12-16-13 WWE RAW



-Show starts off with the speech Steph and Hunter gave when the pay per view started, this time with photos of the wrestlers they brought up. This leads into Randy Orton becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.


-We cut to the stage where the entire roster is standing while Steph and Hunter stand in the ring welcoming us to what they call a “historic night”… Hunter into’s the new champion who comes out with both belts on his shoulders. He posed with the titles with Bryan on one side and Cena on the other… interesting visual… also the graphic for Orton has BOTH titles so maybe they are keeping both belts…? Orton gloats about his victory and shit on the roster watching on. Cena then cuts him off calling him an idiot and goes into mocking Orton before telling him to put up or shut up… Cena then says he wasn’t talking about himself but Daniel Bryan… Orton the proclaims that he doesn’t have to listen to ANYONE and Steph chimes in then whispers with Hunter about this idea proposed by Cena… Steph and Hunter don’t understand the love for Bryan but they still make the match between Orton and Bryan for tonight! Bryan and the rest of the roster then leads the crowd in a YES chant… interesting…


WWE Tag Team Champions Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. (WWE.com poll winners) The Big Show & Rey Mysterio

-Cody and Rey started the match high paced, Rey doing a baseball slide splash to Cody on the outside was cool looking. Cole, JBL and Lawler waste fucking time taking a “selfie” at ringside… are you fucking kidding me… Big Show and Rey then kept Cody cornered and grounded. Show then missed the elbow dropped off the 2nd rope for the hot tag. He did get chokeslammed but Cody made the save. Show hit the KO punch then Rey stood on the shoulders of Show for the splash for the pin. After the match Rey and Show stood over Goldust before looking concerned. Cody, Rey and Show then help Goldust up in a show of respect. Decent match.

Winner: Show & Rey


-WWE app poll time… you can pick the Uso’s, Los Matadores or the Primetime Players to tag with CM Punk against the Shield.


-fucking Bad News Barrett is back and no one cares… he’s got a gavel now… this fool brings up the lottery and the big pool for it but none of these people are going to win it… stupid.


-the fucking WWE is now selling replica Slammy’s on their auction site…


-Kane the Account, Steph and Hunter in the back when grumpy face Orton comes in yelling about having to take on Bryan tonight… Steph tries to put a positive spin on this bringing up Bryan getting beat last night and them being a friend but how he’s got double the work now and how he has to show everyone now why he is this champion of champions. He storms off like grump.


Fandango vs. Dolph Ziggler

-this a rematch from the preshow… short match with Ziggler a quick roll up for the pin.

Winner: Ziggler


-WWE is now on snapchat for you dick pix sharing…


Real American’s w/Zeb Colter vs. Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston & Mark Henry

-most of the match is spent by Big E and Henry over powering the RA’s. During the break the American’s corner Big E until the hot tag to Henry. Cesaro was going for the big swing when Big E gets the blind tag to hit his big ending for the pin. Crowd dug this one.

Winner: Langston & Henry


-Damien Sandow is dressed like a dirty Santa (kinda like Bad Santa) with AJ and Tamina as Elf’s. Some kid comes in and tries to ask for gifts n shit but Santa doesn’t give a fuck and cancels Christmas this year… so this was a promo for a Good Santa (Mark Henry) vs. Bad Santa (Sandow) on RAW next week…


Ryback & Curtis Axel vs. Tensai & Brodus Clay w/Cameron & Naomi

-Xavier Woods & R-Truth are on commentary. Tensai gets cornered and goes for the hot tag only to have Clay back off the tag… that set up for the shellshock for the pin… after the match Clay splashes Tensai a couple of times before Xavier and Truth make the save. Xavier and Truth want Cameron and Naomi to come into the ring to dance… even though Tensai is laying on the arena floor recovering from this beating… odd scene as these 4 dance.

Winner: Ryback and Axel


-CM Punk came out to the ring he talks about taking out the Shield last night and how he thinks that Hunter is trying to bury him under the rug. He then calls Hunter out so they can hash out their problems face to face. Hunter doesn’t show up so Punk sat on the top rope before all of a sudden with get Shawn Michaels!!! HBK is in full goofy camo… he gets an HBK chant before getting a “you sold out” chant… full on bad guy Michaels here craps on the crowd. He says Punk issue should be with him for superkicking him last week. This got a “one more match” chant which Punk played up for himself. Punk then marks out on HBK before telling him that if he kicks him again, he going to kick him back… HBK then intros Punk’s opponents… The Shield… yeah we already know this… FYI, I’d rather see Bryan vs. HBK. Better story AND match…


The Shield vs. CM Punk & and app poll winners… The Uso’s (by 57%)

-The Shield keep one of the Uso’s cornered and grounded as Cole claims the Shield just doesn’t look the same here… Hot tag to Punk which set up a series of dives to the outside. Reigns made the blind tag as Punk hit the GTS on Ambrose then hit a spear on Punk for the pin and the win. Good stuff here though short.

Winner: Shield


-stupid “coal in your stalking” poll on the app… Steph won this bullshit.


-Wyatt family promo interrupts Michael Cole shilling the app… Bray calls Bryan a coward… basically if Bryan doesn’t wasn’t to join them they will destroy him…


Natalya & the Bella’s vs. Diva’s Champion AJ, Tamina & Alicia Fox

-forward job on this shit… Tamina gets a SUPER kick on Nikki setting up for the shining wizard by AJ for the pin.

Winner: AJ, Fox & Tamina


-Santa Mark Henry with his elves Hornswoggle and the Bella’s… oh man… some kid fears that Christmas is going to get canceled… I’m embarrassed to be a watching this shit right now…


-Renee with Randy Orton in the back, he doesn’t want to get congratulated anymore and still isn’t happy about having to take on Bryan again. He wants everyone kiss his bent over ass… awkward…


Non Title Match

Daniel Bryan vs. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton

-crowd was heavily behind Bryan in this one. This was a fast paced and hard hitting match, this shit got stiff quick. Orton works best with these smaller guys that are workers. This was a really good match with a lot of close pin falls. Orton got himself DQ’ed when he nut shot Bryan… this brought out Cena to come out and start shit with Orton who then RKO’d his ass for his trouble. Orton then poses with the two belts over grounded Cena and Bryan to end the show…

Winner: Bryan by DQ


-that main event made this show as did the Rhodes vs. Show and Rey match. Overall a better show than the ppv.





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