Smackdown [December 27, 2013]


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The last Smackdown of 2013 was a breakout moment for Seth Rollins.

Quick Results

  • John Cena comes out, tells a few new years resolution jokes, panders to the crowd, and encourages them to make some noise.
  • The Shield come out and start beating down Cena. Mark Henry comes out for the help out but the Shield eventually overwhelm him. Big E Langston comes out for the save, then Cena and Henry recover and help him clean house. Corporate Kane comes out and makes singles matches; Ambrose vs. Big E, Reigns vs. Henry, and Rollins vs. Cena.
  • Erick Rowan & Luke Harper defeat The Usos when Rowan splashed one of the Usos after Luke Harper hit his clothesline.
  • After the match, Bray Wyatt hit Sister Abigail on Jimmy Uso.
  • Renee Young interviews Randy Orton. He says he’s going to induct himself into the Hall of Fame. Dolph Ziggler interrupts and says he’s going to be the guy that’s finally going to shut him up. Kane gets in between them and makes the match.
  • Antonio Cesaro pins Cody Rhodes after Cesaro hit Rhodes with an uppercut to the back of his head after being distracted by Jack Swagger
  • The Primetime Players defeated AxelBack when Darren Young rolls up Curtis Axel with a sitout pin
  • Randy Orton pins Dolph Ziggler via RKO after giving Ziggler a thumb to the eye. After the match Orton DDT’d Ziggler off the ring barrier and onto the floor.
  • Shield cut a promo in the bowels of the arena. Ambrose goes diabolical, Reigns gives birth to cool, and Rollins plays sinister tough guy. Good shit!
  • Daniel Bryan pins Damien Sandow with the Baisuku Kick
  • After the match, The Wyatts come out and Bray Wyatt cuts a promo on Bryan.
  • The Shield, Cena, Mark Henry, and Big E Langston come down to ringside for their trio of matches.
  • Big E Langston pins Dean Ambrose with the Big Ending
  • Roman Reigns defeats Mark Henry with a spear
  • John Cena pins Seth Rollins with an Attitude Adjustment


This was one of the better opening segments of the last half of this year. It set up some key matches for rest of the show and established the overall tone. All three match ups are pretty intriguing, but then again I think any featured combination of the Shield is going to be great. I’m most looking forward to Rollins vs. Cena.

The Wyatts tag match was pretty much by the numbers. Odd to see the Usos used in a squash match. The WWE must not be so proud of Jimmy’s involvement in Total Divas.

Decent promos from both Orton and Ziggler. It got me actually hyped for their match.

Cesaro vs. Cody was a solid match up. They work well together and I wouldn’t mind seeing them in a longer match. They barely skimmed the surface of what they could do.

The PTP tag match was fine. Darren Young’s moveset is coming along nicely, and he should do his textbook Northern Lights Suplex every week. I’m glad they’re giving Ryback and Axel something to do in the midcard. I was tired of their feud with Punk after about the 3rd week.

Orton vs. Ziggler was worthy of being a main event on any other Friday of the year. The counters and the false finishes were done perfectly. These two had incredible chemistry and was a testimony to Orton’s ability to gel with more technical wrestlers like Ziggler and Bryan. Great match.

Bryan vs. Sandow was another fine singles match. Orton-Ziggler was more competitive but it’s always a pleasure to watch Bryan systematically destroy his opponent.

The final threesome of matches was a nice touch to the main event. Ambrose unfortunately got jobbed in the worse way. He hardly got a chance to shine. It’s apparent who the WWE sees as the future of the company. Why not give their budding stars a fighting chance instead of burying them so soon.

Henry vs. Reigns was as good as a good ol’ hoss fight can get. Kudos to Henry for making Reigns look like a sure bet champion and vice versa. What’s most impressive is that Reigns finished Mark Henry with what looked like a sequence of signature moves. Reigns first hit his Superman Punch setting it up with the Iron Man Punch to the ground. Then he stood in the corner and blasted Mark Henry with his Super Punch for the clean pin. Wow. I hope they hold off on Reigns vs. Langston until they milk it for all they can as a main event for a major pay per view. I see serious dollar signs in both of these bulls.

I was excited to check my DVD timeline see that Rollins was given at least 15 minutes to work with Cena. The match itself was great. Rollins’ moveset is sick and it was fantastic to see Cena work so hard to make Rollins’ offense look great. There were too many great moments to mention, but Rollins giving Cena a Blockbuster was a sight to behold. Rollins’ reverse flip into an inverted neckbreaker was also pretty amazing. Cena’s powerbomb was downright brutal and the close two count that followed it was awesome.

Rollins did a wonderful job of looking exhausted while climbing to the top rope one last time. I disliked seeing Cena kicking out of Rollins’ flying knee but that’s just nitpicking. Cena’s counter of Rollins’ Head Stomp into the STF was another sequence worth mentioning. This was just a great match with an equally great finish. This match is Seth Rollins’ coming of age party like Roman Reigns had against Daniel Bryan on RAW a month or so ago. Good lord. Standing ovation for both men.

Overall, Smackdown ended 2013 with a truly great episode. All of the matches were good to great, and the final match between Rollins and Cena truly delivered as a main event worthy of closing the year.

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