Smackdown [November 29, 2013]


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Because we can never have enough Shield vs. (insert names here) matches.

Quick Results

Mohegan Sun Casino, CT

  • Renee Young interviews Randy Orton. Orton says he didn’t need the Authority’s help but shuts down when Renee asks him about his upcoming unification TLC match.
  • Vicky Guerrero appears on the Titantron and talks about a Thanksgiving leftovers eating contest between Titus O’Neil and the Great Khali.
  • Mark Henry (w/Big E Langston) pins Curtis Axel (w/Ryback) after a World’s Strongest Slam
  • Brodus Clay pushes Xavier Woods down in the locker room. He scolds him about “stealing” the Funkadactyls and that he should keep his rookie mouth shut.
  • They cut back to the eating contest and Khali passes out making Titus the winner. Titus won the right to compete against Antonio Cesaro in the ring. The rest of the roster start snickering at the idea of Titus being put in the Cesaro Swing on a full stomach.
  • Los Matadores & El Torito defeat 3MB/Plymouth Rockers when Los Matadores hit their finisher
  • Tons of Funk beat R-Truth & Xavier Woods when Brodus Clay splashed Woods from the second turnbuckle. After the match, the Funkadactyls seemed a little disappointed in Clay’s post-match celebration.
  • Renee Young interviews CM Punk. Punk puts over Roman Reigns’ spear, and possible motives for the Shield attacking him.
  • Over riddled Bray Wyatt promo. Bray says Daniel Bryan will emerge a monster.
  • Antonio Cesaro (w/Jack Swagger, Zeb Colter) beats Titus O’Neil via DQ when Darren Young interfered to break up the Giant Swing. Titus throws up all over the place and they do a vomit gag where he hurls in JBL’s hat, which gets thrown in Michael Cole’s face. Titus ends up throwing up on Zeb and everywhere else. Har har. Hee hee.
  • The Divas shill for
  • Dean Ambrose guest commentates for the Shield’s tag team match.
  • Cody Rhodes and Goldust defeat Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns via DQ when Dean Ambrose interferes after Cody hits the Cross Rhodes on Seth Rollins
  • CM Punk comes out with a steel chair to even the odds. Huge CM Punk chant erupts.
  • Vicky Guerrero makes it a six man tag.
  • C.M. Punk, Cody Rhodes, & Goldust defeat The Shield via DQ when The Wyatt Family attacked the Rhodes
  • Rey Mysterio and the Usos come out for the save, which brings Vicky Guerrero out to make it a 12-man tag team match.
  • C.M. Punk, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Rey Mysterio, & The Uso Brothers defeated The Shield & The Wyatt Family when Rowan got blasted with a 619 into a GTS for the pinfall.


Bleh opening segment. Orton gonna Orton.

I don’t mind silly segments when it comes to Holiday episodes of Smackdown. We can’t be hardcore wrestling purists all year long, and we certainly can’t expect the WWE to take itself too seriously around the holidays.

Curtis Axel has loads of talent, but unfortunately it’s making other people look really really good in the ring. It’s a shame, but I think he’s necessary for the other midcard guys that people want to really root for. I just don’t think the Son of Perfect is that guy. I loved the brief “Big E Langston” chant for the crowd. I hope his fan support picks up more steam.

I can certainly get behind a heel badass Brodus Clay. Hopefully, Tensai can piggyback on the heat and go back to being the hoss he should be in the first place.

The 3MB six man tag was a little showcase for El Torito. Fun match for the kiddos I guess.

Glad Punk tones his promos down. It’s refreshing to hear a wrestler speak in a normal cadence instead of rocking the usual slowed down bad ass promo voice.

Huge pop for Cesaro’s Giant Swing. These two are the most unlikely guys to be in a comedy match but they made it work.

The Shield and their opponents continue to give the fans the match of the night on every card they wrestle on. Dean Ambrose was money on the microphone. He put over Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, and managed to throw out some digs towards ‘Taker and the Rock. It got pretty funny when they started talking about tag teams that featured real brothers.

Holy Shit. The second hour was one of the best hours of wrestling the WWE has had in this last half of the year. It featured at least seven of the better workers on the roster and they gave a damn good main event despite the wild finish. Loved the Muta Lock-Half Crab double submission on Seth Rollins. The poor guy is everybody’s submission dummy and he’s damn great at it.

Overall the second hour made this episode of Smackdown worth watching. Skip the first hour and enjoy the last 60 minutes.

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