Why this Unification Match is a BAD idea…



I think I am one of few who isn’t crazy about this unification match between Cena and Orton. I understand what most are saying with there only being one brand now but I thought I would list out my reasons on why I think one unified champion is flawed.


– The mid card guys will be stuck holding the IC and US Title (which don’t mean much at all lately) and won’t be tested on top by holding the World Title.

– We’ll only get one Money in the Bank match for one title. No more “All Stars” or “young guys” matches as it will just be grouped into one. My guess is we wont even see the up and comers get into this match anymore and it will always be this All Star match. Guys that don’t really need the rub of holding the briefcase.

– The World Title will eventually go away. This title belt is iconic and has only seen slight changes since it became a WWE property. The WWE Title on the other hand has gone through many changes and with the “spinner” belt or the “class ring” belt,. Who can take this championship belt seriously…!? The “big gold belt” looks like a true championship not a trinket like these incarnations of the WWE Title.

– If you have to do a unification match why do it with guys that most people are either indifferent about or don’t like? I think this would have been more monumental if it was done with guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, two guys most people generally like and can put on an amazing match, something this unification deserves. Does anyone REALLY want to see Orton vs. Cena for the hundredth time? Not me…

– Orton and Cena don’t need this “moment”. The best thing about Chris Jericho becoming the first Undisputed Champion was that it basically made him in one night by defeating The Rock and Stone Cold. Yes he had been champion before this but this moment solidified him… they didn’t do a good job with his character afterwards but it was his moment to shine and one you cannot forget.

– This would have been a perfect time for someone to cash in Money in the Bank. With both titles Unified, either one of the briefcase holders could have come out and stolen this moment away from Cena and Orton. With the last briefcase belonging to Sandow, he could have come out and stolen this moment from both these guys by adding himself to the match. Instant main eventer who could have claimed to have beat Cena and Orton on the same night similar to Chris Jericho.

I don’t know what this will do to the future of either title or if they will just introduce one belt for this like they did with the Undisputed Championship that Triple H got after defeating Chris Jericho at that years WrestleMania but I will definitely have to question my future of watching RAW or Smackdown after this match. I don’t want to see them put this unified title on either guy but I know I want to see it on John Cena even less.

As Great Puma and I have discussed numerous times in the past, we just don’t think the WWE caters to our age demographic anymore even though we ARE the demographic that can afford to pay for pay per views, live shows and merchandise. We’ve been fans for as long as we can remember and we want the product to be good but if anything they have proven since SummerSlam is that they do what they want to do for themselves and not for what fans want. Buyrates have been down since that show and not because of Daniel Bryan as they would have you believe but because of POOR booking. These shows have been BAD for the most part. You still have a few shining segments like the tag team division and guys like Bryan, Punk, the Rhodes brothers and the Shield but is that enough to keep me coming back when they are basically treated as second tier stories and talent? I don’t kn0w anymore.

Thanks for reading,

Mascara De Fuego,  a pro wrestling fan since 1985.

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One Response to “Why this Unification Match is a BAD idea…”

  1. therealmidcard Says:

    I totally agree with everything you’re saying, but when it comes to the participants, you have to remember that WWE is trying to appeal to a casual audience. They basically want non-wrestling fans to buy the PPV. those people do want to see big names like Cena and Orton. They don’t care about Punk and Bryan. Only real wrestling fans like us do. I hate the situation as much as you do, but unfortunately they don’t need to give us what we want, because we will keep watching anyway. They prefer to deliver bullshit matches that will draw buys from your average consumer.

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