ring to talk about them reconsidering everyone in the Elimination Chamber as the face of the WWE. This brought out Randy Orton who gets a “CM Punk” chant. He wants to apologize to the McMahon’s for his actions lately. He talks about “the viper” coming back again…again… this gets a loud “Daniel Bryan” chant. Orton then says he wants to do all the “extra” work that the face of the WWE is suppose to do like the interviews, appearances, etc. This then brought out Daniel Bryan who gets a massive YES chant. Cole brings up the high school who did the YES chant at a school game… maybe WWE can turn that into a thing where they shout out a school that youtube’s their best YES chant video’s?… something to think about! Steph and Bryan banter before Hunter announces Bryan ain’t wrestling tonight, that got a huge NO chant!.. That goes on for a bit before we get the RAW music cutting off the segment. Solid reaction to Bryan, good work LA.


Rey Mysterio, Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. The Wyatt Family

-Rey Mysterio was big here, people in LA love Rey. This was a pretty good high spots kinda match that built into Bray hitting this bad ass sister Abigail onto Rey. Looked nuts! After the match Bray cuts a promo on the Shield falling.

Winner: Wyatts


-The Shield in the back with Renee to talk about the Wyatt’s. Great Puma texted me one name after that segment, LL Cool Reigns. Fucking hilarious.


-Diva’s were with Betty when the New Age Outlaws come and walk her off for “tea”… awkward.


Santino w/Emma vs. Fandango w/Summer Rae

-this debut of Emma is cold, they kind a messed it up off the bat. They do a bad job of explaining this character that’s been on NXT that no one knows… Miz comes out mid match to bitch about not being included tonight… Short match that ended with a leg drop off the top rope.

Winner: Fandango


-Byron Saxon is officially part of the RAW backstage interviewers now. He’s got Sheamus who cuts a 2012 Sheamus style promo… you know, Irish John Cena.


Christian & Sheamus vs. Real American’s w/Zeb Colter

-Cesaro gets a nice reaction, keep it going LA. 3 of the 4 dudes in this match are in the Elimination Chamber… sorry Swagger… Huge “we the people chant” for Cesaro all during the match. The crowd kept trying to find the right chant for him as they chanted “Cesaro” which sounded odd but it could possibly catch on. This match got a lot of time to build, it was pretty good. Sheamus put Swagger away with the brogue kick. Solid reactions for Sheamus as well as Christian here.



-Renee in the back with John Cena. He brings up how the WWE is in for “great change” with the network, Bryan and… the rest… he wasn’t mentioning anyone else… Cena calls this match monumental and how everyone needs to get through him actually in the Elimination Chamber match…


-Cole cuts to a Batista video of all his Batista bombs… ok, we get it…


Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio

-this one start off fast. Ziggler got his 10 elbow drops which he hasn’t done on RAW for a while. This got a “lets go Ziggler” chant. Del Rio still wins with the kick to the head. After the match Del Rio gets the arm breaker on Ziggler until Batista comes out to kill Del Rio with a Batista bomb through the table.

Winner: Ziggler


-Bella’s do a commercial for the WWE Network that’s in the vein of an airline’s “in flight” instructions. Get one week free of the WWE Network son!


-in the back Batista runs into Hunter who isn’t happy about what just happened at ringside with Del Rio… Crowd chanted for Punk during this… they aren’t buddies anymore. Frowny face.


-Facebook spoils Lita getting nominated for the Hall of Fame… thanks FB… good shit for Lita!


-Betty White and the Outlaws are actually having tea… Road Dogg knows too much about tea… then tries to roofie White… she turns the tide when these morons go for sugar… she roofied one of these goof nuts.


-Cole fucks up and clarifies you can sign up for a free week on the 24th not now.


Uso’s vs. AxelBack

-The Outlaws were on commentary when Gunn starts to show symptoms of a stomach ache. Heavy Goldberg chants for Ryback, its painful. Uso’s were hot here. Now’s a good time to put the belts on the Uso’s. After the match Billy runs off like he shit himself… yup.

Winner: Uso’s


-Mr. WrestleMania Shawn Michaels comes out tomorrow. Preordered!


Open Challenge

Dean Ambrose w/The Shield vs… Mark Henry!  

-Henry dominated then hit the worlds strongsest slam before Rollin’s got involved. Henry got the best of the Shield before a spear by Reigns.

Winner: Henry by DQ


-The Wyatt’s then come out.. Shield paused but then got a nice reaction coming back to the ring. they have a standoff that got a great reaction as well. This was dope!


-Wiz Khalifa is here… yay.


Diva’s Champion AJ, Alicia Fox & Aksana vs. The Bella’s & Cameron w/Eva Marie

-Nikki is officially stealing the worm from Scotty 2 Hotty. This feels like it goes long… Cameron DDT’s Aksana for the pin.

Winner: total diva’s


-Alexander Rusev w/Lana promo video. I kinda like this character. Hopefully it goes somewhere and not goofy dancing segments…


-Kane the Accountant comes out to announce he’s been suspended for a week of his duties because of last week. He doesn’t say much more when Daniel Bryan comes out to brawl with Kane! This spills all over ringside and gets Kane dropkicked over the barricade! Massive YES chants after Kane hits the bricks. Good hype building here.


-Betty White is in the back making half naked men jokes when she cuts to the main event… they kept her segments short and silly.


WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs. John Cena

-slower paced match to start but the crowd is keeping the chants loud. CM Punk did get some chants as well. Really good match between these two but I am really ready not to see this match for a long while. Hot near falls for each guy were solid. Cena finally gets leg drop from the top then another AA for the pin.

Winner: Cena








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  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Why wasn’t the belt given to Henry? He deserves it.

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