Smackdown [December 6, 2013]


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Dean Ambrose and CM Punk give us a great first hour main event

Quick Results

Tulsa, OK

  • Randy Orton cuts a promo and puts over himself and the Authority. Daniel Bryan comes out and challenges Orton since he never really beat Bryan clean. Some mild Yes! chants begin.
  • Big E Langston pins Fandango via The Big Ending
  • After the match Damien Sandow comes in and starts talking trash to Big E. Big E raises the IC Belt up high and dares Sandow to come get it. Sandow exits the ring to end the segment.
  • Ryback and Curtis Axel pin Cody Rhodes and Goldust when Axel pins Cody with a schoolboy roll up
  • Bad News Barrett drops a moderate turd on the fans.
  • Alberto Del Rio KO’s Kofi Kingston with a concussion kick to make their match a No Contest
  • The Shield cut a promo on CM Punk. Roman Reigns gets heated right away and talks about destroying Punk with a spear. Seth Rollins tells him to chill so CM Punk makes it to TLC so that all of them can get a piece of Punk. Reigns says that it’s going to take the baddest man in the Shield to take down the Best in the World, which leads Ambrose to end the segment with “and that’s me” to a confused Rollins and Reigns.
  • CM Punk pins Dean Ambrose with a GTS
  • Zeb Colter talks shit to Rey Mysterio during an interview. Mask hides what? Papers this. Immigration that. You know the rest. Colter challenges Rey to a tag team match, The Real Americans vs. Rey and a partner of his choosing.
  • Natalya pins Tamina via roll up after Tamina misses a Superfly Splash
  • It’s the Funkadactyls turn to shill for WWE Shop.
  • Rey Mysterio & Big Show defeat the Real Americans after Rey Rey hits a splash off of Big Show’s shoulders on
  • Bad News Barrett comes out and weighs in on the Title Unification match.
  • After the match, Bray Wyatt cuts a promo on Daniel Bryan and says Bryan will finally realize what he is at TLC and the show ends.


Decent opening segment but I’ve been tired of hearing “best for business” three months ago. Also, I’m not sure how Orton can ever surpass Cena’s status on the roster. I get that Orton is a main event player but I doubt he’ll ever be the guy to lead the roster. His promos have always been hovering around average and his best performances usually only come coupled with more technically skilled wrestlers like Punk and Bryan.

Sometimes it’s nice to see squash matches. Big E looked impressive as usual. The internets said that Fandango was Vince McMahon’s pet project, but it doesn’t look that way anymore. The WWE did a poor job of killing what could have been a huge internet meme by stuffing the Fandango dance down our throat during its infancy. That being said, I do hope they keep him around. He’s decent and entertaining enough for the midcard.

The Rhodes Brothers tag match was okay. Cody’s Beautiful Disaster Kick off the table to Ryback was pretty dope to see. Ryback and Axel seemed to be working at a very methodical Bushwackers pace. Geez. This is what happens when the writers don’t know what to do with you after your feud with a top star ends. Right now Goldust is the hotter ticket out of the brothers. I think they should hold off on the rumored brother vs. brother match and see how far Goldust can go.
This has to be the last big run for Wade Barrett until he’s future endeavored. Or perhaps he’s the British Mark Henry who’s not going to pick up steam until he has a decade and change under his belt. Barrett makes me want to fast forward.

Poor Kofi. Kofi gonna get Kofi’d, and that makes me sad.

What? Punk vs. Ambrose? Awww shit. I didn’t read the spoilers this week so this is a nice surprise.

Great promo from the Shield and it was nice to see Rollins and Reigns speak for most of the segment. All three men played their possible dissention perfectly.

Punk vs. Ambrose was just a small sample of what we can expect from these two. The match was good but I know these two were only going around 70 percent. Hopefully they’ll get a chance to go full throttle on a pay per view.

Decent match from the Divas. AJ killed it as a guest announcer. I really hope they bring some new challengers from NXT for AJ to feud with in 2014.

Rey Rey and company put forth a fun tag team match. Tonight was the night of random matches. This didn’t progress any storylines but I suppose we can’t have storyline driven shows all the time.

Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton picked up right where they left off. It’s a shame they had to put Randy over clean to boost his credibility for the pay per view, but that’s how it goes. It was interesting to see the little kids in the audience get hyped for Bryan when he was psyched up to do his signature moves. It’s not necessarily at a Hogan level but there’s definitely a reaction, which is a good thing. I guess it’s the casual fans that didn’t buy the pay per views during Bryan’s run at the WWE Title. The finish was solid despite the Wyatt’s distraction. In a weird way, they’re still protecting Bryan since Orton still hasn’t beaten Bryan clean.

Overall, this was a so so episode of Smackdown. The two hour main events were good but they weren’t matches that you would go out of your way to see like last week’s amazing second hour.

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