Smackdown [January 17, 2014]


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The finish to tonight’s show suggests that CM Punk  is going to win the Royal Rumble and headline Wrestlemania?!?

Quick Results


  • The New Age Outlaws come out and do their DX shtick on the mic.
  • Non-Title Match: New Age Outlaws defeated Cody Rhodes & Goldust when Billy Gunn rolls up Cody after Vicky Guerrero comes out and says the Royal Rumble is for everyone to win even if it’ brother vs. brother.
  • Renee Young interviews CM Punk. He says he’s going to call out the Shield.
  • Paul Heyman cuts a promo on the Big Show. Show comes out and says he’s going to knock Brock Lesnar out at the Royal Rumble.
  • Rey Mysterio pins Alberto Del Rio with a rollup, after dodging a concussion kick. After the match, Del Rio locks in the Cross Arm Breaker.
  • Naomi defeats Tamina with a split legged moonsault
  • They show a very poignant Mae Young package appropriately narrated by Stephanie McMahon.
  • Bray Wyatt cuts a promo and talks about his daddy issues and Daniel Bryan.
  • CM Punk cuts a promo on the Shield, the New Age Outlaws, and the Authority.
  • Big E. Langston pins Fandango with the Big Ending
  • They show an Ultimate Warrior inductee into the Hall of Fame video package.
  • The Shield cut a promo with Renee Young. Dean Ambrose talks about how they’re a machine, and that they’ll be unstoppable in the Royal Rumble. They all start talking shit to each other about they could throw each other the top when it comes down to it. Roman Reigns ends it with the fact they’re still going to be united at the end of the day, and that one of them is going to win it all.
  • The Usos beat The Real Americans w/Zeb Colter with the splash
  • CM Punk accuses Triple H and the Authority of hiding behind the Shield and everybody else who has attacked him. He throws in a few jokes but gets back on track and discusses Triple H being overzealous.
  • The Shield and the New Age Outlaws surround the ring, but Kane comes out and tells them to stand down. Punk and Kane exchange words and Kane tells Punk that he has nothing to worry about. Punk insults Kane, Kane tells everybody to attack but then chokeslams Punk himself to end the show.


I was never a fan of the Outlaws and I’m not now, but I have to give respect to them for still being able to hang in the ring. The match itself was okay until the abrupt finish. Cody’s double missile dropkick on the Outlaws was pretty nice.

I can’t really call it but I feel like CM Punk has lost a little oomph in his promos. Poor guy seems tired these days, but seems to really bring out his best when he’s in a main event worthy angle.

Seeing Heyman and Show go at it is a treat to see. Show has been one of the best promo men in past five years.

Mysterio-ADR was solid but I feel like I’ve seen them wrestle too many times before. I’m glad ADR attempted his concussion kick but overall the match just didn’t seem to pick up.

Naomi’s finisher is pretty fresh. It’s been a pleasure watching her improve month after month. I don’t think she’s at AJ’s level yet but I do feel she’ll be a solid Divas Champion very soon.

The May Young tribute video was well done and very poignant. God bless you, May Young. Rest in peace.

I know what Bray Wyatt is trying to do but I’m just not buying into his act just yet. Good promo, just not that great in my opinion.

Nice Superstars of Wrestling style squash match for Big E. He was able to show off his agility with a nice leapfrog. Big E also did a sick power out spot with a textbook bridge. I have a feeling Big E can do so much more in the ring than what he’s shown so far. There was a nice capture of Summer Rae losing her shit as soon as Fandango was hoisted up for Big E’s finisher. Good stuff.

Ultimate Warrior into the Hall of Fame? Fuck yeah.

That was one of the most entertaining Shield promos in a while.

Usos-Real Americans was good shit. There was a Cesaro Swing sighting, which is always welcome. Cesaro also did a Macho Man hiding behind Elizabeth bit with Zeb Colter in the wheelchair. Another nice moment was Jimmy rolling Zeb into Cesaro. There were great moments all around, leading up to the exciting finish with the splash.

Interesting finish to a decent show. I liked how CM Punk was holding the microphone like it was a dagger when the Shield and the Outlaws surrounded the ring.

I think this is a nice addition to the overall Royal Rumble storyline. The idea that CM Punk could possibly win the Royal Rumble is pretty awesome. I’m going to assume that the main event slot is valuable and the WWE wouldn’t just produce such a thing to swerve the audience. I hope they actually have the balls to center the WWE title on Punk at ‘Mania.

*On a personal note, I think I’m going to stop posting here after next week’s Smackdown. I have a lot on my plate in my personal/professional life so I won’t have time for this wonderful blog. I’ll probably drop an article or two here and there, but I just can’t justify using 2 valuable hours of my life to post about the B show every week. Take care and see you all next week!

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One Response to “Smackdown [January 17, 2014]”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    I would love to see Naomi defeat AJ for the title.

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