01-20-14 WWE RAW




WELL, my DVR was a dick and didn’t record the first 30mins of the show so I’ll have to wait for their millions of recaps to find out what happened, I might have missed the Batista return…dammit! I caught the show mid match…


Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston & WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The Shield

-From what I caught this was a good match but no surprise because of who was in it. Superman punch was a crazy spot as Reigns catches Cody coming off the ropes with the flash kick. Rollins get the pin on Langston after the head stop which Big E sold perfectly.

Winners: Shield


-A recap of Daniel Bryan’s turn on Bray Wyatt was shown. That YES chant was insane!


-Daniel Bryan came out to the ring and explained plotting his heel turn only to get to Bray Wyatt. He then announces having a match with Wyatt at the Royal Rumble but the way he explained it made it sounds like he and Bray might not be in the Rumble match. Bray then interrupts on the titantron and calls Bryan a traitor, etc.


Fandango vs. Xavier Woods

-Truth was on commentary to add to the ringside distraction. Woods lost fairly easily to the leg drop off the top. Emma was in the crowd again with her sign.

Winner: Fandango


-Kane the Accountant and Brad Maddox were in the back talking about Batista’s return, so I guess this happened already… Steph walks in to question Kane about choke slamming Punk last week and questions his actions now that he’s in a suit. She wants him to go apologize to Punk, he walks out with his tail between his legs. Kane then came out to the ring after the break, while we got the recap of this choke slam by Kane to Punk. Punk then came out and got a half hearted apology which he called out as not hearing Kane. Punk then attacks Kane before Maddox comes out to make a match between Punk and one of the Outlaws.


CM Punk vs. Billy Gunn w/Road Dogg

-Road Dogg ended up on commentary where he tried to explain why they walked out on Punk last week. Not that great of an explanation. Punk ended up beating on Dogg mid match. Punk fought out of the fameasser attempt to hit the GTS for the pin. After the match Maddox and Kane announce that Punk is the first entrant in the Rumble match… oops.

Winner: Punk


-Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar show up in the match while Michael Cole talks about waiting for Cena to show up…


-I love the Royal Rumble stat promo videos.


-Cole, Lawler and JBL talk about Mae Young who then got a video package voiced over by Steph. She says Mae was proud to be a professional wrestler. Touching video that was full of highlights that only could have been done by Mae. Rest in peace Mae Young.


Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio

-this would be the rubber match of these three matches these two have had in the last week. Aggressive match between these two. Good stuff and they got what seemed like a decent amount of time. Although there were a couple of near falls, Del Rio finally put Rey away with the arm breaker.

Winner: Del Rio


-After the match Batista came out to eye fuck Del Rio before he tried to jump him. Batista then got a spine buster and a Batista bomb on ADR. All of the shit talking for nothing, Del Rio is squashed.


-Big Show was out next to talk about his match with Lesnar. Show does an impersonation of Heyman’s voice… He calls out Brock who eventually showed up. He looked like he was going to get into the ring only to back off and both he and Heyman headed to the back. He shows back up, teases then gets face to face with Show. A brawl breaks out before Show tosses Brock to ringside like no big deal. Brock lost his shit and threw around monitors and pieces of the announce table. Brock then tried to bring in a chair but that got stopped by Show too. Show threatens to knock him out while Heyman and Brock walk off… Brock got bitched out.


Diva’s Champion AJ & Tamina vs. Cameron & Naomi  

-on the app AJ was celebrating her history making title reign when Bad News Barrett comes out to be a negative Nancy about no one at this party. Lame story short, Tamina accidentally ends up with cake on her… Naomi pinned AJ…

Winner: Cameron & Naomi


-SO at the beginning of the show the new McMahon’s where in the ring with Orton before Batista made his return. Batista cuts a promo about winning the Rumble and wants to be WWE World Champion at WrestleMania…


-great MLK video package gets shown at this point of the show. They never let down with their MLK videos. So good.


The Uso’s vs. The Wyatt’s w/Bray Wyatt

-slow match that Bray interrupts with a promo about Bryan. After the break the match did pick up. Bryan then came out and beat on Bray. With the distraction, the Uso’s rolled up the Wyatt’s for the pin.

Winner: Uso’s


-Panel for the Rumble is Flair, HBK and Jim Duggan… all winners of the Royal Rumble. This should be interesting…


Kofi Kingston vs. WWE World Champion Randy Orton

-mid match John Cena is “running” into the arena… like the dude ran from his hotel. Cena then causes the DQ by attacking Orton, heelish. These fools fight all the way out to arena where Orton jumps into some strange car… they spent a lot of time following Cena back into the arena… this dragged… they must have had too much time on the clock…

Winner: Orton


-overall, it was an OK go home show for the Rumble. Not amazing but just ok.



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