01-13-14 WWE RAW



Time to plug the WWE app, the Royal Rumble… oh yeah and the WWE Network!

-the old school dust has settled and we’re back to business tonight. Show started with a Wyatt Family/Daniel Bryan promo video. Looks we’re starting the show with this match…


Bray Wyatt & Daniel Bryan w/The Wyatt Family vs. The Uso’s

-I went into this match expecting more than I got. I figured Bryan and Wyatt would come in and manhandle the Uso’s putting them over as a team not to be fucked with. You know, kind of a big deal. Instead it was an average match that ended with Rowan and Harper interfering for the DQ victory… after the match Bryan got another sister Abigail. This was not a reluctant Bryan. After that they help Bryan to the ramp where he walks side by side with Bray… meh. Don’t know where this is going and they better have a good fucking plan…

Winner: Uso’s by DQ


Damien Sandow vs.

-Damien Sandow’s Money in the Bank cash-in against Cena was shown before of the match. Remember? This was where Sandow didn’t win the belt and its been downhill ever since… Sandow got a good showing as he did kick out of Cena’s moves but he ended up doing the same for Cena. Sandow even made the ropes in the STF before he used the crossface on Cena! Unfortunately Cena powered out which led to an AA. I do enjoy the matches Sandow puts together with Cena but if you’re not going to shit with this dude, it means nothing.

Winner: Cena


-A lot of mentions about the WWE Network which got its own promo video. Jerry Lawler flubs at ringside calling the Network the “WWE App”, he caught it but it was still smirk worthy. I’m still excited about the prospect of this network. For the kids you got the current stuff and the ppv’s for us older peoples you get all the archive!


-Kane the Accountant and Brad Maddox who banter about shit should be run on RAW… Maddox proposes a rematch for the Wyatt’s and the Uso’s tonight in a steel cage. Kane adds that the door will be locked and he will have the key… this ends with an odd smirk by Kane… please put the mask on while you wear your accountant suits.


Big Show vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter & Antonio Cesaro

-Colter’s got another sign that said “you’re a BIG part of the problem”… this was a squash that ended with a chokeslam. Cesaro tried to jump Show after the match which only lead to Cesaro getting run out into the arena. Big Show then went back into the ring and teased knocking out Colter… this tease dragged until he finally punched the dude out. Bad.

Winner: Big Show


-Batista video playing up his comeback gets shown here. Looking forward to him coming back honestly. He was doing such good work right before he left that it was a shame he left when he did.


The New Age Outlaws & CM Punk vs. The Shield

-Road Dogg did his big intro that set up for Gunn’s two words which the crowd ate up. The Outlaws got a “you still got it” during this match. Roman Reigns pulled out a new move tonight where he runs at ringside and does a dropkick to the apron, it was kinda dope! The match was pretty good although Friday’s was better. Right has Punk was about to make the hot tag the Outlaws pull a Miz-move and jump off the ring apron and head for the back. Looks like they might already be setting up for Punk vs. HHH at Mania right here! Punk was then left alone to the Shield who put him away easily after Reigns hit the spear again to Punk for the pin. He took a super power bomb after the match.

Winner: Sheild


-After that we get a Wyatt Family promo. Bray puts over the cage match… in a matter of speaking…?


Cameron & Naomi vs. Diva’s Champion AJ & Tamina

-Emma from NXT is in the crowd with a sign that says “#EMMAtaining”… short, nothing match. AJ got the shining wizard for the win. Naomi gets a couple of revenge moves after the match before AJ and Tamina bounce.

Winner: AJ & Tamina


-Randy Orton shows up in the arena with his bags… in his tights already…? After the break he finds Kane, Orton bitches about Cena at the Rumble and Batista coming back. Kane give him a match with Kofi Kingston just to make him feel better… well that made Kofi look even worse.


-Michael Cole throws to the first inductee for the Hall of Fame 2014… IT’S THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR! It only made sense since he did come back for the WWE2k14 game.


-Paul Heyman in the back with Renee, they go over what happened last week with Brock and Big Show.  Heyman was on point as always, so good.


WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston

-Kofi does put up a fight but you’ve killed this dude off so many times why would I take any of this seriously? This match goes longer that it should… seriously this did have to go this long… and then Kofi pinned Randy Orton with a roll up… the fuck? Randy flips out after the match and ends up being up on John Cena’s dad… this of course brought Cena out who acted like his dad just got shot from a grassy knoll in Houston Texas. John Cena Sr. is carted off.

Winner: Kofi…?


WWE Tag Team Champions Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. AxelBack

-Michael Cole brings up Ryback’s odd rants on Twitter from the last couple of days, odd. Good hot tag to Cody who clean it up and brought it home. Other than that the match was “meh” even for a Rhodes’ match.

Winner: Cody & Goldust


Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio

-Batista’s little buddy takes on someone who was just taking shit about him… hmmm short match that Del Rio wins with the arm bar. He then shit talks Batista and his little buddy. He comes back next week.

Winner: Del Rio


-Kane the Account WAS on the phone when CM Punk walks into his office all pissed. He blames Hunter and shit talks him to Kane before he interrupts him to let him know he’s in the Royal Rumble match. Well, there’s that.


-Uso’s get a video package, it was an interesting concept showing half of Jimmy and Jay’s faces making it look like its one face.

-The Outlaws take on the Rhodes brothers on Smackdown.


Steel Cage Match

Bray Wyatt & Daniel Bryan w/The Wyatt Family vs. The Uso’s

-Kane came down before the match and locked the cage door. This matched happened again, this time more aggressive than the last match. this match did get a “this is awesome” after the Uso’s came off the top rope with a back suplex on Bryan. Both Uso’s came over the top of the cage, one of which splashed onto Rowan to win the match. 2 losses by the Wyatt’s in one night. The crowd chants for Bryan who was about to take another sister Abigail when Bryan pushes him away. The crowd loses their shit and chant “Daniel Bryan” as the loudest shit you’ve ever heard. Bray gets on his knees before these two start brawling! Bryan lands a series of dropkicks in the corner before kicks to the head of Wyatt.

Winner: Uso’s


– The crowd chants for Bryan who was about to take another sister Abigail when Bryan pushes him away. The crowd loses their shit and chant “Daniel Bryan” as the loudest shit you’ve ever heard. Bray gets on his knees before these two start brawling! Bryan lands a series of dropkicks in the corner before kicks to the head of Wyatt. Rowan and Harper try to get into the cage but Bryan uses Bray as a weapon to keep them at bay! Bryan has this crowd eating out of his hands before he gives Bray the flying knee. Bryan poses on the top of the cage to end the show. Fucking great visual to end the show tonight.


-Well at least that ending was WELL worth most of the shit on this show and at least they didn’t keep him as a Wyatt for too long.



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