WWE TLC Predictions & Thoughts


Unification TLC Match

World Champion John Cena vs. WWE Champion Randy Orton

Mascara De Fuego: Title(s) held up. I’ve gone back and forth about how this match will ultimately end and after the WWE had hammered us with getting ONE champion on this show, I now think its the LAST thing we’re going to get. I don’t think they are going to do the “swap title” scenario that numerous people have predicted where Cena walks off with the WWE Title and Orton takes down the World Title… unless that leads to the following… What I think will happen is we’re getting (another) screw job finish and the title will be held up once again. That will lead to something we haven’t had in about 22 years which is the Unified Title will be up for grabs at the Royal Rumble. As some of you know by reading my article on this unification match, I am not crazy about the WWE combining these titles once again but if there is an event to properly do this crowning of ONE champion, it would be the Royal Rumble. Back in 1992 the WWF Title was up for grabs in the Royal Rumble which Ric Flair won. This gave everyone a level playing field and a chance to win their biggest title. I think this bad build up to combining these titles could use another month of pushing how big a deal this is and could use one of the WWE’s oldest pay per views to get the point across. Now we’re not stuck with Cena or Orton as this “champion of champions” but now 28 others have a chance to win this title. After that champion is crowned you can use the Elimination Chamber to crown the #1 contender for the title at WrestleMania, that way you’re still having a big match to crowd the contender as well. I just don’t think either one of these guys should be the ones unifying these titles when there is so much indifference for these 2 characters. Lets be honest, people really want to see Daniel Bryan be on top right now and the only people that don’t want to see that are the ones who could make it happen. Its a stupid way to run a business. Anyhow, I’m hoping this is what happens.

Great Puma: Orton. This won’t happen cleanly and the first Unified Champion of the WWE is going to win this via shady means. I expect interference from the Shield or others to determine the finish. All this is going to do is to set up John Cena’s heroic road to Wrestlemania. It’s a cynical way of looking at the direction of the WWE but they always end up going with what they know instead of what we really want, which is a Daniel Bryan title run. Cena will probably get a rematch and get screwed again at the Royal Rumble. This sets up a storyline where he somehow gets another shot with Orton at Wrestlemania and the WWE gets their main event involving the two men they love to push the most.

Handicap Match

Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family

Great Puma: Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan is on the rise to stardom much like the Shield, which is why he’s going to go over here. His cheers in the final segment of last week’s Raw didn’t go unnoticed. The WWE will probably allow this match to be their reward for the “smarter” fans that enjoyed Seattle’s rogue behavior on Raw. I expect the Wyatts to get their licks in and severely damage Bryan in the process of putting him over.

Mascara De Fuego: Wyatt’s. Not only is this match a bad idea TWO handicap matches are even worse. The need to get this feud over with and move on. If that means doing a one on one between Bryan and Bray Wyatt on RAW then so be it but its time to move on from this odd 3 on 1 feud. I enjoy watching Harper work at this point but I’ve seen enough matches between he and Bryan.

Handicap Match

CM Punk vs. The Shield

Mascara De Fuego: Punk. Punk should win this and either find two other guys to take on the Shield or move on. I know they are teasing the Shield break up or split with Roman Reigns but I don’t think its the right time for that yet either. A slow burn is a better burn. There is still money in this three man unit and I think you’re doing yourself a disservice but breaking them up too soon. I would say both this match and Bryan’s match should be good but they are 3 on 1 matches so it wont do much for them either way.

Great Puma: The Shield. The true story of the pay per view is a tale of two triple threat matches. Punk doesn’t need this win, while the Shield are still in the middle of their rise to the upper echelons of the roster. Punk will make all the members of the Shield look like gold in this match, and the Shield will certainly return the favor. Hopefully this isn’t the night for the Shield to ‘break up.’ Even though Punk deserves the Cena treatment, where he goes on to triumph over three men, he won’t get it.

Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston vs. Damien Sandow

Great Puma: Big E. The WWE gets a two-for here by putting Big E over. They elevate the IC Title and they get to add to Big E’s credibility as the next break out star. Damien Sandow should still come out of this match looking good and I expect Big E to look phenomenal here. Hopefully the live crowd will feel the same way.

Mascara De Fuego: Big E. Putting stock in the Intercontinental Title makes more sense now than ever IF you are going to unify the two big titles. We’ve seen some of this since Langston has won the title and now he’s got more pressure on his shoulders to actually do what most have said and actually make this title mean something again. I think these two have been doing good work lately and should have a pretty good match together. What happens to Sandow after this match (or feud) is a good question…

Diva’s Champion AJ w/Tamina vs. Natalya

Mascara De Fuego: AJ. Still don’t think its the right time to take the title of AJ. At least this match will involve to actual workers and should be a fairly decent match.

Great Puma: Natalya. The sweetheart of Total Divas needs her title run. Natalya has been a solid worker for the WWE and I think it’s time for her to be rewarded for her efforts. AJ has done wonders for the Divas Title but she’s already over and she really doesn’t need the belt.

WWE Tag Team Champions Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. The Real American’s vs. Big Show & Rey Mysterio vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel 

Great Puma: Goldust & Cody. If the Shield were part of this match then I’d go with the Shield, but they’re not. The WWE has a bad habit of giving wins likes these to Super Teams like Big Show and Rey Mysterio but I don’t think that’s going to happen this time around. Show and Rey are placed here to up the legitimacy of the match. A Goldust and Cody win here will be huge and will further the importance of the tag team straps. Cody and Goldust have been phenomenal in keeping the quality of WWE Tag Team Title matches at a high level. They’ve done a great job of picking up right where Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins left off as far as in-ring product goes. A win for anybody else just wouldn’t make too much sense booking wise and business wise.

Mascara De Fuego: Goldust & Cody. I have to say that if Puma and I do a year end show, Cody and Goldust will be my tag team of the year! They’ve done more so for these titles than even the Shield before them which is saying something. I’m going with the Rhodes boys winning this match even with the inclusion of the new team by Show and Rey. Should be the match of the night, as they have been most of these pay per views since they’ve come back and won the tag title.s

Pre-Show Match

Dolph Ziggler vs. Fandango

Great Puma: Dolph Ziggler. I think the hype train on Fandango is gone. The reactions for Fandango are getting smaller and smaller by the week. I think the WWE notices this and is putting Fandango in his proper place, midcard entertainment.

Mascara De Fuego: Ziggler. Like Sandow, what exactly do you do with Ziggler…?! He’s either pissed someone off badly or they just don’t give a fuck about this guy. It’s just bad. I hope this dude has a better 2014…

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  1. Estell Newton Says:

    We all know that the title match will be rigged so Orton will win.

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