Smackdown [January 4, 2014]


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Smackdown starts 2014 right with the Shield

Quick Results

Washington D.C.

  • Shield Promo. Dean Ambrose speaks first and addresses the rumors of the Shield breaking up. Ambrose subtly alludes to Roman Reigns having an ego problem. Reigns talks about the Shield not having any weak links. Rollins caps it off with the Shield catch phrase and they begrudgingly put their fists together.
  • Dean Ambrose joins the broadcast team for the following tag match.
  • The Usos defeat Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins w/Dean Ambrose when Dean Ambrose interfered
  • After the match, the Shield continue the usual 3 on 2 beat down but CM Punk makes the save.
  • They return from commercials and show Vicky Guerrero making the main event during the commercial break. She makes a six man tag of the Shield vs. CM Punk and the Usos.
  • Xavier Woods joins the announcing team.
  • R-Truth pins Fandango via Little Jimmy after the Funkadactyls and Xavier Woods distract Fandango on the outside
  • Renee Young interviews Big E Langston about Brock Lesnar destroying Mark Henry on Raw. Big E says he wouldn’t want to be Brock Lesnar right now. Curtis Axel joins the conversation and starts laughing at Mark Henry’s misfortune. Big E ends the interview by saying Axel won’t be laughing after their match.
  • Cody Rhodes & Goldust defeat Luke Harper & Erick Rowan when Goldust rolls up Rowan
  • Nikki Bella pins Aksana via Torture Rack Backbreaker Drop
  • Big E Langston pins Curtis Axel via the Big Ending
  • Bad News Barrett shits on the crowd like he does every week.
  • CM Punk & The Usos defeat The Shield when CM Punk pins Dean Ambrose with the GTS
  • Reigns and Rollins walk up the ramp without Ambrose, shaking their heads.
  • The show ends with Bray Wyatt cutting a promo about Daniel Bryan joining the Shield.


The slight expressions on the Shield’s faces were classic. They all said so much with just a few words and a few gestures. Great way to start the show.

Ambrose KILLED on match commentary during the Usos match. He was quick witted and his “Be a Star” reference to Michael Cole was brilliant. If he doesn’t become a top star in the next few years, he definitely has a future behind the mic.

The Usos-Shield tag team match was going great until the finish. As good as the match was, it was even better because of Ambrose’s commentary. I liked that one of the Usos did Shelton Benjamin’s Dragon Whip.

R-Truth-Fandango was okay for what it was. Glad they gave Xavier Woods a chance to talk. It’s unfortunate that they killed R-Truth’s Little Jimmy gimmick because he hasn’t been as over since.

Innovative finish for the Rhodes Brothers title defense. Both, Goldust and Cody Rhodes, have been such a boost to the overall quality of WWE’s in-ring product. I dread the day they decide to do the brother vs. brother program.

Nikki Bella and Aksana put forth a decent match. Nikki’s finisher is pretty dope and she does it well. Also, if you’re going to have Aksana on the main roster why not bring some of the NXT stand outs up?

Big E’s match was a nice squash. I liked how Axel had some moments where he displayed some true ring awareness but it was mostly a showcase for Big E.

What a main event. Punk, the Usos, and the Shield all delivered like they do every week. Just when you think you’ve seen every combination of finishes for six-man tags, the Shield and their opponents come up with some new shit. It’s such a treat to be able to witness these six-man tag matches almost every week since the emergence of the Shield. They continue to deliver in EVERY match with no signs of slowing down. Most of the matches were okay to good, but this main event puts this show over the line in quality. Overall this was a good show bookended with Shield goodness.


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