12-09-13 WWE RAW presents THE SLAMMY’S 2013



Well this is the go-home show folks… can they actually make us excited for this main event match at TLC? We shall seeeeee!

-Show starts off with a very “award show” style intro… JBL is in a tux and Michael Cole is in a dressier suit. They go over how to install the WWE App for the millionth time as that’s where the voting will be taking place tonight…


Daniel Bryan vs. Fandango

-massive ovation for Bryan in his home-state, this crowd is insane for Bryan! JBL and Cole keep bringing up the fact that Shawn Michaels and Daniel Bryan could be crossing paths tonight with HBK giving out the Superstar of the Year award which Bryan is nominated. Fandango got a nice sit down power bomb on Bryan who was coming off the top rope before the break. Fandango missed the leg drop off the top which set up the head butt from the top into running knee for the pin. Glorified jobber match but this is what this crowd wanted to see. After the match the lights go out and Bray Wyatt cuts a promo about hurting Daniel Bryan at the ppv before asking him to join the Wyatt’s… this got a MASSIVE NO chant.

Winner: Bryan


-Jerry Lawler and Booker T are the host of the Slammy’s tonight. They come out for stupid award show banter… they then intro the New Age Outlaws who come out dressed in the Dumb and Dumber tuxedos! Haha!


LOL Moment of the Year: The New Age Outlaws get a “one more match” chant before going to these “LOL” moments… as they play the clips, the Rock’s song to Vicki got the most airtime. At least that was actually a funny moment… the winner was the Rock concert… Vicki then comes out (in hot pants) and accepts the award for her beauty.


Santino vs. Damien Sandow

-Big E was on commentary for this one. Sandow got dueling chants. Another glorified jobber match going into the ppv. Sandow and Langston have a stare down at the end of this one.

Winner: Sandow


Double Cross of the Year: The Shield are giving this award out, they come out all dressed up for this. Reigns gets cut off by Ambrose during his promo… they keep building this turn… nominees are Henry and his retirement speech… HBK turning on Bryan at Hell in a Cell… Heyman turning on Punk… HHH turning on Bryan when Orton cashed in Money in the Bank… the winner was Shawn Michaels turning on Daniel Bryan… Reigns announced the winner before Ambrose did getting his ass back… Shawn comes out and says he’s double crossed a lot of people over the years and he finally wins after being retired for four years. He gets a small “you sold out” chant which he acknowledges and says he sold out a long time ago which is why he’s still here. Haha! This moment should have gone to Mark Henry he acted his ass off in that segment when he turned on Cena when he was “retiring”.


Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz

-typical shit even though people are into Kofi tonight. Miz tries to get counted out only to have Kofi bring him back into the ring. Kofi takes the corner to the end, gets rolled up with a hand full of tights and gets pinned. After the match he takes the trouble in paradise.

Winner: Miz


Diva of the Year: Eve Torres is out looking dope for this award. The Bella’s win this award and get booed.


Rey Mysterio, Big Show, WWE Tag Team Champions Rhodes brothers vs. Real American’s w/Zeb Colter, Curtis Axel & Ryback

-Decent match with a log of tags and spots. Axel tags the hurricaneranna from the top into the 619 into the dive from the top for the win.

Winner: Rey, Show, Cody and Goldust


Superstar of the Year: A little early for this one but Shawn Michaels comes out to go over this shit. He wants to be called Mr. Slammy… sounds porno-ish… he brings up H-B-SHIZZLE again, that got a chant… the nominees are… Brock, Punk, Big Show, Bryan, Orton and Cena… the winner was… Daniel Bryan! JBL and Cole call this an upset… you kidding me?? Michaels makes this awkward by holding onto the award too long. He says if not for HBK he wouldn’t be here tonight but then again he’d be WWE Champion if not for HBK. He cuts a promo that keeps this crowd going nuts for him.


-after the break they did an “In Memory of” for Nelson Mandela. Nice touch WWE.


Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio

-before the match ADR gets a cut away promo in Spanish about SC not being shit. The crowd isn’t giving a fuck and goes into “lets go Seahawks” and all kinds of other chants. Crowd started to pay attention when they realized these two put on a decent match. Swanton by Sin Cara got the win… boy Del Rio must have fucking pissed someone off…

Winner: Sin Cara


Fan Participation Award: The Primetime Players come out for this award even though they aren’t nominated for this shit. Daniel Bryan wins this one for the YES! chant.


-Ziggler vs. Fandango open the ppv on Sunday… oh man, poor Dolph…


-They are doing some weird ceremony tonight where Michael Cole claims this will be the last time we see both titles together in the ring… 😡


Brodus Clay w/Tensai, Cameron & Naomi vs. Xavier Woods w/R-Truth

-short squash. After the match Clay keeps beating on Woods until he’s pulled off by Tensai and Truth. Tensai and Clay argue before Clay walks off.

Winner: Clay


Insult of the Year: The Miz comes out for this shit. Looks like he had enough time to shave, shower and shit after his match… AJ’s pimpbomb should have won, instead it was Steph talking down to Big Show…


CM Punk vs. United States Champion Dean Ambrose

-slow paced to start but picked up steam into a couple of solid near falls. Ambrose and Reigns sorta argue at ringside which leads the Shield to leave when Ambrose takes a GTS for the win. Reigns comes back and spears Punk. The Shield leave together through the crowd.

Winner: Punk


-video package on the WWE Title and the World Title. Lots of good old school clips and brief comments from past champions.


Extreme Moment of the Year: Mick Foley is out for this award. Punk wins the award for beating up on Paul Heyman on the top of the Hell in a Cell.


Uso’s vs. Wyatt Family w/Bray Wyatt

-nice diving spot by the Uso’s to the outside onto each Wyatt. High paced match with the Uso’s getting a very close pin after a splash from the top. Harper gets a lariat for the win.

Winner: Wyatt’s


Match of the Year: Bret Hart comes out for this award. The nominees are… Taker vs. Punk at WrestleMania… Cody & Goldust vs. The Shield at Battleground… Triple H vs. Lesnar at Extreme Rules… Rock vs. Cena at WrestleMania… Its funny that Punk vs. Brock at SummerSlam isn’t listed…. Cena vs. The Rock wins… fuck you, seriously.


Natalya vs. Tamina w/Diva’s Champion AJ

-short match that ends with the sharpshooter.

Winner: Natalya


-So this ascension ceremony is next and ending the show. It starts with the new McMahon’s coming down to the ring. None of the former World/WWE champions get intros as they just show up after the break. Steph shills HHH which is funny if you watch the background as Punk just laughs at this shit. Haha! While Hunter yaps this place erupts into a Daniel Bryan chant, they don’t let him talk! This is fucking awesome! Fuck you Hunter! They then go into a massive YES! chant! Hunter stone faces the whole thing then shits on the crowd being his family and looking like him… jerk. He then intros Orton and Cena… Hunter asks for both championships so they can suspend them over the ring… this during Daniel Bryan chants… while Hunter puts the titles on this hook both these ass clowns cut promos on each other. Massive boring chant for Orton who tried to power through it. He also shit on the former champions in the ring. Cena shills the crowd by bringing Daniel Bryan to the front of this. Cena tries to prove a point with Bryan that he had to work for everything but not like Orton who’s been handed everything. Cena puts over all of these former champions and gets this pro-Bryan crowd and says if he wins he’s giving Bryan a rematch… well shit… now I WANT Cena to win… haha! Cena puts his hand out to Orton and he shakes it as both titles are raised… Orton takes the cheap shot and both guys brawl before they are separated… Orton cheap shots Punk which leads him to jump on Orton, Hunter pushes him down which leads to Punk punching Hunter… this leads to HBK superkicking Punk!!! Bryan running knees HBK!!!! Orton goes for the RKO but Bryan pushes him into Steph!! Hunter and Orton check on Steph before Hunter hits the pedigree on Orton!!! Oh shit! Steph is lifted by Hunter, Kane and Cena who look down on Orton who looks back in shock!


-Well fuck man, this segment did WONDERS for this main event and even though I am not looking forward to these belts being unified this did make me excited for some shit… maybe it was the “what if’s” with all these guys beating on each other but regardless it did the job!







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