Smackdown [December 20, 2013]


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When it comes to main events, The Shield gon’ Shield.

Quick Results

San Antonio, TX

  • Randy Orton comes out and starts bitching and complaining. Cena comes out and asks Randy Orton if he wants to be remembered as a cowardly champion of champions that got DQ’d before Daniel Bryan could beat him last Monday. Orton blows Cena off which brings out Daniel Bryan. Bryan says that Orton doesn’t deserve to be called WWE Champion.
  • The Shield come out, which brings out CM Punk to even the odds. Vicky Guerrero speaks on behalf of the Authority, who makes the main event of Cena, Bryan, and Punk vs. The Shield.
  • Big E Langston w/ Mark Henry defeats Jack Swagger with the Big Ending.
  • AJ Lee guest commentates for the following Diva’s match.
  • Brie Bella w/ Nikki defeats Tamina Snuka via roll up after she countered the Superfly Splash by raising her knees
  • Bad News Barrett comes out and shits on the crowd.
  • Sin Cara pins Drew McIntyre with the Swanton Bomb
  • Tensai defeats Brodus Clay via rollup when Xavier Woods and the Funkadactyls came out for the distraction finish.
  • Erick Rowan & Luke Harper defeat Cody Rhodes & Goldust in a non-title match via pinfall when Harper blasts Goldust with the discus clothesline. After the match Bray Wyatt comes in to attack the Rhodes brothers, which brings out Daniel Bryan to even the odds.
  • Damien Sandow gets on his soapbox about Christmas. He says he’s going to cancel Christmas on Raw. Miz comes out and says he knows Santa Claus and says that Sandow couldn’t carry Santa’s sack. Burn!
  • Damien Sandow pins The Miz via rollup with a handful of tights
  • Fandango defeats Kofi Kingston with his Off the Top Rope Legdrop
  • Renee Young tries to interview Daniel Bryan backstage but he’s taken out by the Wyatt Family, thus making the main event a handicap match.
  • John Cena & CM Punk defeat the Shield when the Shield wouldn’t stop pummeling CM Punk. Reigns hit his spear on Cena and the Shield Triple Powerbombs Punk. Big E Langston played Captain Save-a-Ho and cleaned house to end the show.


Fine opener that set the tone of the show. Bryan was solid on the mic and got the crowd going. I still mark out for the Shield’s entrance.

Typical Big E Langston match. He came. He saw, and he wrecked shop. Dude looks impressive and his wrestling is up to par. Please don’t Kofi him, WWE!

Decent Divas match. I’m proud of the Bellas for steadily improving over the years. They’re more than just eye candy now. I’m not saying they’re on a Trish Stratus/Lita level, but they’re watchable. Poor Tamina. She should have been Diva’s Champ a while ago. I’m not sure if they’re ever going to give her or Natalya a run with the title any time soon.

I’m glad this Sin Cara isn’t the Botchaholic Sin Cara. Those were horrible times. I guess Drew McIntyre has been officially been placed on the enhancement talent roster. He’s improved a lot but I just can’t really get into the guy.

Gotta love a good hoss battle but this was too short. Weird how Brodus Clay made Tensai look small, or at least a little smaller than I remember him.

Another solid Rhodes Brothers tag team match. Luke Harper continues to standout in every match he’s involved in. He’s an interesting, fleshed out character with a lot of room to grow. Can’t believe Goldust did a somersault plancha off the apron to the outside. DOPE!

The Daniel Bryan save was dope. This guy gets the WHOLE ARENA on fire chanting Yes! I hope the WWE is aware of what’s going on.

I still can’t get with the Miz being the heir to the Figure Four Leglock. The match itself was okay but very brief.

Nice match between Kofi and Fandango. I really hate seeing Kofi lose.

The Daniel Bryan assault backstage was well done. I like how they dimmed the lights when Bryan looked up at Luke Harper. Creepy.

The main event was just another fantastic Shield match to add to their legacy of putting forth great tag team and six man tag team matches. God bless Roman Reigns’s Superman Punch. Reigns actually got to set it up tonight with his Iron Man punch to the mat before hitting it. Loved how they teased Reigns vs. Big E at the end of the show. Those two created a certain excitement of a major stand off that only a few superstars can pull off, which is a great sign of things to come.

Overall this was a good episode of Smackdown with two excellent main events for both of the hours. Definitely go out of your way to catch the Shield match.

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