Smackdown [January 10, 2014]


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CM Punk does the worst poplocking move and the greatest pro wrestling move at the exact same time.

Quick Results

Philadelphia, PA

  • The Usos and The Wyatts (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) wrestle to a no-contest when Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan interfere and attack the Usos.
  • Randy Orton bitches to Vicky Guerrero about the Authority.
  • Big Show and Paul Heyman duel on the mic on MizTV. Heyman teases to bring out Brock Lesnar to fight Big Show, but says Lesnar fights only when he says to fight Lesnar. Heyman hypes up Big Show vs. Lesnar at the Royal Rumble.
  • They show highlights of the new WWE Network announcement.
  • Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara & Los Matadores (w/El Torito) defeat The Real Americans, Ryback & Curtis Axel when Rey Rey pins Swagger with the West Coast Pop
  • Randy Orton pins Big E Langston via RKO that followed a thumb to the eye
  • Daniel Bryan cuts his first promo with the Wyatt Family.
  • R-Truth joins the announce team for an Xavier Woods match.
  • Xavier Woods pins Fandango via roll up. After the match, the Funkadactyls clown a feisty Summer Rae, and R-Truth helps throw Fandango out of the ring.
  • Tom Phillips interviews the Usos. The Usos say they’re not scared and they’re going to bring the pain to the Wyatts on RAW.
  • Shield promo in the ring. Reigns starts it off and recaps Old School Raw and calls himself the Best in the World. Dean Ambrose talks about how he hates snakes and cuts a promo on Damien. Seth Rollins caps off the promo with some harsh words for the New Age Outlaws and CM Punk.
  • They show a Royal Rumble commercial that centers around Batista’s return.
  • The Shield defeat CM Punk & The New Age Outlaws when Roman Reigns blasts Billy Gunn with a spear in mid air


The Usos always seem to bust out a new move or double team every week. I’m not sure if they’re ever going to be given a run with the tag titles but it’s a shame if Harper and Rowan get them first. I can’t get behind this Daniel Bryan heel turn just yet. I’m down with it if it gives us Bryan vs. ‘Taker at Mania. If not, I don’t know how it’s going to pay off with an exception of John Cena gaining all the face heat that Bryan loses with his current character.

Great Promo battle between Heyman and Show. I’m glad Big Show is in a high profile feud right now.

Yep. 10 bucks for all the WWE pay per views and access to their video catalogue and more. You can’t go wrong with that. I’m mostly psyched for their new documentaries.

The 8-Man tag was fun. Rey rocked a crazy fire red colorway. It’s actually enjoyable to watch Sin Cara wrestle since the act is helmed by someone who is consistently solid in the ring. I have to mention that I am officially tired of Los Matadores and the baby bull now.

I’ve said it many times before; Randy Orton is so much better when he’s in the ring with technically skilled wrestlers. Orton vs. Big E was unfortunately a bad mesh of styles. Big E’s slow and brutal power offense, along with Orton’s methodical moveset, did not make for an exciting match. I suppose we have to take into account that they weren’t given a lot of time to work, and the crowd wasn’t necessarily the most enthusiastic Smackdown audience in recent memory.

It’s nice to see Daniel Bryan give an amped up promo but I just wish he did it when he was a face.

Props to the Usos for giving a spirited promo that was straight and to the point. I’ll be rooting for them to beat Daniel and Bray on Monday.

Weird seeing Dean Ambrose play the comic relief in a Shield promo. All three of them killed on the mic. Good promo from the WWE’s top faction.

It’s almost as if the WWE wants you to think this Wrestlemania season is going to be all about Batista. I think he’s going to go as far as Guardians of the Galaxy goes. It’s foolish to think he’s going to move the ratings needle any more than the Rock’s returns did.

The main event was tremendous and that’s exactly what we’ve been getting from anything involving the Shield, regardless of their opponents. Gotta love Punk’s Poplock Arm Wave Elbow Smash from the top rope! That was probably the worst poplocking move and greatest wrestling move at the same time. Ambrose and Punk arguably had the best sequence of wrestling between Punk versus any member of the Shield in the past few months.

This was an entertaining show that was light on in-ring wrestling but featured a fantastic main event. The exceptional promos all progressed the angles forward, and that main event is a must see match. Overall this was a good episode of Smackdown.

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