Smackdown [January 24, 2014]


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The show ends with the Smackdown roster in a pier 6 brawl

Quick Results

  • They open with Zeb Colter and the Real Americans in the ring. Zeb cuts a mildly racist promo on Big Show and Rey Mysterio, and drops a turd on the live crowd as well.
  • Big Show & Rey Mysterio defeat the Real Americans via pinfall when Rey Rey splashes Cesaro off Big Show’s shoulders.
  • After the match, Paul Heyman walks out and cuts a convincing promo on the Big Show.
  • Wade Barrett shits on Miz and Clay prior to their match, and tries to start a “THIS IS AWFUL” chant.
  • The Miz pins Brodus Clay via DDT when Barrett distracted Clay.
  • They show a great Royal Rumble stats and significant numbers video package.
  • AJ Lee w/ Tamina pins Cameron with a Shining Wizard
  • After the match, AJ and Tamina try to attack Cameron but Naomi runs them off. After the scuffle, the Funkadactyls celebrate and gyrate. Awww shit.
  • The Shield cut a promo for the Royal Rumble. All three men talk about dominating every second while their in there, but Roman Reigns ends it by saying he’s going to win it all and headline Wrestlemania.
  • Ryback & Curtis Axel defeat Los Matadores (w/El Torito) when Axel rolls up one of the luchadores
  • After the match El Torito hits Ryback with a flying cross body and runs up the ramp with his mates to Ryback’s disgust.
  • CM Punk drops a promo on the Authority and Kane, and winning the Royal Rumble. Kane comes out and they argue over Punk’s chances of winning being entrant number one.
  • Luke Harper & Erick Rowan beat the Prime Time Players when Harper destroyed Darren Young with a lariat
  • After the match Bray Wyatt dropped Young with Sister Abigail, and then cuts a promo on Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan comes out and tells Bray that he has nothing to fear when they face each other at the Rumble.
  • Kofi Kingston cuts a picture in picture promo about winning the Rumble during his entrance.
  • Kofi Kingston pins Fandango with Trouble in Paradise
  • Goldust, Cody Rhodes, Big E Langston, & The Uso Brothers battled The Shield & The New Age Outlaws to a no-contest when they all started brawling inside and around the ring. The locker room emptied, including CM Punk, and the whole roster had a slobber knocker in the ring to end the show.


The Real Americans tag match was an entertaining curtain jerker. Seeing Rey being whirled around in the Cesaro Swing was nice to see. Show’s double hiptoss on both of the Real Americans was very dope! It’s apparent that Rey Rey can still go but I wonder if they’ll ever involve him in another major program.

Heyman’s promo was so money. I loved how he mentioned how Show stuffed Brock’s takedown on the last RAW. This was promo class 101.

The WWE’s writing team pretty much buried the Miz and Brodus Clay with one promo. I suppose this is the beginning of Miz vs. Barrett feud.

Props to AJ for becoming a star without the help of a reality TV show. She did it in the purist way and has proven that she can carry a solid wrestling match. The match itself was a squash and I really don’t think Cameron needs to be used as an in-ring talent. Cameron has improved since she started but I still think she’s a little green.

Another sick promo from the Hounds of Justice. Dean Ambrose merked his stable mates in delivery, but everybody came off pretty awesome. I liked how Seth Rollins gave the subtlest of looks when Reigns claimed he was going to win it all.

I find it odd that ALL of Ryback’s face mojo has vanished into the ether. The poor guy can’t get any proper heat being a heal. The match was okay but I’m really not a fan of either team.

Okay Punk brought it with this promo. He got the crowd behind him and I think his entrance as number one is going to blow the roof off the arena. For some reason I think Punk winning it all just seems too good to be true. I’d love to see it happen, but we all know the WWE likes to book the opposite of what their purist, older fanbase wants.

The Wyatt Family match was a decent squash. I’d rather see Daniel Bryan feuding for the WWE World Championship but he’s making quite an effort to make this feud important and compelling. Daniel Bryan’s promo was a little too eloquent for him to come off as angry as he should be.

Kofi vs. Fandango was a lot better than I expected. Fandango did a sick Pele kick! The finish was nice. I realize they’re giving Kofi a mini push so we can all expect him to do something special this Sunday. Perhaps they’ll allow him to be in the final four.

What a great main event for a go home show. The Uso’s are gaining some traction as one of the WWE’s elite tag teams. Jimmy’s pop locking body wave spot is pretty nice. The Shield and the faces did a good job of protecting the veteran Outlaws. Seth did the majority of major bumping in the match. I hope he’s rewarded with a major program when the Shield starts doing more solo endeavors. I fucking love it when massive tag matches feature a rally when all the talent involved gets their finishers or signature moves off one after another.

Overall this was a good episode of Smackdown that amped up the excitement for the Royal Rumble. Watch this for the Punk and Heyman promos and the excellent main event.

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