01-27-14 WWE RAW



Can the WWE get on the Yes Movement…?

-Recap of Cena’s beat down… and that’s it… nothing else about the Royal Rumble… this then brings the new McMahon’s. Cole and Lawler recap the beat down of Big Show. Steph calls the Royal Rumble satisfying while the crowd chants YES! Hunter makes fun of the crowd not getting what they wanted. He then goes on and on why last night was such a good night. He calls Batista a “good friend”. Steph announces that Orton will defend the title at the Elimination Chamber… Daniel Bryan then comes out to the ring to a massive ovation of YES and his name… he said to stop YES’ing because “they don’t like it”… nice. He goes on about how people were actually talking about his match and calls it a good little effort. He brings up not being in the Rumble match and how everyone wanted him in the match but the McMahon’s kept him out of the match. Steph then tries to justify why Bryan wasn’t in the match as they banter back and forth. Steph hooks the fans into chanting YES when asking if the crowd came to see Daniel Bryan. Bryan then got in the face of Hunter before the Shield came to the ring, Bryan ends up with a chair to keep the Shield distance before Reign catches him and the beat down begins… This brings out Sheamus for the aid who then brawls with the Shield, he got beaten down which then brought out Cena to even things out… gee, I wonder if this will be turned into a 6 man main event…


-after the break they announce the 6 man match for tonight with the winning team taking 3 spots in the Elimination Chamber match…


Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Real American’s w/Zeb Colter

-Colter shits on Rey and Cara being Mexican… shocking, I know. Swagger and Colter get in each others face, must be playing off something in other sports. I was slow to get into this match until Rey and Cesaro got involved. Cesaro ended up murdering Cara with a upper cut and a neutralizer for the win.

Winner: American’s


-Bad New Barrett said stuff and things about Miz taking on Ziggler tonight, calling it the Battle of Cleveland.  He then shits on Cleveland. No one cared… no heat is bad heat.


-Michael Cole cuts to a video promo for The Monday Night Wars program coming to the network.


Fandango w/Summer Rae vs. R-Truth

-Why is this match happening right now… oh right, Emma is at ringside with her sign. Summer Rae caused the distraction for the clothesline by Fandango. Woods and JBL converse about what university is better… anyhow, Truth got the win with his finisher.

Winner: Truth


-Brad Maddox introduces Randy Orton who goes over beating Cena and how he won. He then goes over defending the title at the Elimination Chamber which he isn’t happy about. Its only a second after saying his name, Batista comes out. Batista doesn’t even look into his intro’s pyro anymore… he’s half ass’ing it. Its not long before the crowd goes into a “Daniel Bryan” chant… Batista is distracted by it. He says he doesn’t care who its going to be facing at WrestleMania, he’s winning the title… oh shit, Brock Lesnar then came out! Heyman got in the face of Maddox and gives the “authority” 2 choices either do Brock vs. Orton tonight or Batista vs. Lesnar or else…


Battle of Cleveland

Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz

-this match even got a proper main event into by Justin Roberts. Match started quite technical which lead to a “Cleveland rocks” and possibly even a “sucks” one. Miz got the figure four on Ziggler but he finally got to the ropes. This led to a zig zag for the pin… fuck man they might as well had a couple of kick outs in this one if you were trying to make it sound like a big deal… by that I don’t mean Michael Cole who made jokes the whole time.

Winner: Ziggler


Axelback vs. the Uso’s

-Ryback looks like he got hurt in this match before tagging himself back into the match taking 2 super kicks and an Uso splash for the pin.

Winner: Uso’s


Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio

-Del Rio in a pre tape says he’s still taking Batista out. This crowd forgets there is a match going on and starts chanting for the announcers… these dudes really tried to keep the crowd focused and it finally paid off mid match, this match got really good. They started chanting for Kofi during the near falls and kick outs. Del Rio finally give a snug kick to the head of Kofi for the pin. Good stuff.

Winner: Del Rio


Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. WWE Tag Team Champions New Age Outlaws

-Road Dogg panders to the crowd which is odd seeing as they ARE the heels here… Road Dogg then shit takes the Rhodes brothers which starts this match up with a brawl. Road Dogg then says they don’t have to do this shit tonight but still do… No black gloves on Goldust which just looks odd for some reason with no gloves on. During the match Road Dogg kept playing the chicken shit heal, heading to the outside anytime the Rhodes’ got the advantage. Cole brings up fans being pissed that JBL took a spot in the Rumble… Cody is wrestling very heated in this one. During the match Brock comes into the ring and F5’s Cody and Goldust!!!!



-Heyman then gets on the mic to talk about the McMahon’s choices and how they went with choice #3… no one… and because of this Brock beats on the Rhode’s brothers with a steal chair… why would the McMahon’s care about this when these guys had to fight the Shield to get their jobs back months ago… oh wait, we’re probably suppose to forget that angle…


8 Diva’s match

Total Diva’s vs. regular Diva’s

-AJ now wrestles with a basball cap hanging off her belt… this match did see a triple suplex. AJ took a buttshot for the pin. Nikki does the worm after the match as these fools dance…

Winners: total Diva’s


-the second inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame 2014 is… Jake “The Snake” Roberts!!!! So dope, what a comeback in life in general for Jake. I’m happy for the guy.


-Christian returns!!!…. on Smackdown…


Elimination Chamber Qualifying match

John Cena, Sheamus & Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield

-typical mixed bag reaction for Cena. Cena started with getting the best of Ambrose and Rollins. Reigns then gets a tag (and a chant). Crowd goes nuts for Bryan’s tag into the match but not as nuts as his super hot tag! Rollins and Bryan get a lot of time which was dope. Cena got Reigns in the STF but Reigns broke out of it before the Wyatt’s beat on Cena… this time Bryan and Sheamus are there to instantly even things out. The Wyatt’s just cost The Shield the Elimination Chamber match… Shield is not happy.

Winner: Bryan, Sheamus & Cena by DQ….


-Interesting changes tonight… looks like this show might have been change a bit at the last minute.


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