WWE Royal Rumble 2014


bigshow-brock_Royal Rumble 2014

The 2014 Royal Rumble Match

Great Puma: CM Punk. I know you’re never supposed to go “full mark,” but here I go again. My personal best-case scenarios would be Roman Reigns and/or Daniel Bryan winning it all and headlining Wrestlemania. Unfortunately neither of those names equal dollar signs for the WWE. However, Wrestlemania is going to be the first pay per view offered on the WWE Network, so Bryan or Reigns in the main event would be quite an enticing incentive to order a subscription to the service. CM Punk would be a second best option for the internet market, and the storyline of a number one entrant winning it all is always compelling. Batista is another fine choice, but his star power is still unknown since Guardians of the Galaxy won’t be released until August. I wouldn’t mind seeing Batista win, I just would rather see a few other wrestlers get that opportunity instead.

Mascara De Fuego: Batista. I don’t think they brought back Batista officially in the Royal Rumble match just to have him thrown out like everyone else. That and if Daniel Bryan isn’t in this match then I don’t see anyone else winning it. I do think you’ll see strong showing by not only Roman Reigns but Antonio Cesaro as well. Reigns might get the most eliminations but I am going with Cesaro lasting the longest this year.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs. John Cena

Mascara De Fuego: Randy Orton. I’m going with Orton not only winning this match but next month’s Elimination Chamber match as well. I think he’s taking this title to WrestleMania to face Batista, that’s my early prediction. Cena will end up getting “robbed” in this one ala Daniel Bryan the last couple of months. He might get in the Chamber match but I don’t see him walking away with that one either. I think he’ll get a novelty match at Mania.

Great Puma: Randy Orton. They seem to be setting up John Cena with one of the Hall of Famers for Wrestlemania, so he’ll be too busy to wrestle in the main event title scene. Orton has been a fine heel champ so far and having him lose the title to Batista, or any other face on the roster, is probably the best scenario for Wrestlemania.

Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show

Great Puma: Brock Lesnar. I’m not sure of how they’re using Brock at Wrestlemania, but he needs to come off as strong as he did against CM Punk a few months back. The WWE won’t get their bang for the buck if Brock is reduced to putting over the upper-echelon of the roster. Brock was brought in as a destroyer and a monster and he should be booked as such. Big Show should look formidable, and even dominant at times, but Brock will get the W in the end.

Mascara De Fuego: Brock Lesnar. It’s hard to pick against Brock even when they book him incorrectly. If Brock is going to take on Taker at Mania he NEEDS to look like the biggest monster ever going into that match. I think matches against Mark Henry (maybe at the Elimination Chamber) and Big Show on Sunday will help. The only issue with all of this will be Lesnar proclaiming he wanted the winner of the WWE World Title match which I don’t see him getting until at least SummerSlam…

Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt

Mascara De Fuego: Daniel Bryan. I don’t get why this match needs to happen when I think Bryan’s turn in the cage was the perfect way to finish that program… but I guess not. The other big question here is why isn’t Bryan in the Rumble match?? I think a majority of people wanted to see him take the Rumble. I have a feeling Bryan is destined for a filler match at WrestleMania… bummer.

Great Puma: Daniel Bryan. You mean to tell me this feud is still going on after Bryan already destroyed him in the cage on RAW? I’m already over it and I feel like the only wrestling fan that’s not crazy over Bray Wyatt. Sure his promos are better than average, but that’s not saying much. His in-ring work is fine but it’s not spectacular. Bryan will make him look good in this match and move on to some less than exciting program for Wrestlemania. Bryan should be wrestling in one of the main events, like the rumored match against the Undertaker, but I fear he’ll just be given a midcard filler match with Fandango or someone equivalent to that. Boo.

WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The New Age Outlaws

Great Puma: Cody Rhodes & Goldust. The Usos should be the challengers but that’s another post for another day. I was never a fan of the Outlaws, and I never will be. Sure they can still hang. But I’d rather see a few of the other current tag teams in this spot.

Mascara De Fuego: Goldust & Cody Rhodes. Why are the New Age Outlaws getting a title shot in 2014…? Who knows. I hope the Rhodes’ brothers can pull off another ppv stealing match with these guys. Although with the Rumble, this might have to settle for the #2 match of the show.


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